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Solutions of NCERT Exemplar Textbook Questions

The Exemplar questions are designed to enhance higher-order thinking skills of students, although solving those textbook questions are extremely helpful. But sometimes a few questions become very challenging to answer. Therefore, the NCERT Exemplar questions given here can help them to answer those problems without any hassle.

These solutions also help in preparing for the board and competitive exams. In order to score good marks in the annual exams and competitive examinations, students are required to have a super sharp memory and a strong grip over each concept. Thus, the exemplar solutions which are available here can help them to cover these things very easily.

Subject Wise NCERT Solutions of Exemplar Book

As mentioned above the exemplar books and their answers are limited to the maths and science subject. And these are the subjects that need an enormous amount of time and focus to comprehend. In addition to that, these are not limited here only, these subjects have real life applications and it can not be avoided especially mathematics. Therefore, our subject matter experts have created the most simple, systematic and easy to understand exemplar solutions for all classes in a subject wise way.

Here class 12th and 11th students can find the Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Exemplar solutions and Classes 10th to 6th students can get this resource for maths and science questions. All are for free of cost on Selfstudys.

Download NCERT Class 12 Exemplar Solutions

Class 12 Exemplar Solutions challenges the students' minds to use their learnings and observations from real life to answer the questions given in the NCERT Textbooks. While it aids them to know the basics and important concepts which have been used to answer those questions.

Class 12 has four of the most important subjects which is very renowned among the students and has real life applications too. Such subjects are Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology. And these are one of the most challenging subjects too. That is why the solutions are here to allow them to cope up with the given problems with ease.

We are providing something unique, useful and most importantly fun. By giving students a tool to find instant solutions to their doubts, we’re trying to make every student self-sufficient in practicing & completing their homework

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