MCQ Questions for Class 12 with Answers, CBSE Class 12 Free MCQ and Online Tests

CBSE has introduced a new syllabus for the Class 12th Board Exam. And as per it 50% syllabus will cover the MCQ Questions. Therefore, it becomes important to practice such questions as much as possible. For that purpose, we have given the all subject multiple choice questions along with answers in the Online test series. 

In the board exam the objective type questions will have considerable weightage so students should not avoid it. While being in the exam preparation process students should have a thorough practice of these types of questions. For that purpose they can refer to our online MCQ Mock test.

CBSE MCQ Questions All Subjects in Online Test Series

CBSE MCQs for all subjects include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, etc. Class 12th Board Exam Candidates should solve these types of problems to enhance their problem solving skills. 

These types of questions contain several problems based on the concepts given in the textbooks. Therefore, they need to have a thorough understanding about subjects in order to solve these MCQs. For that they can firstly finish their entire textbooks and then they should attempt these online mock tests for CBSE Class 12th. 

Also, for your support these come along with answers so that when you finish your test you can re-check your answer instantly.

CBSE Class 12 Online Mock Test

CBSE Class 12 Online Mock Test is present here to help you out during your board examination preparations. Students willing to score high grades in their CBSE Board Exam 2021 need to have in depth preparations of each subject. In such a scenario, the Online mock test is ideal. It is so because the mock tests are developed by the subject matter experts after doing rigorous analysis of real exam patterns.

If you want to stand out from the crowd then you must practice these MCQs based online mock tests, as it has several benefits. The online test generally contains the time clock that enables the test takers to learn time management. It also boosts their accuracy. 

CBSE Online Practice Paper for Class 12

CBSE Online Practice Paper for Class 12 is going to be very helpful for the board candidates. Because in the upcoming board papers there will be various sets of Multiple choice questions that will play a crucial role in determining the high score of the candidate.

These online tests can be taken by students anytime they want. There are no restrictions to attempt the question papers. So if you are a CBSE 12th Class board candidate you must attempt the online practice tests.

Whether you want to improve your knowledge in the studied topic or you want to assess your preparation you can go for the online practice tests. 

Online Tests CBSE Class 12

Online Tests CBSE Class 12 contains one stem and 4 different options. Each question needs to be solved by the test taker. Generally in those four options three options are considered as the distractors and one is the right answer. One who has a better understanding of each subject can easily solve all the problems.

These types of tests usually test the students' high order thinking. 

Class 12th Mathematics Online Test

Mathematics has numerous chapters and all those chapters have various concepts and theories that need to be understood by the learners to solve questions in these tests. 

Topics such as Relations and Functions, Metrices, Determinants, Integrals, etc are very important from the exam perspective. Any student willing to score good exams should definitely attempt these. It has mix types of questions as well and chapter oriented questions too.

FAQs For CBSE Class 12 MCQs Test

Ques 1: Which mock test is best for CBSE Class 12th?

Ans: Mock Test Provided by is best for CBSE Class 12th. It helps in getting detailed answers and having the experience of a real exam. It provides all subject mock tests for term 1 exam for free.

Ques 2: How many online tests for CBSE Class 12 can I do?

Ans: provides you the biggest collection of MCQ based free Online Mock Tests for CBSE Class 12. You can attempt thousands of free online tests here on this website.

Ques 3: Why Mock Test is Important For CBSE Class 12?

Ans: Mock Tests are important because it gives the idea of questions that can be expected to appear in the board exams. It also helps in being familiarized with the syllabus, exam pattern, Questions Difficulty level, etc. 

Ques 4: How to practice mock test series?

Ans: To practice mock test series simply visit Selfstudys website and find out the Mock test links to start online mock test series. To start practicing, choose a subject and its chapters to continue.

Ques 5: What is CBSE Class 12 Exam Pattern Term 1?

Ans: CBSE Class 12 Exam Pattern Term 1 is divided into three different streams, Science, Commerce, Arts. According to the new changes in exam pattern the board exam for term 1 will be conducted in MCQs format.

Ques 6: How mock test helps in Scoring Good Marks in Class 12th?

Ans: Mock tests are short and precise that cover the entire syllabus too. Therefore, solving the Mock test for class 12th can help in scoring high marks. The mock test aids in experiencing the real exam and revising the studied topics very efficiently.

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