GATE Mechanical Engineering  Practice and Preparation

GATE ( Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Mechanical Engineering Online Exam is an entrance test for undergraduate students, those who want to pursue the Postgraduate from Mechanical Engineering. The GATE exam is taken by the top 7 IITs and IISc, Bangalore. The purpose of this test is to assess the student’s ability for allowing them to study for a higher standard such as PG. Also, there are a few PSUs who ask for the GATE result score before appointing some employer in their company. Nowadays the ME (Mechanical Engineering) is one of the most demanding. It is so because machines are increasing day by day and technological revolutions are still at the peak. Though to participate in the GATE Online test, aspirants need to have a better set of preparation materials such as Previous Year Papers, Mock Test, etc. 

Mechanical Engineering Online Test 

Mechanical Engineering Online Test can be taken by the aspirants of GATE ME. These Mechanical tests are on a fully prescribed syllabus, Which helps candidates to have a very strong preparation for the actual GATE test exams. The Mechanical Online tests are available here for different topics like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, Engineering Mathematics, Verbal Ability, and more. 

Mechanical Engineering Quantitative Aptitude 

Mechanical Engineering Quantitative Aptitude is a test that assesses the candidates ability of data interpretation. Basically, the quantitative aptitude consists of questions from the very basic maths chapters such as Statistics, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Average, Simple Interest & Compound Interest, etc. and few of the logical reasoning as well. 

Mechanical Engineering Reasoning 

Mechanical Engineering Reasoning test is part of the GATE Test. Aspirants will have to practice those Reasoning tests frequently for self-assessment. The engineering reasoning tests have not normal numerical reasoning questions. Furthermore, the tests will be completely dependent upon the technical or mechanical skills. The questions are usually from Circuit, Pressure, etc. Types of question in this reasoning test are generally in the pictorial or illustration formats. Aspirants will have to determine the answer on the basis of their knowledge of the Mechanical and physics principles.

Mechanical Engineering Verbal Ability

Mechanical Engineering Verbal Ability test is taken to the candidates to examine the candidates’ ability in verbal knowledge, meaning with words. Generally, there are comprehensive reading tests, Logical validity of claims, Meta Multiple type questions, etc. Practicing such questions helps students to build up confidence for the test and to increase some more advanced skills such as word power, comprehension ability, and the ability to deal with the questions with the help of words. Selfstudys has a complete set of GATE ME Verbal Ability test papers for practice purposes. We are providing them in a PDF file here.

Mechanical Engineering Core Subject 

Mechanical Engineering Core Subjects includes the chapters that are available to study in different semesters. The core subjects are also known as the fundamental subjects that have to be studied by the students throughout their engineering courses. However, in the GATE exam, It plays a very important role. Because the questions are asked from the core subjects only. That is why there is a need for a strong grasp of the core subjects to excel in the GATE Test. The core subjects in Mechanical Engineering are Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machine, Vibrations & Design, Fluid Mechanics, etc. 

Important Information 

GATE Test is very reputed and there is a lot of information that aspirants should be updated about. For instance, the Important Information consists of information related to GATE 2022 Syllabus, Subject Wise weightage, Exam Fees, Eligibility Criteria, and much more. If you are a GATE Test aspirant then you must visit the “Important Information” section to know more about it in a bit depth.

Previous Year Paper (PDF)

GATE Previous Year Paper (PDF) is available here on The Previous Year Question papers help students to understand the types of questions, the difficulty level, and the subjects which have been covered. Also, by solving the GATE PYP aspirants will have a wide range of questions to practice. By practicing last year’s questions candidates will be able to develop a lot of skills such as time management, higher accuracy, confidence in attempting the questions, etc. 

Mock Test (PDF)

Mock Test PDF is a set of practice question papers that are completely prepared by the experts to give the aspirants an idea of the actual GATE question papers. The mock test of ME is basically the set of sample questions that are made available here for free of cost. The GATE Mock Test will help students to have an overview of the difficulty level of questions, marks distributions for each problem mentioned in the papers, and etc. Aspirants of GATE 2022 should definitely solve the FREE GATE MOCK TEST to assess the preparation of the GATE test.

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