CBSE Class 10 English Exam 2020: Best Exam Writing Tips

The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE will conduct the Class 10 English Exam tomorrow, February 26, 2020. The exam will be conducted between 10:30 am and 01:30 pm. However, students will get the question paper on 10:15 am and will be allowed to read all the questions properly before they start writing the exam. For their first important paper in the CBSE Board Exam 2020, class 10 students must have a plan to write all the answers accurately. A good performance in this paper is really important to raise your confidence level for the other exams falling afterwards.

We are presenting here the best tips suggested by experts to write the English exam appropriately and score high marks:

There will be three sections in the CBSE Class 10 English paper

(i) Section A - Reading section of 20 marks

(ii) Section B - Writing & Grammar section of 30 marks

(iii) Section C - Literature section of 30 marks

Without having a plan, it’s not possible to complete your English paper in time. So, it’s better that you have a proper plan to stay organised and attempt all questions accurately. You can take help of the following tips for writing all three sections of the CBSE Class 10 English paper appropriately:

1. Attempt all questions in sequential order

In the English paper, it’s better to attempt all the sections in following order:

Section A: Start with this Reading based section. This can be the most time consuming section as it includes questions based on two unseen passages which requires a careful reading.

Section B: This section demands you to present your thoughts and ideas accurately in a meaningful manner. Therefore, this is also a time consuming section

Section C: This section may seem to be easier to you than other two sections as you would be more or less familiar with the questions/contents given in this section. So, it’s better to attempt this section in last.

2. Adopt a separate technique for each section

To write accurate answers for questions given in different sections of the English paper, you must have a proper technique curated for each section. For this, you may take help of the following tips:

Tips to attempt Section A:

  • First read the questions and then keeping them in mind read the passage carefully.
  • Try to attempt the questions in your own words
  • Keep your answers short, crisp and to the point.
  • Recall your vocabulary in to answer the antonym and synonym type questions in context with the passage.

Tips to attempt Section B:

  • Remember the correct formats for letter and article writing.
  • Content and expression of your ideas must be presented with grammatical accuracy and compete relevancy.
  • Narrate the story carefully on the given outlines including the logical sequence of events, well defined characters and an apt conclusion.
  • For the objective type questions based on sentence development and grammatical skills, read the words and phrases carefully and understanding the meaning.

Tips to attempt Section C:

  • Remember the names of chapters with their authors and theme.
  • Your answers must reflect your understanding of the text and should be based on your inference and interpretation.
  • Use of appropriate words with good expression and relevance is very important.
  • Each question should be answered according to the prescribed word limit.
  • Recheck your answers for grammatical accuracy and correct spellings.

3. Keep an eye on time

It’s important to devote appropriate time to each section so that you may complete your paper in time. You can write your paper according to the following time plan:


No. of Questions


Section A: Reading


50 minutes

Section B: Writing & Grammar


60 minutes

Section C: Literature


50 minutes




Remaining 20 minutes should be kept to recheck all the answers in last to avoid any mistakes or add some additional points wherever required.

All the exam writing tips stated above can be useful only if you remain mentally alert along with being completely prepared with the course curriculum. So, revise all the chapters, notes, formats carefully before the exam to show an extra ordinary performance on the exam day.


25 February, 2020, 12:00 pm

CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020: Important Tips to Finish Maths Paper on Time

Know here some important tips and tricks to follow while writing the CBSE Class 10 Maths Paper in Board Exam 2020 to help you finish the paper well on time. The time management tips mentioned here will help you write a perfect exam to fetch full marks.

Students often face problem in completing the Maths paper on time due to the long and tricky calculations performed while solving the Maths questions. Students generally panic while solving questions in exam due to which they are unable to finish the paper before time. Just because they run out of time, they have to leave a few questions unwillingly and quite often it has been observed that the questions they leave are those which they could do very easily. Such situation becomes very disappointing.

In this article, we have summed up some important tips on how to attempt Maths paper correctly and finish it before time nonetheless the overwhelming pressure of the board exam.

1. Know the examination pattern and question paper design
In order to write the Maths exam smoothly, the most important thing is to understand the examination pattern/ question paper design which will make you familiarised with the structure of question paper you will get in the board exam. Moreover, you will also get to know the different formats in which questions will be asked along with their mark wise breakup. If you will be having an idea about the pattern of questions then you won’t find it difficult to understand the exam structure on the final day and save some of your crucial time.

2. Prepare a strategy for the exam before you take it

After understanding the examination pattern, next job is to deeply analyse the exam pattern and prepare a strategy for the final exam. Check the number of questions, their types and marks breakup to be followed in the CBSE board question paper.

Following table states the questions’ structure for CBSE Board Mathematics Exam 2020:


Number of Questions

Marks per question


20 (1-20)



6 (21-26)



8 (27-34)



6 (35-40)


Thus, you will have to solve a total of 40 questions in 3 hours, i,e., 180 minutes. So, you should make a proper time division so that you are able to attempt all questions well on time.

