Scholarship & Olympiad

Scholarship & Olympiad are directly proportional to each other. It is the kind of test that judges the student’s performances and their analytical ability towards science & technology. Participants of these examinations are awarded money, certificates, and more. Basically, in these olympiad exams, students have to compete with each other on the basis of their relevant knowledge. In India, there is an organization known as SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) that takes most of the olympiad and scholarship programs. SOF organizes exams like NSO, IMO, etc. The purpose of these kinds of tests is to find the true talent for the future and help them financially to continue their educations.

SOF Olympiads – Objective

SOF Olympiad is designed and prepared to examine or test the student’s skills in various fields such as Mathematics, Science & Technology, etc. There is 6 olympiad test that Science Olympiad Foundation takes. The sole purpose of these 6 tests is to assess the student’s on the different skills and their ability. Its mission is to promote education and find out the future scientists, Technology, and Information Technology professional talents. Usually, SOF exams are organized for school-going students from class 1 to 12. 

Olympiad – Benefits

Olympiad test has remarkable benefits that can easily grab the attention of students and it can convince them to become part of the test. This National and International exam helps students in various manners. The benefits are listed below 

  • Olympiad gives the students a boost in their performances on their academic level.
  • It helps students to increase their analytical, critical, and creativity skills.
  • The way of test and their preparation put the students in such a situation, that they become keen about the science and scientific approaches or activity.
  • Gives students exposure on the national and international levels.
  • Boost the confidence of the students for having their knowledge

Olympiad 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the olympiad 2021 Programs are affected. Thus they have made an announcement for the examination with some changes in the conduction of the tests. Olympiad 2021 will be conducted by the online facility. The students will be allowed to give their tests from home. Test from home is not applicable for all the 6 tests that are conducted by the SOF. Olympiad 2020 was on time but because of the covid few tests are on hold.

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