CBSE 10th, 12th Exam Date Sheet 2020 : Released

CBSE date sheet for the theory papers has been released. The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE will conduct the Class 10 and Class 12 examinations from February 15 and will be concluded on March 30. CBSE date sheet has been released online on the official website. According to the Class 12 date sheet, the examinations will be held from February 15 to March 30. The Class 10 exams will be conducted till March 20.

CBSE date sheet for practicals has already been released. The practicals will be held from January 1 to February 7 next year in respective schools.

Class 10th Date Sheet 2020: Check here

Class 12th Date Sheet 2020: Check here



18 December, 2019, 11:02 am

CBSE 10th 2020: Chapter wise Maths Objective Questions

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced a major modification in the Class 10 exam pattern from 2020. CBSE plans to introduce more MCQs in the board exams. As per the new exam pattern, at least 25% of the Class 10 Maths question paper is expected to contain MCQs.

While students might perceive it as unchallenging or feel relaxed thinking they don’t need to write descriptive answers, cracking these still requires a lot of hard work and practice. Answering these questions correctly requires a lot of critical thinking. CBSE Board Class 10 Maths Objective Questions will help the students with this.

Download Chapter wise Maths Objective Questions



 1. Real Numbers Click Here
 2. Polynomials Click Here
 3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Click Here
 4. Quadratic Equations Click Here
 5. Arithmetic Progression Click Here
 6. Triangles Click Here
 7. Coordinate Geometry Click Here
 8. Introduction to Trigonometry Click Here
 9. Applications of Trigonometry Click Here
 10. Circle Click Here
 11. Construction Click Here
 12. Areas related to Circles Click Here
 13. Surface Areas and Volumes Click Here
 14. Statistics Click Here
 15. Probability Click Here





11 December, 2019, 5:33 pm

Board Exam 2020: Top 6 Tips to Remove Fear of Board Exam

It’s quite obvious for any student to get stressed or anxious when he/she is going to appear for a board exam, be it of CBSE, UP board or any other state board. In fact, the class 10 students, for whom the board exam comes as the first challenge in life, are more afraid of taking the big exam. But, dear students! there’s nothing so extraordinary about the board exam as it is similar to any other regular exam that you have appeared in earlier.

You will be given a blend of easy and complex questions to answer, the same as in other exams. The only difference is that, this time these questions will not be prepared by your school teachers and the answers will be checked by the external examiners selected by the board. You feel stressed and anxious about the board exams.

Actually, the whole game is played by your brain which tries to exaggerate the things in tough situations. All you need is to control your brain and keep it healthy and calm.

Below you will get a few tips on how you can train your brain to stay fearless and work properly during the exam days:

1. Eat good and frequent meals

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Empty stomach directly hits the brain. The cells of your brain rely on the energy from food just like any other cell in the body. Without proper nutrition, your brain's capacity can be negatively impacted which in turn affects various related functions like concentration, memory, sleep patterns and your mood.

Avoid large meals as they can make you feel sleepy and lethargic. Always take small, frequent, nutritious meals to ensure a steady stream of energy and have a calming effect on the brain.

2. Sleep well and at fixed times

There are many important benefits of getting a good night sleep. After working hard the whole day, our brain like other body parts gets tired and loses its efficiency to work anymore. A good and sound night sleep provides your mind and body with a power boost. It gives a fresh start to the next day.

Moreover, sleep is a key component of your mental well-being. It enhances your cognitive abilities. It helps you focus and think more creatively. When you are well-rested, you tend to feel happier and more optimistic. Sleep helps reduce feelings of frustration, anxiety and depression. Thus, for a student, a proper sleep can come out to be the success secret.

3. Exercise your brain for peace

Exercise is as important for the brain as is for the whole body. Exercise benefits the brain by reducing insulin resistance, stimulating the release and survival of new blood vessels in the brain. Practice the light exercise which helps to shed away the mental stress and increase its ability to focus and learn.

Meditation can be one such exercise that teaches us how to transform negative thoughts to positive ones and plant constructive thoughts. It takes you to the world full of peace and tranquillity. Also, deep breathing exercise at the start and end of each study session will help to rejuvenate your energy levels.

Laughter is again considered the best medicine to shed away the stress. Laughter engages multiple regions of the brain and simultaneously reduces stress. Brisk walking, swimming and dancing are all excellent exercises to adopt a stress-free and fearless mind.

4. Make an organized study schedule

Keep your brain aware of your daily routine so that it is always prepared to take the next action and has no time to think of the fearful sight of the exam. A good study schedule is enough to make you well prepared for the exams.

You must list what you need to revise for each subject and then divide that by the number of days you are left with before the exam. If you have worked hard and are all set to take the exam then there’s no reason for you to be afraid of the coming challenge.

5. Reward yourself with positive thoughts

Make sure you reach the target each day according to your schedule and when you achieve the preset target, reward yourself with positive thoughts like, “Yes! I have done this.”, “I will surely complete the remaining part before time.” This will boost your confidence and accelerate your efficiency. Try to solve papers over the weekend within the stipulated period as indicated on the exam papers, so as to get acquainted with the exam pattern and learn time management.

This will give you an overview of the experience of sitting for the final exam and fill your mind with the easy thoughts.

6. Take small, frequent study breaks

Continually studying for long hours can make your mind and body stressed and fatigued which ultimately infuses fearful thoughts into your brain. Your brain will not be able to grasp any more information and this will add to your exam phobia.

So, break out your study schedule to break the monotony and do some mind refreshing and recreational activities like singing, watching your favourite T.V. series, chatting with your friends, playing games, having snacks, etc. This way your mind will get refreshed and recharged, and becomes ready to absorb in more stuff.