A moderate time division can be done as below:


Number of questions


A (1 mark questions)


30 minutes

B (2 marks questions)


25 minutes

C (3 marks questions)


50 minutes

D (4 marks questions)


60 minutes



165 minutes

Following the above time division plan, you will still have 15-20 minutes which can be utilised in revising the whole paper, checking the complex calculations and attempting the left questions. Remember one thing, there is no negative marking in board exams, so students must try to attempt all questions. 

3. Use the first 15 minutes effectively

The best thing that CBSE offers its students is the 15 minutes reading time before they start writing their exam. These, 15 minutes can be of great help to prepare a strategy for writing the exam appropriately. You must read all 40 questions properly and mark them into categories viz easy, manageable and tough. This is done to have an overall idea about the questions and make a rough plan to attempt all of them smoothly and correctly.

4. Don't worry about the tough/complex problems

While going through the paper, when you find some questions that seem to be tough or complex to you, you need not to worry about it as this anxiety will only harm your performance. So, you just start with the easier problems. As you will move further solving each question and obtaining correct answer, you will gain confidence for the complex problems as well. This way, when you will actually work on them, you will find most of them to be much easier than they seemed earlier to you.

5. Understand the worth of each question

Now when you are going to attempt the paper, you must have an idea that how much each question is worth and estimate the time you should spend working on each one, so that you don’t waste much time on a question which won’t fetch you enough marks otherwise you will lose some important marks for other questions which might be left unsolved due to the time lack.

6. Maintain speed and accuracy hand in hand

Maintain accuracy while you are solving quickly. Make sure you don't get confused between two different topics. Try to implement quicker methods in calculations to save your precious time. Be careful with the signs and terms used in a problem, otherwise it will take a lot of time to solve a problem leading to an incorrect answer.Be even more careful while copying a question from the question paper.

7. Keep a close watch on the time

Keeping an eye on your watch will help you keep a track of the time and know how many questions are still left. Moreover, it will help you check that you are strictly adhering to the time allocation scheme you had decided in the beginning. However, a minor variation in the time allotted to each section or question, is not at all a reason to worry. 

Along with preparing hard for an exam it’s very important to make a strategy to write that exam in a proper way and in time as well so that your hard work gets reflected in your answer sheet. So, study hard and prepare smart, you will definitely succeed.

All the Very Best!


22 February, 2020, 12:46 pm

CBSE Board Exam 2020: How should parents support students

Parental support during board examination plays a very important role in the performance their child. In this article, we will understand how parental support contribute to good performance in examination.

As we all know, examination time is the most stressful time for the students who are going to appear for these exams. During this time period, students become careless towards their health. They avoid taking sound sleep, eat less and do plenty of other such self-harming activities. Sometimes these activities cause irreversible loss to their health.

Parents play a very important role during this time. The parents' role can act as a catalyst for increasing the performance of their child.

Here are few things which parents of a child should do during examination time.

Use these magic words

Sentences like “This is not the end of the world just do your best”, “Everything is a once in a lifetime experience”, “Exams are just a game and you are smart enough to play well”, “don’t worry about results just do your best”, these phrases reduces mental pressure of exams on students.

Such phrases also give emotional support to students. They feel more confident and focus more on exam preparation rather thinking about the result.

Avoid putting unnecessary pressure

If your child is studying for 2 hours daily then during exams they can extend this time for 3 to 5 hours.

Mind and body of a person needs time to adapt themselves to such changes. When a student studies for 2 to 3 hours daily then neurons of the brain are set to work accordingly. Any sudden changes will not give good results.

Parents should understand that compelling them to study for 9 to 12 hours just before the exams will not help them.

A little bribe can help

Although it is not a good practice but students often need some source of motivation.

Parents can make promises like, “we will gift you a new bicycle if you will get above 90% in maths and science”, “we will take you to a hill station if you will score above 70%”.

Such types of promises motivate them to work harder. The best part of this technique is parents do not need to compel them for study.

Track their health & eating habits

During last months of exam preparation, some students start skipping their daily meals, few students starts consuming junk food and snacks. Nowadays, it has also been observed that some students consume medicines without any medical prescriptions. Such drugs may cause harmful effects on the mental and physical health of a student.

So, it is important that parents should take care of their child’s health. Parents should encourage their child to take light food and fruits instead of fast food or junk.

Different types of food have different effects in the mind of a person. Parents should ensure that their child is eating a balanced diet and not taking any unnecessary medication. Parents should also ensure that their child is taking proper rest or sleep.

Don't party when they are preparing

Parents should avoid watching TV, playing loud music or doing any other such activity which may distract their child’s attention from studies. Parents should avoid inviting guests and relatives during examination time as this may also distract their child’s attention. Parents must create the perfect study environment for their child free from all sorts of disturbance and distraction.

Pick and drop from exam centre

During exams, parents should ensure that their child reaches the examination center in time. It is very important that during exams students should not worry about anything other than exams. Taking your child to the examination centre may be a memorable moment for you as well as your child.

While driving their child to examinations centre parents can also motivate him or her with magical phrases mentioned above and while coming home, parents can discuss the paper.

To sum up

Exam time is the most stressful time in a student’s life especially for those who are appearing for the first time in board exams. But this time period can be most enjoyable and memorable time if a child gets 360o support from his or her parents.

