CBSE Class 12 Exams 2019 : How to score above 90% in Maths

CBSE Class 12 Exams 2019 : How to score above 90% in Maths?

The CBSE Class 12 Mathematics paper will be conducted on March 18. Follow these tips before appearing for examinations

Mathematics is a subject of fear for many students, but a constructive and methodological preparation can easily help one to score good marks in the examination.

To score above 90 per cent in Mathematics, follow these tips:

Reading question paper

Fifteen minutes reading time should be managed smartly to read 29 questions. This year, CBSE has provided internal choices in 10 questions (37 Marks), so this time can be utilised for proper selection. Never try to solve the questions, instead read all the question nicely, especially those involving statements like in probability, L.P. and three dimensional geometry.

Managing space

After prioritising the answering sequence, space and structure for answers becomes very important. Start every section from a fresh page with proper question number against it. Rough work is not required in every question, so avoid drawing margin for rough on every sheet as it will reduce the width of the page.

Ideally for section A – two pages, section B – one sheet, section C and D – two sheets per questions are sufficient for writing answers.

Ideal Time Management

Do not forget to carry your watch. Your answering time should be very precise.

8-10 minutes for Section-A,

25-30 minutes for Section B,

50-60 minutes for Section C and 40-45 minutes for Section D.

At least last 15-20 minutes can be used for rectification. While attempting the questions if you get stuck, better you leave the question and attempt the next question which you know. Same is with questions involved complex calculations.

Stress Management

Try to remain cool in case not exactly hitting the target. In case if you are facing any anxiety, take deep breath twice or thrice or drink water. We should not feel over stressed for not knowing one or two questions, instead be motivated from the known part to crack the remaining.

Don’t be influenced by the environment of the examination hall; try to be focused on your answer sheet for better results. Some questions may be different but not difficult, so never give up so easily.

Read question properly

After writing the question on the answer script, it is advisable to double check with the question paper, before solving to reduce clerical errors. Most commonly mistakes are committed in those topics which we take it easy so give proper respect to every topic. One silly mistake in any answer may result in loss of 4/6 marks.

Try to attempt every question

Always try to attempt the whole question paper in spite of having doubts in some questions. If you have prepared well for the exam there will not be any question that we fail to initiate, so do not leave any question for better results.

Even If you don’t know the complete answer, try to write the known steps. CBSE Marking Scheme is step based so proportionate marks will be awarded even if the full answer is not correct.

Avoid overwriting and scribbling

Systematic work and well-presented answers are always rewarding. We can’t change our hand-writing at this moment but can really ensure that it is legible. Avoid overwriting and scribbling. If something went wrong then simply cross it out and write again instead of over-writing.

Well labelled figures and graph

Graph of Linear Programming, rough sketch of Area of Bounded region and Figures supporting Plane should be well labelled and neatly drawn.

Proper revision and rectifications

If you have managed to finish the paper early- which happens with many students- do not leave the exam room or waste the time by idle procrastination. Answer scripts may contain silly and careless mistakes so revision of some question become extremely important. Revision should be done for 6 marks and 4 marks questions followed by 1/2 marks questions.

Final submission

After ensuring rectification, tag extra sheets tight and make sure that sheets are in proper order.

All the best for your coming board examinations.





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