GATE Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Solutions for Electrical Engineering - PDF

GATE Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Solutions for Electrical Engineering is a PDF file that is available here to download free of cost. GATE Candidates can use those questions to practice for their exam preparations. In the GATE Exam Quantitative aptitude questions carry a good amount of  weightage. You can check GATE Latest Syllabus to check GATE subject wise weightage for electrical engineering.

Along with the syllabus we are also providing a total of 7 practice sets and complete sets of theoretical books for each topic of quantitative aptitude.

GATE Quantitative Aptitude Topics For EE

Quantitative Aptitude for competitive examinations online or offline, it is used in all the medium and almost all types of competitive exams. Therefore in the GATE examination it plays an important role. It does not have many chapters to study. But the questions are pretty unique and enjoyable. Also, one needs to give an ample amount of time on these topics to get good marks without any hassle.

Below are the complete lists of chapter names and topics names which gate students will have to study. Look at them and prepare accordingly.


S. No

Chapters Name



Simple Equations

One Equation in One Unknown, One Equation in Two Unknowns, One Equation in Three Unknowns, Additional Cases in Linear Equations


Ratio Proportion Variation

Ratio, Proportion, Variation, Direct Variation, Inverse Variation, Joint Variation



Rule of Signs, Classification of Real Numbers, Perfect Numbers, Hierarchy of Arithmetic Operations, Numbers of Factors of a Number, Involution and Evolution, LCM & HCF Models, Successive Divisions, Factorial, Number Systems, Conversions, Binary Arithmetic


Percentage, Profit & Loss

Percentage, Percentage Points, Profit and Loss, Partnerships, Stocks and Shares


Simple Interest & Compound Interest

Interest, S.I, Compound Interest, Compounding More Than Once a Year, Present Value, Repayment in Equal Instalments


Averages, Mixtures & Alligations

Averages, Mixtures, Alligations


Time and Work

Work and Time, Pipes and Cisterns, Unitary Method


Time and Distance

General Problems on Time, Speed and Distance, Speed, Relative Speed, Average Speed, Boats and Streams, Races and Circular Tracks


Indices, Surds & Logarithms

Indices, Surds, Rationalization of Surd, Square root of a Surd, Comparison of Surds, Logarithms


Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equations, Nature of Roots, Signs of Roots, Finding the Roots by Factorization, Finding the Roots by Formula, Sums and Product of Roots of a Quadratic Equations, Constructing a Quadratic Equation, Maximum or Minimum Value of a Quadratic Expression



Inequalities and Modulus, Symbols and Notations, Absolute Value, Properties of Modulus



Progression, AP, GP, Infinite Geometric Progression, Some Important Results


Permutations and Combinations

Permutations, Combinations, Total Number of Combinations, Dividing Given Items into Groups, Circular Permutations, Rank of a Word, Arrangements


Data Interpretation

Methods of Presenting Data, Data Table, Pie Charts, Two-Dimensional Graphs

GATE Aptitude Questions for Electrical Engineering For Practice

GATE Aptitude Questions help candidates to assess their understanding of the topics such as Average, Profit & Loss, Ap, GP, etc. Here students are required to have good practice on these topics. The best way to practice is to solve questions. In Electrical Engineering candidates are required to have good logical and mathematical questions solving skills. Which can be developed over time with the practice. Therefore we have provided the Mock Test papers for reasoning topics. You can easily download them for free of cost.

Features of Aptitude Questions

The questions and PDF of aptitude which we are providing has some features that you might consider valuable to know before downloading them

  • First feature is that every single chapter has an ample amount of solved examples to understand the topics in a much better way.
  • Total 25 questions are given with the answer key in each chapter to revise the topics and assess the learnings.
  • 7 practice sets are provided here which have a mixture of questions from the entire chapters of GATE Quantitative aptitude.
  • Total 35 questions and 35 minutes of time are given to attempt all the questions from a single practice set. You can even use negative markings to reduce your numbers if you make some answers wrong.
  • Every single practice set has complete step by step solutions for each question.

What Does Quantitative Aptitude Mean?

Quantitative Aptitude is a way to assess the individual person’s capability in handling the numerical or mathematical questions. Actually you can say it is purely mathematics that includes the questions from the basic standards: such as Number System, Arithmetic, Data Interpretation etc. These questions are usually solved through having a good understanding in basic maths, logical and analytical thinking skills.

We are providing something unique, useful and most importantly fun. By giving students a tool to find instant solutions to their doubts, we’re trying to make every student self-sufficient in practicing & completing their homework

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