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JEE Mains and Advanced is a national level entrance test in which lakhs of students participate. However, only a few get selected in it. Those who will give their full attention and dedicate their time for the preparation will have higher chances of getting selected. That is why here we are helping the students in their JEE Exam Preparation by providing the JEE Main Mock Test Free.

JEE Main Practice Test Question Paper with Solutions

Selfstudy’s JEE Mains Online exam practice papers are designed by our subject matter experts. Each and every single past year papers and their difficulty levels have been observed very closely and after that JEE Main Practice Test Question Paper with Solutions are provided here. The given practice test will help the candidates to assess their learning and preparations for the latest JEE Mains Mock Test

It will also boost the student’s understanding levels along with that it will enhance the overall productivity, accuracy and speed for the JEE Main Exam. Along with that this online JEE Mock test series will give a quick boost in time and stress management before seating in the actual examination. 

Online Test Series for JEE Mains

On the internet there are a plethora of paid online test series but all students can not spend their money to buy those paid JEE Main Mock Test. That is why here we are providing the free Online Test Series for JEE Mains. It is absolutely free and can be accessed by any students. This online test series contains the questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions. From All the prescribed subjects of JEE mains the questions are given here.

By Practicing these  NTA JEE Mock Test Series students will be able to understand the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the exam as well.

JEE Main/Advanced Physics Online Tests

Physics is one of the main subjects in the JEE Main examination. Not only in JEE Main but it is a very important subject for all types of Engineering examination. Therefore, it is recommended to the students to practice the JEE Main/Advanced physics Online Tests. It will give the practitioners a thorough understanding about the important chapters and topics of Physics. Since, the available online mock test has solutions as well so it will guide them to recheck their given answers.

JEE Main/Advanced Chemistry Online Tests

Chemistry online tests are one of the best methods to identify the weak areas in this subject. By attempting the online test of chemistry students can easily determine whether their preparation for the chemistry portions are on point or not. It also gives them a glimpse of several types of questions to be prepared for the final exams.

Chemistry Mock Test JEE helps in covering the syllabus of chemistry and in revision too.

JEE Main/Advanced Mathematics Online Tests

JEE Main/Advanced Maths online test can be a great decision for a JEE Aspirant. It aids in Self study which helps students to solve various sets of questions from different difficulty levels. Doing so gives them the ability to dig deep down in the topics and emphasize on all the important aspects of given topics in NCERT Maths Textbooks.

FAQ For JEE Mock Test

Q:- Where can I get free JEE Main mock test for practice?

A:- Selfstudys is one of the best educational platforms in India that offers free JEE Main Mock tests to all students to practice. JEE Mock test covers all the questions based on the latest syllabus that helps in time and pressure management too.

Q:- What is JEE Main Mock Test 2022?

A:- JEE Main Mock Test 2022 is a set of sample papers that helps candidates to prepare for the JEE Mains Exam. Since it is based on the actual exam pattern it is vital for students to use and practice. JEE Candidates must take these tests to understand the exam pattern and to have a real-time exam experience.

Q:- Which mock test is best for JEE?

A:- The Mock test that is available on Selfstudys website is prepared by analysing the PYP (Previous Year Papers), Latest NTA Sample Papers, and exam pattern, therefore to practice and score best marks in the exam, students can refer to the JEE Mock Test available on

Q:- In which mode is the JEE Main Mock Test available?

A:- JEE Main Mock Test is available in online mode on Selfstudys platform. Students can attempt these online tests for free and check their score instantly.

Q:- What is the importance of JEE Main Mock Test 2022?

A:- JEE Main Mock Test 2022 is a kind of online test that is based on the actual exam pattern, so it is important for the aspirants to get an idea of the actual JEE Exam. In addition to that, practice of various JEE Mock Test help students to increase their speed and accuracy.

We are providing something unique, useful and most importantly fun. By giving students a tool to find instant solutions to their doubts, we’re trying to make every student self-sufficient in practicing & completing their homework

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