CBSE Class 12th Accountancy Question Paper Analysis & Review - 2019

CBSE Class 12th Accountancy Question Paper Analysis & Review - 2019

CBSE conducted Accountancy paper today (i.e. 6th March 2019). Check review & paper analysis of CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Board Exam 2019.

300000+ candidates appeared for CBSE Accountancy Paper today. In CBSE 12th Accountancy Board Exam, students get 15 minute time to read the question paper.

As, per the schedule, the question papers were distributed at 10:15 AM and the exam started at 10:30 AM. The duration of the paper was 3 hours and it carried a total of 80 marks. Here we are providing updates and paper analysis of CBSE 12th Accountancy Paper 2019.

Download 12th Accountancy Question Paper 2019 - Click Here

Format of Question Paper

The question paper contained two parts ‒ A and B.

Part A: (Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations, Partnership Firms and Companies).

This part carried 60 marks and this part was compulsory for all the students.

Part B: Option - I (Analysis of Financial Statements) or Option – II (Computerised Accounting).

This part carried 20 marks. In Part B, there were two options (as mentioned above) and students of Class 12 Commerce students had to attempt only one of two options in part B.

Marks Distribution

There were 17 questions in part A (i.e. 1 to 17), in which

Question number 1 to 6 carried one mark

• Question number 7 to 10 carried three marks

• Question number 11 and 12 carried four marks

• Question number 13 to 15 carried six marks

• Question number 16 and 17 carried eight marks

There were 6 questions in part B (i.e. 18 to 23), in which

• Question number 18 and 19 carried one marks

• Question number 20 and 22 carried four marks

• Question number 23 carried six marks

Lengthy paper:

Most of the students agreed that the paper was lengthy. While some found it easy, others had difficulty in tackling the questions. It became quite difficult for students to complete the paper on time. Since the paper was easy so, many students were able to finish their paper within time.

Expected questions from different topics: 

Unlike preceding years' question papers, this year, expected questions of missing figures came from a different topic. Generally, such questions used to come from 'dissolution in partnership'.

This year, there was not even a single question that came out of the syllabus. All the questions asked in the paper were based on the syllabus from NCERT.

This year, the overall level of paper was quite easy. There were no questions out of the syllabus, but a bit longer to solve. Most of the students found the paper easy and hence, they are expecting to score good marks.





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