ISC Class 12th Books 2022-23, Syllabus, Previous Year Question Paper

ISC class 12 is one of the most reputed board exams which is conducted by CISCE. This board has a very standard procedure for organising its exams which happens every year in Feb/March. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, ISC exams 2022 has been rescheduled for May 2023. To qualify for ISC board exams students work very hard to understand each chapter and its concepts, they try to arrange all the study materials such as Previous Year question papers, syllabus, lists of important questions and best solutions papers for their productive and perfect preparation. Selfstudys is one of the best places to get all the required study materials for ISC class 12th students.

ISC Syllabus for Class 12th an Overview of Chapters

ISC class 12 syllabus is a bit different compared to other board exams syllabus. Such as the ISC Mathematics syllabus 2022-23 has introduced the project work for 20 marks and the theory paper for 80 marks. The physics syllabus has divided into two papers Paper 1 is the theory for 70 marks and Paper II has Practical, Practical work, Project File, all these works have assigned a few different marks. There are lots of changes to consider for the ISC Syllabus 2022 and every single student should take a look at the syllabus for their respective subjects.

You can easily download ISC Syllabus 2022-2023 for free of cost.

  1. ISC Syllabus for Class 11 Maths
  2. ISC Syllabus for Class 11 Physics
  3. ISC Syllabus for Class 11 Chemistry


Previous Years Papers to Observe the Questions Closely

Previous Years Papers are a great method to observe the questions which have been asked earlier. By analyzing and solving Last Year Question papers. Students can have a complete idea about the last year Question Papers, and they can even find the difference between the types of questions and their marking schemes. To add great value to your ISC exams preparation you can download the ISC Class 12 Previous Question Paper. Which is completely free.


ISC Class 12th Sample Papers to Boost Confidence & Reduce Anxiety

Who doesn’t like a spoiler? ISC Class 12th Sample Papers can be work as a spoiler. Sample Papers helps students to predict the types of question, marking schemes and make them aware of the time frame.  This year ISC Class 12th Sample Paper is very important for the students because as mentioned above there are a few major changes in ISC Class 12th maths syllabus. And all the students of Science (Maths) streams should have information about those changes.


Students often feel anxiety and low due to the fear of exams. Hence, to boost your confidence and reduce anxiety for the exams you should solve the sample papers as much as you can. Download ISC Class 12th Sample Papers for free now.

Important Questions For ISC Class 12th Students

ISC Physics and Mathematics are a bit vast. They carry lots of complex topics and concepts. Their syllabus is a bit advance that is why these two subjects require a lot of attention and it is time-consuming too. So for the help of students, we have collected the most important questions of ISC Mathematics and Physics. These question papers will allow students to understand each topic and concepts very quickly and it helps them to understand each important topics a bit closer with fewer efforts.

ML Aggarwal Solutions

ML Aggarwal solutions is a demanding thing from the student’s side. ML Aggarwal is a Mathematics book for ISC Class 12th. These books cover all the important and complex topics of maths. Often students face difficulty in solving some questions due to their complexity. So to make those questions a bit easy, students can seek the ISC Class 12 ML Aggarwal Solutions. It is a gem for the class 12th science (Maths) students. You can download the Solutions of ML Aggarwal for free.

Excelling the class 12th exam is a major step towards a bright and successful future. Students should always be conscious of the latest changes and modification in their syllabus and study curriculum. All these things make a student disciplined and successful in their life.

We believe in making students self-reliant for their study. That is why we have all the ISC Class 12th study materials free of cost. Visit to become self-reliant students.

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