Parental support in the examination is important and plays an important role in overall performance of their child. In order to achieve better result parents can follow these tips before exams.


21 February, 2020, 4:18 pm

CBSE Class 10 Toppers' Answer Sheets 2019: Released

The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the answer sheets of subject-wise toppers in the Board Exam 2020. These toppers’ answer sheets are available on the board's official website by the name of 'Model Answer by Candidate, 2019'.

We are providing here the direct links to download answer sheets of all subjects of CBSE Class 10. All the class 10 students who are going to write their board exam in coming days can view and analyse these answer sheets to understand the criteria followed by toppers in writing their exams.

This will definitely help you draw up the right plan to present your answers in the best way and score maximum marks in the exam.

CBSE Class 10 Toppers’ Answer Sheets 2019

Subject Download Now
Mathematics Click Here
Science Click Here
Social Science Click Here
English Communicative Click Here
English Language & Literature  Click Here
Hindi Course A  Click Here
Hindi Course B  Click Here


19 February, 2020, 5:48 pm

CBSE Board Exam 2020: Very Important Update

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it clear that schools cannot detain students and stop them for appearing in board exams on the basis of pre-board exam marks. The statement has been given by the Board through its Twitter account in response to tweets made by students.

Few students have complained that their schools are not providing them the admit cards for the board exam. The reason schools say, as cited by the students who have tweeted, is they have to clear their pre-board exams first before they can be issued the admit card for the board exams.

Replying to the students, the board has said that, "Pre-Boards help students to know how well they are prepared for the Board examination. A student cannot be detained from appearing in the Board examination if otherwise eligible."

One of the candidates who had complained of the admit card not being issued to him has confirmed it via tweet that he has received the admit card now.

CBSE board exams have begun for both class 10 and class 12. The vocational papers and papers for which there are fewer students are being held first.

On the first day the exam was held for 36 papers in which a total of 55364 candidates had appeared. On the next day, approximately 13000 candidates appeared for 16 papers.

Schools are issuing admit cards to students 4-5 days ahead of their exams.

The class 10 board exam will be held till March 20 and the class 12 board exam will be held till March 30.


19 February, 2020, 1:34 pm

CBSE Board Exam 2020: Check list of barred items, which pen to use, timings & other details

CBSE Board Exam 2020 for main subjects of 10th & 12th are going to start today,February 15, 2020. Many students have queries related to list of barred items, which pen to use, exam timing & other CBSE Board Exam 2020 rules and regulations. Here we have provided answers to all such queries. This article is very helpful for the students who are going to appear for main subjects of CBSE Board Exam 2020 (i.e. English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science etc).

Exam timings of CBSE Board Exam 2020:

As per CBSE’s instructions, entry in the Exam Center will be from 9 AM to 10 AM only. No candidate shall be allowed thereafter.

Question papers will be distributed between 10:00 AM to 10:15 AM. After 10:15 AM, students will be allowed to read question paper.

After 10:30 AM, students can write answers in their answer booklets. The exams will be over at 01:30 PM.

Which pen to use in CBSE Board Exam 2020?

As per CBSE’s guidelines, candidate is advised to carry only BLUE/ROYAL BLUE BALL POINT/GEL/FOUNTAIN pen.

Students often ask, “Can we use black pen in CBSE board exam 2020?”

Answer is NO, you can’t use BLACK colour while writing answer in answer booklet.

List of barred items in CBSE board exam 2020:

• Mobile & other electronic items are not allowed inside examination hall.

• Students are not allowed to carry any Printed/Written Material inside the examination hall.

• Students are not allowed to Food Items/Snacks inside the examination hall (some exceptions to diabetic students).

Students often ask, "are watches allowed in cbse board exams?" or "is watch allowed in cbse board exam?"

No, watches and other electronic items are banned so students are not advised to take risk.

What students can carry inside examination hall?

Royal Blue Ball Point/Gel/Fountain pen, pencil, eraser, scale, sharpener, geometry instruments, colors, brushes, admit card & I-card etc in a transparent pouch.

CBSE Board Exam 2020 rules and regulations & important instructions

• Entry in the Exam Center will be from 9 AM to 10 AM only. No candidate shall be allowed thereafter.

• Candidate is advised to carry only BLUE/ROYAL BLUE BALL POINT/GEL/FOUNTAIN pen.

• Candidate is advised to carry only permissible items at the examination center as given in Admit Card.

• Regular candidates should come for examination in school uniform only. Private candidates to wear light clothes only.

• Candidate will only appear in subjects offered by him/her.

• Candidate should occupy the seat allotted to him/her against the roll number.

• Candidate should read the instructions carefully given in Answer Book band Question Paper.

• Candidate should fill in relevant and correct details in Answer Book band Question Paper.

• Candidate should not indulge in any unfair practice. If found, will be booked under unfair means (UFM) category and action will be taken as per rules of the board.

• Do not spread rumors by posting fake messages/videos on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other Social Media Platforms.

Best wishes for your CBSE Board Exams 2020.


15 February, 2020, 12:30 pm