IMO Class 10 Notes, Mock Test, Practice Test

IMO Class 10th book, Notes, Mock test, practice test is very important for preparing for the examinations. Usually, students can use their own regular maths book for preparation purposes. Maths topics like Real Numbers, Triangle, and so on. IMO Books are basically based upon the CBSE, ICSE/ISC, or State Board Books. We are providing the IMO class 10 book pdf, Notes, mock test, practice test for free here. Class 10th students preparing for the examination can easily and freely download & give online mock test, Practice the complete study material from this website. Also, we are providing the IMO notes for class 10th free download pdf here.

IMO (International Maths Olympiad)

IMO stands for International Mathematics Olympiad. It is the Olympiad taken by the SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation). The purpose of this test is to examine the students from class 1st to 12th on the basis of mathematics and logical reasoning. This test is conducted on the International Level and Zonal Level. Students studying in class from 1st to 12th can enter this worldwide test by contacting their school’s administration. Students are required to fill the form at the school. Almost all the state and private boards are registered with the SOF. Hence students can easily participate in this international test. 

IMO Exam Purpose & Benefits

IMO Book Exam has the purpose to judge the students on the basis of Logical thinking, Mathematical Reasoning, Everyday Mathematics, and etc. The main intention behind this test is to find out the genius around the globe and help them by giving some sort of benefits. By giving these benefits SOF wants to motivate the students and help them to achieve what they are fond of in this case Mathematics.

Benefits are listed below that students will get after qualifying for the IMO test.

  1. Up to INR 50,000 cash award.
  2. Certification 
  3. Medals
  4. Also by qualifying for this test students will be able to get exposure around the globe.
  5. Participants’ performance in the classroom will be higher. 

IMO Study Materials Overview 

IMO Study materials include the complete syllabus of the student’s class. The IMO conducts the examinations on two different levels. Zonal Level and International level. Means for global examinations like this mostly prescribed the school-level study materials. Though students studying from any class can use their own textbooks and other required resources to prepare for the examinations. Students are also advised to use some extra reasoning books to have extensive practice over the maths questions. is providing all the Olympiad books, Mock Test, notes, Practice test for class 10 by visiting the links provided in the Scholarship & Olympiad study material.

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