So guyz, don’t take the board exams as a burden or anything to disturb your life in a negative way. Take the challenge bravely and let your result reflect your hard work.






6 December, 2019, 1:11 pm

CBSE Board Exam 2020: When to Start Preparing for CBSE Board Exam 2020?

Whether it is class 10th or 12th, CBSE board examinations have always been over-hyped and terrorized by the students. In a haste to score more than 90%, most of the students end up committing a lot of silly mistakes in exams, simply because their timing and planning for exam preparation wasn’t correct. So, what exactly is the right time to prepare for the CBSE board exams? Should you begin preparing for them in January or even before that? Let us answer this tricky question for you.

The right time-when to begin?

Well, every student has his/her own capability. Every student has his/her own weak, not-so-strong and strong topics/chapters in every subject. But, no student should underestimate the CBSE board examinations. It has been found that in certain years, the questions asked by CBSE have been jaw-dropping and highly intricate. Even the best and the most intelligent students were left crippled during these exams in certain years.

If you are thinking that one or two months are enough for preparation for the board exam, you are absolutely wrong. Most of the students plan their syllabus from December or January for the examinations about to start from the month of February. Remember, December/January is the peak time. In December, most of the schools will start their pre-board examinations. This is literally the litmus test of students. After this, in January month, you will have your practical exams. These practical examinations will leave you so mentally drained and short of time, that you will end up all the more nervous for the main examinations.

The ideal timing to start the precise and planned preparation for the CBSE board exams is from October onward. However, if you could not start in October, then you can start from now as you still have few months in hand before the main examinations. At this time, you will have to start studying with full focus and complete dedication. Even though you will have a few months in hand, but these will fly like a fast bird, simply because a lot will be going on everywhere. Your school will conduct extra classes, extra mock exams, surprise tests and what not. You will hardly be left with any time.

Pre-Boards in December will give you a peep into the Boards in February-March, 2020

The schools will keep pre-board examinations in the month of December for two reasons. Firstly, practical examinations will be held in January and secondly, they want you to start your planned preparation early. Make sure that you give a lot of attention to your pre-boards because they will play a major role in motivating or demotivating you. They are a peep to your boards. Sometimes, it has been observed that many questions asked in pre-board exams are also found in the board examinations. Experience of the school teachers in preparing these pre-board question papers will be highly useful for the students.

In your pre-board exams, if you score brilliantly well, do not start riding high. Never remain over-confident, even if you have scored well in your pre-boards. Remember, sometimes, the situation in boards can completely flip. So, make sure that you still keep revising your entire syllabus and practice a lot.


The students should actually study for the board classes right from day 1 of their class. Eventually, you should revise your syllabus several times in the months of November and December. January should be reserved for mock tests, solving a lot of question papers, taking previous year’s sample papers and also pre-board question papers of other schools. Only when you have solved many question papers, will you be able to achieve your desired percentage. The key to unlock the door of success is only hard work and a lot of practice during the pre-board months. So, keep practicing, preparing and revising to be successful in upcoming CBSE Board Exam 2020.





21 November, 2019, 3:14 pm

CBSE Board Exam 2020: Datesheet to be out in January 2020

According to the sources,Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be released the 10th & 12th Board Exam 2020 Date Sheet in January 2020.

CBSE chairperson Anita Karwal said that “The CBSE class 10, 12 date sheets will be released in the first week of January. The candidates can download the date sheets from the official website-”

This news has refuted claims of several media agencies who were reporting that the datesheet might be released earlier this year, in the month of December 2019. Earlier on, CBSE released the annual activity calendar confirming that the Board exams will be held for vocational / ancillary subjects from February 2020 onwards while exam for main subjects would commence from 2nd March 2020 onwards.

CBSE date sheet 2020: Practical exams

The CBSE, the national level school education body which conducts secondary and higher secondary certificate exams, has said in a notification regarding the date sheet for practicals that the exams will be held from January 1 to February 7 next year in respective schools. 

The Board also said the theory papers of Skill subjects may commence from February 15 following 2019 practice.

In a circular addressed to the Principals and Head of all schools affiliated to the Board regarding conduct of Practical examinations and Project or Internal Assessments, the CBSE has asked the schools to follow certain measures "to ensure that practical examinations are conducted before examination and in letter and spirit".

"Schools will conduct Practical Examinations and Project assessments from 1st January, 2020 to 7th February, 2020," it said. 

CBSE date sheet 2020: Pass marks criteria

Recently, the Board has released a new circular detailing the Class 10 and Class 12 pass marks criteria. According to the latest circular, for Class 12, for subjects involving practical or project work, in order to pass the examination, students have to obtain atleast 33% marks in theory and 33% marks in Practical or Project or Internal Assessment in addition to 33% marks in aggregate in each subject.

As per pass criteria for Class 10, according to the Board, students have to obtain overall 33% marks in each subject, both Theory and Practical or Internal Assessment taken together, in order to pass the examination.

Practical, Project, Internal Assessment will be done by the schools, the new circular from the Board said.






19 November, 2019, 12:35 pm

Concept Maps Class 10th: Biology

Concept Maps are a set comprehensive revision tools for Competitive Exams, This class X biology maps will help the students to develop sophisticated thinking and also helps them to assess what they are learning.

We are tried to combine and encapsulate the entire information and concepts in a an effective and interesting manner for the better understanding of our students.

Download Chapter wise pdf given below the link

Chapter Download Now
1. Endocrine System Click Here
2. Digestive System Click Here
3. Respiration Click Here
4. Excretion Click Here
5. Reproduction In Plants Click Here





15 November, 2019, 12:14 pm

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