CBSE 12th Biology Analysis 2020 : Check Analysis, Review, Question Paper

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted Class 12 Biology board exam 2020 today (14 March). Check paper analysis, review, students reactions or feedback about today’s CBSE 12th Biology paper 2020. Team has visited several CBSE examination centres and collected feedback from students. Students who took CBSE 12th Biology paper today told us that the difficulty level of the questions asked in today’s Biology paper was moderate. Most of the students were able to finish the paper within the stipulated time.

Download Biology Question Paper PDF : Click Here

CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exam 2020: Paper Pattern

There were a total of 27 questions and five sections in the question paper. Students needed to attempt all questions although some internal choices were present in some questions. More details about CBSE 12th Biology paper are given below

- Section A: Question number 1 to 5 [Multiple choice questions of one mark each].

- Section B: Question number 6 to 12 [Short answer type I questions of two marks each].

- Section C: Question number 13 to 21 [Short answer type II questions of three marks each].

- Section D: Question number 22 to 24 [Case-based short answer type questions of three marks each (1+1+1)].

- Section E: Question number 25 to 27 [Long answer type questions of five marks each].

CBSE Class 12 Biology 2020 Paper: Analysis & Review

A brief summary of feedback received from students is given below

- The difficulty level of CBSE 12th Biology paper 2020: Moderate

- All the questions were asked from CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus 2019 - 2020

- Questions were based on NCERT Textbook & NCERT Exemplar

- A few questions asked in the paper were almost similar to the questions asked in previous years papers

- Most time consuming section is Section C


14 March, 2020, 4:58 pm

CBSE 12th Economics Analysis 2020 : Check Analysis, Review, Question Paper

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Friday conducted class 12 Economic (Code No. 030) examination at various centres across the country and abroad. The exam commenced at 10.30 am.

Download 12th Economics Question Paper : Click Here

About 4,00,000+ students appeared for the CBSE 12th Economics board exam 2020 today (13 March). Students who took CBSE 12 Economics paper today, told us that the difficulty level of the questions asked in today’s Economics paper was moderate. Various teams are collecting feedback from students.

CBSE 12th Economics Board Exam 2020: Paper pattern

As per the latest exam pattern, in CBSE 12th Economics Paper 2020:

Question number 1 - 10 and 18 - 27: Very short-answer questions (1 mark each, to be answered in one word or one sentence each)

Question number 11 - 12 and 28 - 29: Short-answer questions (3 marks each, to be answered in 60-80 words each)

Question number 13 - 15 and 30 - 32:Short-answer questions (4 marks each, to be answered in 80-100 words each)

Question number 16 - 17 and 33 - 34: Long answer questions (6 marks each, to be answered in 100-150 words each)

Summary of feedback from students

Students who took CBSE 12th Economics board exam 2020 today told us that 

The difficulty level of CBSE Class 12 Economics paper 2020: Moderate 

All the questions in the CBSE 12th Economics paper were asked from the latest Economics Syllabus 2020

The paper pattern was almost similar to CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Paper 2020

-Average range of expected score: 65+ Marks (out of 80)


13 March, 2020, 2:53 pm

CBSE 12th Chemistry Analysis 2020 : Check Analysis, Review, Question Paper

Check CBSE Class 12 Chemistry paper analysis, review and latest updates. CBSE conducted the Class 12 Chemistry board exam 2020 today. Our team visited many examination centres and collected feedback from students who took this exam today.

Download Chemistry Paper : Click Here

Chemistry : Paper Pattern

There were be 4 sections in the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry question paper i.e. Section A, B, C & D. More detail of each section is given below

- Section A: Question number 1 to 20 - 1 Mark Each (very short answer questions or objective type).

- Section B: Question number 21 to 27 - 2 Marks Each (very short answer questions)

- Section C: Question number 28 to 34 - 3 marks each (long answer questions)

- Section D: Question number 35 to 37 - 5 marks each (long answer questions)

There was no overall choice in the paper. However, an internal choice was present in two questions of two marks, two questions of three marks and all the three questions of five marks weightage.

Weightage to content/subject units

1. Solid state - 4 marks
2. Solutions - 5 marks
3. Electrochemistry - 5 marks
4. Chemical Kinetics - 5 marks
5. Surface Chemistry - 4 marks
6. General principles and process of Isolation of elements - 3 marks
7. p-Block Elements - 8 marks
8. d-and f-Block Elements - 5 marks
9. Coordination Compounds - 3 marks
10. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes - 4 marks
11. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers - 4 marks
12. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids - 6 marks
13. Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen - 4 marks
14. Biomolecules - 4 marks
15. Polymers - 3 marks
16. Chemistry in Everyday life - 3 marks

Main points from the feedback of student

The difficulty level of CBSE 12th Chemistry question paper: Moderate.

Most difficult section: Section C

All the questions were asked from latest CBSE 12th Chemistry Syllabus

Format was almost similar to the latest CBSE 12th Chemistry Sample Paper released by CBSE


7 March, 2020, 4:47 pm

CBSE 12th Political Science 2020 : Check Important Questions,Important Map-Based Questions

CBSE Class 12 Political Science board exam is to be held on 6th March 2020.

Students who are on their last-minute revision must also check some of the most frequently asked questions.

Important Map-Based Questions & Answers

The question paper of class 12 Political Science consists of one Map question every year. To help you in achieving your desired score, we are giving you some of the important map questions that are expected in CBSE class 12 Political Science Board Exam 2020. The mentioned questions are taken from past year question papers, Political Science Sample papers as well as NCERT textbook.

Important Questions & Answers of "Politics in India Since Independence"

Students can go through the chapter-wise important questions and answers of 'Politics in India Since Independence'. The given NCERT textbook questions are from all the 9 chapters of the book and can be expected in CBSE Class 12 Board exam 2020.

Important Questions & Answers of "Contemporary World Politics"

The chapter-wise questions are of the book ‘Contemporary World Politics’. These questions are based on the NCERT textbook and the latest CBSE Sample paper of Political Science and can be expected in the CBSE class 12 board exam 2020. 

Topic Download
1. Map-Based Questions & Answers Click Here
2. Politics in India Since Independence Click Here
3. Contemporary World Politics Click Here


4 March, 2020, 1:23 pm

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