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NEET Physics Notes

About 25% of 180 questions are asked from Physics in the NEET examination. Since Physics cover a wide range of conceptual and numerical problems, here we provide NEET Physics Notes PDF for free. Students who are in the early preparation or last-minute exam preparation can use these NEET Physics Notes PDFs.

The notes are prepared by our subject matter experts referring to the NEET Physics Syllabus 2023. With the help of these revision notes, NEET aspirants can recall their previous learnings of Physics as well as they can deepen their conceptual understanding of the subject.

Chapter Wise Physics NEET Notes

Combining class 11th and 12th Physics chapters, NEET candidates will have to study various chapters. Retaining all those learnings until the entrance exam is a challenging task, but with the help of Chapter Wise Physics NEET Notes students can easily revise those topics time and again to keep their learning fresh for longer.

That is why here at our subject matter experts have prepared the best and simple to comprehend Physics notes. It can be downloaded for free and can be read offline without accessing the internet. The chapter wise Physics short notes for NEET that we provide here are great study resources for medical entrance exam aspirants and they shouldn’t ignore the importance of it.

Why NEET Physics Notes are Important?

There are a variety of reasons why NEET Physics Notes are Important, a few of them include 

  • Easy to comprehend: As a rule of thumb, the notes should be easy to see, recognise and understand, and all these major points are kept in mind while developing the NEET notes Physics PDF that we provide here. So, the NEET Physics notes are important because it eases the process of comprehending the meaning of the Physics concept. Since notes are easy to comprehend the learner can easily cover difficult topics.
  • Contains Important Formulas: Physics isn’t about just theory, research and discoveries; there are important formulas that NEET candidates will have to study. The Physics NEET Notes PDF are important because it will help students know all those important formulas that will enable them to solve numerical questions.
  • Gives an Opportunity to Solve Various Questions: A great way to revise the Physics concepts is by solving its questions and so, the Physics short notes for NEET pdf that we provide here contain questions to practice. With the help of questions, medical aspirants can’t only solve the questions but they will be able to revise a variety of important topics.
  • Help Learner Retain Information for longer periods of time: Notes are popularly known for being short because of which students can quickly read them and retain whatever they read for a longer period of time. Therefore, the NEET Physics Notes PDF are considered important and almost all students use them during their NEET entrance test.
  • Saves Time in Revision: The revision notes are easy to read because the information is given in a simple and organised manner, because of this notes save a lot of time. Those who would like to re-read the entire Physics chapter will have to dedicate lots of time and there is no surety that they will be able to complete the NEET Syllabus 2023 again.

How to Download Physics Short Notes for NEET PDF?

Downloading Physics Short Notes for NEET PDF enables you to access the notes for revision anytime you want. The steps to download Physics Short Notes for NEET PDF are mentioned below -

  • Open the browser on your phone or laptop/PC to search
  • Once the website get loads, click on the Navigation button to navigate to the NEET

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  • Click on NEET and it will expand to a further sub-menu where you need to click on Physics

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  • It will open a new page, where you should click on Notes to download the chapter wise Physics notes for NEET PDF

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Important Topics of NEET Physics

Out of so many important Physics chapters, there are about 10 topics that are considered important. Those important topics of NEET Physics are -

  • Semiconductors
  • Laws of Motion
  • Kinematics
  • Work, Energy, and Power
  • Heat & Thermodynamics
  • Rotational Motion
  • Modern Physics
  • Current Electricity & Magnetism
  • Electrostatics
  • Optics

Since these topics are important, students shouldn’t leave any stone unturned and should refer to the Physics revision Notes for the NEET examination.

How to Take Advantage of Physics NEET Notes?

