KVPY Mock Test, Practice Test, Notes, PYP 2022-23 

KVPY Exam 2022-23, KVPY Mock Test, KVPY practice test, KVPY notes, KVPY previous year question paper are available here for free of cost for preparation. These textbooks are prepared on the basis of the latest syllabi of the KVPY exam-taking pattern. Books are prepared in a way so that candidates can learn things easily. We have tried to make collections of all the best subject notes as well. The combination of textbooks and notes makes it more valuable to the students for the preparation process. Since 1999 this test has been conducted across India to find out the talented students who have a keen interest in the field of research and science. On selfstudys.com we are giving the study materials free of cost to help students to clear one of the most prestigious exams.

About KVPY

Before going to the process of downloading the books, notes. It is important to know a bit about KVPY. Basically, the KVPY stands for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana. This is a fellowship program for the students to help them achieve some monthly money for the purpose of their pre-P.hd standard. It is a 5 years fellowship program in which qualified students will get the opportunity of receiving the money per month. It is a government program. It is organised by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. And the National Advisory Committee that is known as NAC has the responsibility to keep its eyes on the implementation process of the KVPY program.

KVPY Exam 2022-23 Books 

Best books for KVPY 2022-23 are available here as a bundle of different subjects. It is well known that this is a scholarship program test that is for only science students. Hence students will get here KVPY Books 2022-23 for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology. This is the list of subjects that are used to ask the questions in the test exam. Students have to make their base of science subjects very strong hence using the textbooks for their own standard will be more profitable. The revision notes that we are providing here have the set of graphics as well to represent the topics in a proper manner.


The KVPY Exam usually takes place in the last or first month of a year. For the year 2022, the examination is going to take place in the month of November. And the result will be announced within the 3rd week. The test is divided into two stages. Stage first students will have to prepare for giving the aptitude test and the second stage will be preparing to clear the interview round. The test is being asked as per the OMR Sheet evaluation methods. The meaning of it is that students have to prepare for the OMR-based test. Where mostly answers will be given in the four different options. At the time of the interview that takes place once the candidates clear their first stage for the aptitude test. The fellowship will be given to the students in the first 3 years of their education SA/SX/SB - 3 years of B.Sc./B.s/B.Stat/B.Math/Integrated M.Sc/M.s and during the 4th-5th year of the Integrated M.sc./M.s./M.sat./M.math

The exam’s final results have 75% of weightage for the aptitude test and the rest is for the interview test. There is a cut-off list for each student. Hence those students who belong to a reservation category will get some extra benefits.

KVPY Books 2022-23

KVPY Books 2022-23 are provided here to aid students to get the tool to prepare for the test exam. Students can take the help of the KVPY 2022-23 reference books to practice the questions intensively. This test exam is to judge the interest and excitement of the student in the field of science. It will help students to give them financial support for their higher education. We are providing the notes to the students as well. These notes are very helpful to skim the entire KVPY Syllabus multiple times. At the time of revisions, it is important for the candidates to give their textbooks a detailed read so that they can have detailed knowledge of the subjects.

This year due to the covid situations the result is decided to be given without the interview response.

KVPY Mock Test 2022-23

KVPY Mock Test 2022-23 is a sample test which can be taken free of cost on our website. KVPY Mock Test 2022-23 acts as a main tool for preparation. Through KVPY Mock Test 2022-23, a student can get plenty of questions to practice on our website. KVPY creates the same pattern as the actual exam. We all know that KVPY Mock Test 2022 is a sample test paper for the subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. 

KVPY Practice Test 2022-23

KVPY Practice Test 2022-23 is a test for subjects that is Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. KVPY Practice Test 2022-23 is for the chapters regarding the subjects. KVPY Practice Test 2022-23 makes the student more prepared for the examination. For every chapter of the subject there is a KVPY Practice test which a student needs to practice and it helps the student to improvise in every chapter. 

KVPY Notes 2022-23

KVPY Notes 2022-23 are for subjects that are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. For Maths there are chapters like- function, differentiation, vector, permutation, circle system etc. For Physics there are chapters like- motion in plane, gravitation, thermodynamics etc. For Chemistry there are chapters like- chemical equilibrium, solid state, gaseous state, electrochemistry etc. For Biology there are chapters like- cell biology, genetics, respiration etc. KVPY Notes 2022-23 are provided for all the chapters so that the students can prepare easily. Students can also prepare for the KVPY Exam through KVPY Books pdf. 

Last 10 Years KVPY Previous Year Question Paper

KVPY Previous Year Question Paper  is the most important tool during the preparation for the KVPY exam. After going through the KVPY Previous Year Question Paper, one can get the idea of the exam pattern and marking scheme of the paper. KVPY Previous Year Question Paper can get the idea of which section is important in the paper and topic wise weightage for every topic.  KVPY Previous Year Question Paper are available for the last 10 years on our website. 


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