JNV Syllabus 2021

For Class IX:

The syllabus will comprise of important topics from English, Hindi, Mathematics and Science subjects of class VIII level.

  • English: Comprehension, Tense, Modal Auxiliaries, Structure Spelling, Reported Speech, Prepositions, Word & Sentence, Jumbled Words and Degrees of Comparison.
  • Hindi: Antonym, Synonym, Sentence Correction, Sentence Formation, Proverb, Varna Vichaar, Shabd bhed, Shabd Vivek, etc.
  • Mathematics: Rational Numbers, Squares & Square Roots, Cubes & Cube Roots, Exponents & Powers, Mensuration, Data Handling, Quadrilaterals, Linear Equations in One Variable, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Discount, etc.
  • Science: Food, Living/ Non Living, Reproduction, Force, Light, Electric Current, Natural Phenomena and Solar System.


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