GATE Engineering Mathematics for Civil Engineering, Book, Notes, Test Papers in PDF for Free

GATE Engineering Mathematics is very important for the GATE Exam. Mathematics is the core of engineering. Therefore, GATE is a bit serious with it. Maths has 13% weightage in GATE test. So if any students make a good effort and practice in maths extensively their chances of getting selected in the GATE Test become little easy. It has very advanced topics which most students get introduced to in class 11th and 12th, topics are Calculs, Differential Equations, Probability, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods


Here on this website we are providing Maths books for GATE CE, Also we have Test papers. By using these things a GATE candidate can get really good marks.

Download GATE Engineering Mathematics for Civil Engineering

GATE Mathematics for Civil Engineering has a few essential topics that are needed to learn by GATE candidates. Doing a regular practice of these topics will make students more knowledgeable and proficient in maths to clear the exam with ease. We have collected and compiled them into a PDF file format for your ease. Also, students spend so many hours studying and revisioning things so we have also included some short but very precise Engineering mathematics notes for GATE. 

These Mathematics can be beneficial for GATE/PSUs/IES exam preparations. Below is the name of the chapter that is available here and there is a download link as well. So you can directly download them hassle free.

Each chapter has many topics that you GATE CE candidates will have to study. Those topics have been elaborated in the PDF. GATE Civil Engineering Candidates can take those explicit explanations very easily. 


Also the mathematical formulas are also presented there. All the formulas have broken into single pieces to explain them. By using this book you will definitely fall in love with maths. Because the explanations are presented in a beautiful manner. You should take a look at them to see if it is worthwhile for you or not. Download links are given above.

Engineering Mathematics Test for GATE

Engineering Mathematics Test for GATE is dedicated to the topics that are vital for Civil Engineering. While doing preparation it is important to do a self-assessment for maths. Hence, here we are providing the mathematics test papers which are completely free to download and engineering mathematics for gate made easy pdf to access. That is why we have a PDF file format. Candidates can go through the provided links here and they can access them to take a self-assessment. 

Thes test set has a total number of questions 25 and the time duration is 60 min. GATE Candidates should surely use these test papers to see how much they are prepared for the actual exam. Below is the table, look at them and get your test papers to start your assessment right now.

Engineering Mathematics Notes for GATE

Engineering Mathematics Notes for GATE is also important because maths has many chapters and notes are very handy to use. Sometimes books can make you overwhelmed because there is so much information included at once. Hence using Notes for maths can be quite helpful. It is considered that making notes by self is a good practice. But who has that much time nowadays. That is why we have also provided the maths short notes. It is not in a different PDF. You will be able to find it inside the books only.

At the time of revising the topics . Candidates can directly go through the short notes that are presented in the book. If you want any to have separate notes then you can refer to those short notes and make them yours. 


Engineering mathematics civil engineering gate Exam preparation is quite interesting and responsible work as well. So focus on your study and choose the right study materials to do your study. A wrong choice can ruin life. Make a good decision, try 2 or three books and start reading those who make you feel that it suits you. Also remember we have practice sets as well. 

We are providing something unique, useful and most importantly fun. By giving students a tool to find instant solutions to their doubts, we’re trying to make every student self-sufficient in practicing & completing their homework

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