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CBSE Class 12th MCQs Question with Answers For All Subjects

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) have been introduced in the CBSE Class 12th Syllabus. From now on, the MCQ questions are going to play a crucial role in the board exams. Recently the board has updated the Syllabus of class 12th in which they have prioritized the MCQs For CBSE Term 1. It will be conducted in November-December. MCQs will occupy 50% of the syllabus of class 12th. MCQ weightage in the board exam will be prominent as well. Therefore, we are providing CBSE Class 12th All Subjects MCQ questions with answers in PDF. 

Many students may think answering the quiz questions is easy. Yes, it is easy till your basics are strong in all subjects. Hence, practicing the MCQ questions is one of the best and easiest ways to make the foundation stronger and get higher exams on the board. 

Subject Wise MCQs Class 12 Question with Answers

MCQs Class 12 Question with Answers Subject wise enables students to practice each and every single subject in a proper format. Class 12th subjects vary from stream to stream, such as the science stream students will have to focus on Class 12th Maths MCQ, Physics Multiple choice questions, and so on and so forth. Similarly Commerce students will have to give attention to Accounting MCQs, Economics MCQ Questions, etc. 

Thus in order to ease the process of finding the subject wise Multiple choice questions with answers, we have composed all the quiz type questions from every single subject. All are available on this platform for absolutely free.

CBSE Board Multiple Choice Questions Chapter Wise Format

CBSE Class 12th Chapter Wise Questions are way more difficult to find. But we have a complete set of chapter wise MCQ along with their answers. Solving the multiple choice questions on a regular basis helps students to keep revising the conceptual topics and formulas (if any) from all the chapters. 

Sometimes, maths quiz types questions and physics mcq type questions become lengthy and confusing to solve. Therefore, students are advised to solve the chapter wise questions as frequently as possible. Solving such problems will make the students habituated to answer them instantly.

Download CBSE Class 12th MCQs Question with Answers in PDF

After observing the latest CBSE Class 12th syllabus, we have found that the easiest way to get the high score in the upcoming board exam is by answering the MCQs questions. Because the MCQ has 50% of overall weightage in every single subject. That is why, CBSE Class 12th MCQs Question with Answers in PDF is given here.

These will allow the students to practice the questions anytime. Even travelling, playing, eating, anytime you can imagine. However, you can not practice them in the exam hall. So, Download CBSE Class 12th MCQs Question with Answers in PDF right now and start your preparations.


MCQ for CBSE board exam is going to change the legacy of the Central Board of Secondary Education exam. The pandemic situation has forced the board’s authority to think about changing the exam pattern. Finally they decided to update the entire curriculum for CBSE in which MCQ questions also known as Multiple Choice questions are the first set of papers that will be asked in the Term 1 exam. We have given the links on this website to download the CBSE MCQ Questions All Subjects.

Best Methods to Answer CBSE Class 12th MCQ Questions

The below given strategies will help you to answer the CBSE Class 12 MCQs Questions with the most effective way, almost like a pro. 

  1. Brush up your basics knowledge (Revise them as much as possible)
  2. Don’t completely depend upon your instinct to answer, first try to answer the MCQ on the basis of your learnings.
  3. Keep calm, solving the Multiple choice questions is not a marathon, Relax and read the questions carefully and then answer them.
  4. Learn the Short cut methods to solve the MCQs.
  5. Practice the Elimination methods.

Frequently Asked Questions on CBSE Class 12th MCQ

Q1:- Where can I download CBSE Class 12 MCQs Questions for All Subjects?

To download CBSE Class 12 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for All Subjects use Selfstudys website.

Q2:- What are the Importance of MCQs in CBSE Board Exam?

CBSE Board has updated it’s syllabus in which the MCQs will have the 50% weightage of syllabus. 

Q3:- How many marks will I get after solving MCQs questions?

MCQs questions generally carry 1 to 2 marks. But it all depends upon the marks distribution done by the board authorities. 

Q4:- How to prepare the MCQs type questions for any chapter?

For Preparing the MCQ types questions of any chapter, just read the chapter carefully in detail. Mark the important lines and convert them into multiple choice questions.

Q5:- Term 1 MCQ questions will be harder or easier?

MCQ questions for Term 1 will be from the 50% Syllabi. If you have a strong grip on the 50% syllabus it will be very easy to solve. If not then it could be a little challenging.

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