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CBSE Case Study Questions

While preparing for the board exams, students are being judged on different levels of skills, such as writing, reading, etc. CBSE Case Study Questions are one of them that helps in assessing critical thinking.

The Central Board of Secondary Education will be asking the case study questions in the Class 10 and 12 board examination. Therefore, here on this page, we have provided the CBSE Case Study Questions at free of cost. Our subject matter experts have prepared Case Study questions so that Apart from the basic standard questions, students can have a variety of problems to solve. 

Just like MCQs, and other written types CBSE Case Study Questions will impact the overall performance of a student. Therefore for the convenience of the students we have provided the download links here, so that they can easily access the Class 10 and 12 Case Study.

Download Subject Wise CBSE Case Study Questions and Answers PDF 

Going through such types of questions help the students to assess their understanding level in the topics discussed in NCERT Class 10 and 12 Books. By practicing the Class 10 and 12 Case Study Questions students will be very confident to ace the board exam. Also the CBSE case study will be very useful for the NEET exam preparation.

Doing a regular practice of CBSE Case Study questions is a great way to score higher marks in the board exams as it will help students to develop a grip on the concepts. 

Here our subject experts have crafted the Subject Wise Case Study. Download Subject Wise CBSE Case Study Question and Answers PDF from the below given links.

CBSE Case Study Question and Answers PDF for Class 12

CBSE Case Study Question and Answers PDF for Class 10

Case study types of questions are generally descriptive that helps to gather more information easily so, it is kinda easy to answer. However, our subject matter experts have given the solutions of all the CBSE Case Study Questions.

Passage Based Case Study Questions in PDF

CBSE Case studies are known as Passage Based Questions. These types of problems usually contain a short/long paragraph with 4 to 5 questions. 

Students can easily solve Passage Based Case Study Questions by reading those passages. By reading the passage students will get the exact idea of what should be the answers. Because the passage already contains some vital information or data. However a better understanding of the basic concepts that can be learned from the NCERT Textbooks will aid in solving the Case based questions or passage based questions.

How to Download CBSE Case Study Questions?

Follow the below given simple steps to know how to download CBSE Case Study Questions:-

  1. Open Selfstudys website in your browser
  2. Go to the navigation menu that look like this
  3. Now, click on CBSE and then Case Study respectively
  4. Now, you are ready to select the subject for which you want to download the case study questions.

How to Solve Case Study Based Questions?

There are very simple methods that a student should keep in mind while solving CBSE Case Study Questions for any subject:

  • Read each line of paragraph carefully and pay attention to the given data/numbers. Often questions are framed according to the highlighted data of the passage.
  • Since case study questions are often framed in Multiple choice questions, students should have the knowledge of elimination methods in MCQs.
  • Having a good understanding of the topics that are discussed in CBSE Books are ideal to Solve Case Study Based Questions.

Features Of CBSE Case Study Questions And Answers PDF

The three most noticeable features of CBSE Case Study Questions And Answers Pdf are -

  • It Is Free To Use: Keeping in mind the need of students and to help them in doing Self Study, our team has made all the PDF of CBSE Case Study Questions free of cost.
  • Answers Are Given: Not only the PDFs are free provided but answers are given for all the questions of CBSE Case Study Questions. 
  • PDF Can Be Downloaded Or Viewed Online: Many students don’t like to download the PDFs on their device due to the shortage of storage. Therefore, CBSE Case Study questions are made available here in online format, so that students can view them online. However, through the Selfstudys app, a learner can download the PDFs too.

Benefits of Using CBSE Case Study Questions and Answers

The CBSE Case Study Questions and Answers can help a student in several ways:

  • In Exam Preparation: Those who go through the CBSE Case Study Questions will find support during the exam preparation as case based questions are also asked in the CBSE Board examination. 
  • Help in brushing up the previous learnings: No matter how brilliant you are, you have to revise the studied topics time and again to keep them refreshed. And in this task, the CBSE Case Study Questions and Answers can help a lot.
  • To develop the critical thinking: Able to analyse information and make an objective judgement is a skill that is known as critical thinking. A student can use CBSE Case Study Questions with answers to develop critical thinking so that they can make better decisions in their life and in the board examination.


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