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Question 1


Which of the following options is the closest in meaning to the sentence below?

“As a woman, I have no country.”

Question 2


Rajan was not happy that Sajan decided to do the project on his own. On observing his unhappiness, Sajan explained to Rajan that he preferred to work independently.

Which one of the statements below is logically valid and can be inferred from the above sentences?

Question 3


Opponents of laws that require automobile drivers and passengers to wear seat belts argue that in a free society people have the right to take risks as long as people do not harm others as a result of taking the risks. As a result, they conclude that it should be each person’s decision whether or not to wear a seat belt.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the conclusion drawn above?

Question 4


Read the following passage and find out the inference stated through the passage.

As per the signs put up by the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Developmental Authority (MMRDA), the metro construction will be started from January 1st due to which a lot of roads in Colaba, Bandra and Seepz will be blocked and the cars will be diverted to another road. The construction will go on for 3 years till the underground metro system work is completed.

Which of the following statements can be inferred from the above passage?

Question 5


Coconut growers will use coconuts for two products. The fresh coconuts will be used for sale and the coir from the dried ones will be used to make floor mats, doormats, brushes and mattresses. The cost of this conversion would be the same whether done at the coconut groves, where the fruits are dried, or at the factory. However, choir occupies less than half the volume of the coconuts from which they are made.    

The information given, if accurate, most strongly supports which of the following?

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