10 Awesome Things Students Can Learn From Solving CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Sample Papers

CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers 2022 are the set of questions that are released by the CBSE Board Officially for the intermediate candidates, so that they can practice the questions and prepare for the board examinations.

Several students think, Sample papers are not useful for more than exam preparation. However, this is not true, the model question papers are provided to the students so that they can learn various important things or skills that will help them while writing for the board exam papers. 

Due to the changes in the board exam pattern, the sample papers are prepared accordingly. At the current time the CBSE has released the CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Sample Papers with Marking Scheme because term 1 exam has already concluded & currently the candidates are preparing for their second term exam.

Therefore, it is one of the most appropriate times for students to practice the sample question papers. Here are the 10 awesome things students can learn from solving CBSE class 12 term 2 sample papers -


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1: Elegant-looking handwriting

Having good handwriting is one of the most important skills a student needs, because it will help them to express their answers beautifully and clearly in the written format. 

In term 2 class 12th board exams, candidates will be required to answer the questions in the written format. Therefore, having an Elegant-looking handwriting can be a plus point for students along with strong exam preparation. 

Thus, solving the term 2 sample question papers of class 12th, candidates will be able to write the answers multiple times, it will eventually help them to work on improving their handwriting. 

2: Organising Stuffs

Every single student is taught to be organised in terms of study and lifestyle. But most of them are unable to do that for some reason. 

But the sample model question papers of class 12th has the ability to teach students, how to be organised? The SQP or sample question papers are pieces of papers containing the numerous questions following the CBSE Class 12th syllabus


The professionals create them in the most organised manner keeping in mind all the important aspects of the board exam pattern, whether it is marking scheme, number of questions, or difficulty level. 

This class 12th study material is one of the best resources to learn how to organise the complex things in the simplest and easiest manner. Referring to this resource, candidates can learn how to organise their stuff in the real world and while writing the answers in the CBSE Board examination.

3: Staying Calm & Patience 

Because of a young mind, class 12th students may struggle in maintaining calm and patience. But it is one of the most important skills that a student should have.

Staying calm and relaxed can speed up student’s productivity and increase their accuracy too. So , in order to develop this skill, they can use the Class 12 Sample Papers 2022 of term 2. 

4: Writing Skills

Writing skill is crucial for students because it enables them to present their answers and concepts they have learned throughout one academic year. 

Writing is not about using pen papers to put anything that comes to mind. It is the skill in which pupils need to write sentences well presented where each sentence relates to others and that should talk about only the topic. 

There is no space for randomization in writing skills, it should be precise or to the point. Practising the sample papers enables the students to learn how to write answers in a meaningful manner just like the NCERT Books.

5: Staying Motivated

While preparing for the board exams, students always think about fishing through their syllabus. However, the huge syllabus makes them feel anxious and demotivated.

But referring to the Class XIIth sample question papers for all subjects enable them to practise the questions from time to time and stay motivated by looking at the self-assessment performances.

6: Ideation

Ideation is also a crucial skill students should have for scoring good marks in the board examination. While writing answers of any subjects whether it is for maths, physics, chemistry, or any subject. The first step is to ideate the presentation of answers or formatting, the topics to be covered, their word count and more.

Practising the SQP and Previous year question papers helps in becoming a master of ideation.

7: Well Preparation For Board Exam

There is no doubt that the board exam preparation is daunting but it is so important that no one can skip this. Therefore, in order to prepare well for the term 2 board exams, students can refer to the Class 12th CBSE Term 2 Sample Papers PDF. 

It will give them an idea of actual board exam papers and the question difficulty levels and types of questions. Furthermore, it guides them to understand the important questions and their marks weightage.

8: Tackling Difficulty Levels

Model papers allow pupils to solve the questions, while solving them they come across a variety of problems that might be difficult to solve. So, at that time the NCERT Solutions can help students to tackle the difficult questions.

It is because the questions in the board papers are given from the prescribed NCERT Textbooks and using the NCERT Class 12th  Maths Solutions will enable them to be well versed with all the chapter wise answers. So, practising the model papers PDF allows students to tackle difficulty levels too and doing this is a great skill that helps in real life situations too.

9: Time Management

Referring to the CBSE Term 2 Class 12 Sample Papers enables pupils to learn time management. Because SQP and actual board exam question papers both are supposed to be solved under the given time frame.

10: Memorization

Memorization is the process in which students are required to carry the studied topics in mind for a longer period of time. While studying in the classroom, they might forget things very quickly but practising answering the questions on a daily basis enables them to retain the topics for a longer period of time.

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