CBSE Class 12th: English paper, 6 marks question ‘out of syllabus’

CBSE Class 12th: English paper, 6 marks question ‘out of syllabus’

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has conducted class 12 English paper and students have complained about an out of syllabus question.

According to syllabus prescribed by the board, students are expected to study one out of two novels – Invisible Man or Silas Marner, as there is an internal choice and the examinees have to answer only one question based on the novel section.

However, in the CBSE class 12 English exam 2019, questions from both the novels were asked.

A teacher from DMS, Jalandhar said, “We only taught one novel to students and each school does the same. Now, a six marks question was asked from each of them in the final exam. This is not fair to the students.”

The board has agreed to the goof-up but said that no student would be put on a disadvantage. CBSE spokesperson said, “There is no error in the question paper. A committee always sits to finalise marking scheme for questions while checking the response by students.”

The question 11 and 12 of the paper quizzed students on the novels.

While each question had 4 sub-sections out of which students had to attempt only one, all the questions were from the same novel leaving students with no internal choice.

In set 1, all sub-questions in question 11 were from Silas Marner and question 12 had all questions from Invisible Man. Each question – 11 and 12 – was of six marks.

“There is a mechanism to take care of such issues before fianlising the making scheme so that students are not out to any disadvantage,” said an official statement by the board.

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