Anyone who is preparing for the NEET Medical entrance test can take advantage of Physics NEET Notes in the following manner:

  • For Enhanced Memorization: Notes are short and crisp which helps students capture information for a longer period of time; those who prefer NEET Physics Notes can enhance their memorization power and can cover the majority of Physics Topics with ease. Not only this, but the boosted memory power will help them retain information for longer which will help them recall the answers while writing the answer of Physics in the NEET examination hall.
  • To Increase Focus: Since topics and concepts are explained in short summaries or chunk-size details, it helps you to focus on each detail. Eventually, using NEET Physics Notes PDF will help you increase focus or concentration.
  • To Stay Motivated: Achieving short time goals; such as completing one chapter in an hour will give you more motivation to study and the revision notes are the best for this purpose as it helps you stay motivated throughout the preparation, it will also save you lots of time to study other subjects.
  • To Stay Organised: The more clean and organised study resources you will have, the better your productivity will be and so, online Physics NEET notes PDF are the best to access organised study resources that will help you cover more Physics lessons in a short period of time. 
  • To Boost Critical Thinking: The NEET Physics Notes PDF that we provide here have a few questions to help you practice. Solving those problems boost critical thinking as it gives you an opportunity to use your learnings from the lessons and use them to solve the given problems.

How to Handle Your Brain During Physics Revision?

Revisions are no doubt a great way to learn and retain information for a longer period of time. Our brain has the capacity to process information all the time, when we revise it becomes more active; however, while studying too much stuff, the brain overworks and as a result brain’s retention capacity decreases. Hence, here are some tips to help you handle your brain during NEET Physics revision:

  • Take Regular Breaks: Taking short breaks during the revision is vital because not taking breaks will puzzle the brain to focus. As a result of it, your brain wouldn’t be able to retain information accurately for long. So, to handle your brain during Physics revision take regular breaks.
  • Sleep Well: During sleep, the brain picks up short-term memory and creates long-term memories that help you keep your learning fresh for a long period of time. Physics subject has lots of things to study and so it is important for students to sleep well to create long-term memory of those studied topics.
  • Use visual or Emotional Experience: Our brain captures visual and emotional experiences effortlessly with great speed. Hence, to have better revision try to use some kind of mind maps of Physics and revision notes that have good visual information. Our revision notes for NEET Physics have lots of visuals that may help you in revision.
  • Avoid Distractions: We all have an attention capacity and so try to avoid distractions while doing NEET Physics revision. Many students prefer to play soft music in their background while doing revision, but try not to do so because even a single low-volume sound will distract your brains and will decrease your attention capacity.
  • Speak Loud While Revising: There are many who prefer to read silently and there are many who prefer to speak loud, it’s a personal choice. But speaking loud while reading or revising will help you listen to your own voice which improves memory.

NEET Physics Preparation Tips

The NEET Physics Preparation Tips that we have mentioned below are ideal for all types of students and there’s no secret sauce in it that will help you crack the NEET entrance test; however, somewhere it will help you in NEET Physics preparation. Those Preparation tips are -

  • Start with the Class 11 & 12 NCERT Physics book: The base of NEET Physics is Class 11 & 12 Physics topics so, refer to the NCERT Class 11 and 12 Physics Book to prepare for NEET Physics.
  • Use Class Notes or NEET Physics PDF Notes: You can use your handwritten revision notes or can refer to the NEET Physics Notes PDF which has been prepared by our subject matter experts, it includes questions for practice too. 
  • Understand the equation’s logic and Practice them: There are various equations in Physics and understanding the logic behind those equations will not only help you to be interested in the subject but help you retain those Physics equations for a long period of time.
  • Refer to some reference Physics Books to read the same chapter: NCERT is a good start but refers to some reference Physics books to understand the topic more deeply, you can also see how other authors have portrayed the same topic. Although, keep in mind to not get distracted in exploring too many reference books, and be curious but for the NEET exam be a serious learner and not waste your lots of time.
  • Solve NEET Physics MCQ or NEET Previous Year Question: Both of these study resources are ideal for revision, self-assessment and developing a deeper understanding of the subject. In other words, NEET Physics MCQ and NEET Previous Year Question paper are the ultimate study resources for NEET aspirants during the medical entrance test preparation.


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To download NEET Physics PDF Notes go to click on the Search button and type “ NEET Physics Notes PDF”.
NEET Physics notes is efficient in helping a candidate to recall important topics, and formulas and solve a variety of Physics question.
Yes, you should use NEET Physics Notes during NEET preparation as it will help you recall important concepts.
Physics short notes for NEET are a part of the study material and a NEET candidate shouldn’t completely rely on the notes for their Physics preparation; however, using them will help in retaining the topics and their concepts for a longer period of time that will help you score better.
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