CBSE Value Based Questions For Class 6 to 12 Download Free PDF

The point behind giving the values based questions is to examine students on the basis of their knowledge and understandings. CBSE has introduced this in the 2012-13 session. VBQs are prepared by the professional teachers or experts of CBSE Board to assess students comprehending capability. It is being prepared for all the subjects. Hence, for the ease of students' learning we have provided them here for free of cost. From classes 6th to 12th students can access these CBSE Value Based Questions.

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CBSE Value Based Questions

CBSE Value Based Questions are asked in the exams for about 5 marks or more. These problems are constructed on the message and key that reflects from the studied topics in the prescribed NCERT Textbooks. In order to answer such problems, students are needed to have a thorough understanding of each subject and their concepts. By having a good grasp on them, solving Value Based Problems will be easy.

These types of problems are very interesting because, it enable them to use their critical thinking and creative skills to answer the VBQ Problems. 

CBSE VBQs PDF Download For Free

On Selfstudys students can Download Free PDF CBSE Value Based Questions. Solving these types of problems boosts the curiosity in the students. Each problem can be solved by the students easily if they have real interest in the given subjects. However, by applying common sense they can answer such problems too.

But if they want to know the answer of any given VBQs then they can refer to the PDF that is present here. Because, that PDF contains the value based questions along with solutions. These solutions are prepared by subject matter experts to give students some idea on how to solve such problems. 

Subject Wise Value Based Questions For Class 6 to 12

Subject wise VBQs for classes 6 to 12 can be quite useful study resources for the students. Because it will allow them to have access to a plethora of problems from various subjects. Furthermore, the questions are divided into chapter wise as well.

Benefits of Solving Value Based Questions

Value Based Questions help students to improve their rational thinking ability. It allows them to consider the relevant variables of a situation and use the data to write the final answers. Practicing the Value based problem impacts on a student's overall thinking ability and improves their total scores as well. Moreover, there are more benefits given below

  • It aids in understanding the complex topics much easier.
  • Values Based Questions give students a sense of how they can use the studied topics in real life.
  • It improves decision making skills too.

FAQ. on CBSE Value Based Questions

Q:- What are the CBSE Value Based Questions?

A:- CBSE Board asks the Value Based Questions to check the student’s Self Awareness, Empathy, Critical thinking, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Effective Communication, etc. Such Questions are solved by the students by using their thinking capabilities or life skills.

Q:- How Can I Get Class 6th to 12th Value Based Questions?

A:- To get CBSE Classes 6th to 12th Value Based Questions for free of cost - You can use the given links here or visit 

Q:- What Is Subject Wise CBSE VBQs?

A:- Subject wise CBSE VBQs, stands for CBSE Value Based Questions that are asked by the board to assess student’s cognitive thinking. It is available for all subjects on Selfstudys website. Students can use them to enhance their thinning capabilities and to score good marks in the final exams.

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