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GATE Reasoning Study Materials for Electrical Engineering is for the preparation of GATE Examination. Reasoning section is quite logical and their questions are solved in a sensible manner. While solving the reasoning questions it is essential that the hypothesis must be correct. In GATE Electrical Engineering reasoning questions can help students to score good marks. 

Solving Reasoning questions is very enjoyable and engaging. It also boosts analytical and creative thinking. Candidates can take the help of Study Materials that we are providing here. All links are provided here for free of cost to download the reasoning books and practice papers.

GATE Syllabus for Electrical Engineering PDF Download links are also given here to understand the importance of reasoning sections. Download

GATE Reasoning Chapter Wise and Topic Wise

GATE Reasoning for GATE Electrical Engineering is not so vast. There are approx. 9 chapters in the reasoning sections. Each chapter is divided here separately in a PDF to download. While solving the questions from any chapter candidates will have to solve them on the basis of different topics. 

Hence, the PDF file that we are providing consists of different topics that are essential to understand. Each topic has been mentioned in the PDF. Also below is the complete list of reasoning topics and chapters which candidates can use to understand what they have to study in GATE EE Reasoning.


S. No

Chapters Name



Number and Letter Series

Number Series, Difference Series, Product Series, Squares/Cubes Series, Miscellaneous Series, Combination Series, Letter Series



Analogy, Number Analogies, Letter Analogies, Verbal Analogies


Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out, Alphabet Classification, Word Classification, Number Classification


Coding and Decoding

Coding, Decoding


Blood Relations

Blood Relations, Grandparents, Parents and In-Laws, Siblings, Spouse, and In-Laws, Children and In-Laws, Grand Children


Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams, Venn Diagrams Type I, Venn Diagrams Type II


Seating Arrangements

Seating Arrangement, Circular Arrangements, Linear Sequencing



Distribution, Order Sequence, Selections, Questions on Routes/Networks


Clocks and Calendars 

Clocks, Calendar, Leap and Non-leap Year, Counting the Number of Odd Days

GATE EE Reasoning Questions with Answer Key

GATE Reasoning Questions are basically the questions that require logical thinking in the process of analysing and solving them. In gate electrical engineering study material for reasoning is available here includes an ample amount of questions. 

Also, the GATE EE Reasoning Mock Test Papers are given to download in PDF. Those problems set comprises the 35 Questions and each question carries 1 mark. 

To match the answers the Answer key is also given. Candidates can recheck their solutions to satisfy whether your answer is right or not.

GATE Reasoning Mock Test for Electrical Engineering

S. No

Mock Test Set 



Logical Reasoning Ability Test-1

Download PDF


Logical Reasoning Ability Test-2

Download PDF


What Are the Purpose of Reasoning in the GATE Test?

In GATE Reasoning questions are asked to judge the candidates critical thinking skills and problem solving skills. While solving any reasoning it is expected that the candidates will find the solution to the problem. For solving such critical questions candidates need to have good practice over each type of reasoning questions. The general reasoning types are Inductive reasoning and Deductive reasoning.

What are the Features of GATE Reasoning for Electrical Engineering PDF

The GATE Reasoning for Electrical Engineering PDF that we are giving has a few features that make our gate electrical engineering study material different from the crowd.

  • The PDF contains contents distributed in a systematic manner.
  • Each topic has been illustrated very gracefully.
  • The headlines, subheadings and the paragraphs are well represented.
  • Along with the Questions Answers are also given.
  • Answer key is given to match the answers. has more useful study resources for competitive exams such as GATE. Aspiring Engineering students can use the provided study materials to prepare for the exam. Also the questions set in the study resources have complete step by step solutions.You can download them for free of cost.

For now the above given GATE exam preparation reasoning for electrical engineering has been given for free. Many professional teachers have devoted their time and energy to prepare these study resources. So download them and start your study resources.

We are providing something unique, useful and most importantly fun. By giving students a tool to find instant solutions to their doubts, we’re trying to make every student self-sufficient in practicing & completing their homework

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