CBSE 12th Practical Exam 2021 : Physics Every Practicals Content & Viva Questions

The Physics Practicals For Class 12 CBSE is given here so that students can understand the experiments in a better way. Students are suggested to study the theory and law behind the experiment properly before performing the experiment.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Practical Experiments:

Practical Name Download
1. To determine resistance per cm of a given wire by plotting a graph for potential difference versus current Click Here
2. To find the resistance of a given wire using metre bridge and hence determine the resistivity (specific resistance) of its material Click Here
3. To verify the laws of combination (series) of resistances using a metre bridge Click Here
4.To verify the Laws of combination (parallel) of resistances using a metre bridge Click Here
5. To compare the EMF of two given primary cells using the potentiometer Click Here
6. To determine the internal resistance of a given primary cell using the potentiometer Click Here
7. To convert the given galvanometer (of known resistance and figure of merit) into a voltmeter of the desired range and to verify the same Click Here
8. To convert the given galvanometer (of known resistance and figure of merit) into an ammeter of the desired range and to verify the same Click Here
9. To find the focal length of a concave lens, using a convex lens Click Here
10. To determine the angle of minimum deviation for a given prism by plotting a graph between angle of incidence and angle of deviation Click Here
11. To determine the refractive index of a glass slab using a travelling microscope Click Here
12. To draw the I-V characteristic curve for a p-n junction in forward bias and reverse bias Click Here


13 February, 2021, 4:54 pm

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CBSE Practical Exams 2021 : Guidelines Issued For Classes 10 & 12

CBSE practical exam 2021 for Classes 10, 12 will begin on March 1 and it can continue till June 11.

 The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) has asked its affiliated schools to conduct Class 10 and Class 12 practical exams and activities like project and internal assessments from March 1 to June 11. CBSE has said that as the majority of the states have reopened their schools, it has helped students to prepare for practical and theory exams. Theory exams for CBSE Class 10 and 12 students will begin on May 4.

CBSE has issued detailed guidelines for preparing laboratories for practical exams. Schools will have to sanitize their labs after conducting practical exams for each batch.

Students have been asked to strictly follow COVID-19 rules like wearing face masks, gloves, maintaining social distancing during examinations. They are allowed to bring their own hand sanitizer.

CBSE has suggested that a batch of 25 students, for practical exams, could be divided into two subgroups, for practicing social distancing.

Schools have been asked to make entry and exit norms for their students, for maintaining social distancing.

CBSE has asked schools to immediately upload correct marks after completion of assessments. It is compulsory for schools to conduct practical exams by the external practical examiner appointed by the board.

“If the practical examination is conducted by a teacher other than that appointed by the board, the examination will be canceled and students will be awarded proportionate marks based on the marks secured in the theory examination…” CBSE has said.


12 February, 2021, 11:18 am

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CBSE Board Exam 2021 : Importance of word limit in exam writing

Every question in the board exams has a preset word limit that a student should not cross. This article will let you know the importance of adhering to the prescribed word limit in CBSE board exams. You will know how to write answers according to the prescribed word limit and how it can help you secure good marks.

Writing answers appropriately in CBSE Board Exams requires proper planning. Each word in an answer should convey precise information. Some students believe in the myth that the longer the answers, the more you score in the exam. However, long and irrelevant sentences included in the answers not only waste your time during the exam but also brings your score down. We have discussed below a few important points on adhering to the proper word limit for short and long answer type questions in CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 Board Exams.

Q. Is it important to adhere to the word limit that is prescribed in the CBSE exam papers?

Ans. There is a reason why the word limit has been assigned to every question in the CBSE board exams. Actually, they want you to write a crisp and precise answer, but not the meaningless stories. Try to stay as close to it as it's all subjective. I mean, if you have finished your word limit, you can still continue for another 4-5 lines to reflect the extent of your knowledge of the topic. Though the examiner is not going to count the number of words and penalize you for crossing the word limit. But sometimes crossing it with a few more words can bring your marks down if these words do not meet the requirement of the question. The same may happen in case if you write too little. It is all subjective and is up to the teacher. The teacher/examiner always looks for the right keywords in context with the question. 

It’s still okay if you overshoot the word limit or are short of a few words, just make sure it isn't noticeable enough. Thus, as per the official guidelines outlined by CBSE for teachers checking the answer copies of board exams, no marks should be deducted for crossing the word limit. The only things to be emphasized while checking the answer scripts are concise, logical, and organized answers.

In addition to this, it’s important for you not to cross the word limit as writing more words will take away more of the time allotted for writing the exam. Thus, you would be left with insufficient time to complete the remaining questions, losing those important marks for you.



30 January, 2021, 12:28 pm

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