CBSE Class 12 Examination Pattern 2020: Check major changes and details

CBSE Class 12 Examination Pattern 2020: Check major changes and details

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced some changes in the examination pattern for class 12 in the academic session 2019-20. As per the new exam pattern, CBSE has given more weight to the school-based/internal assessment. Major change will be observed in the questions paper format in the board exam 2020. Question papers will have more number of objective type questions.

CBSE changed the examination pattern with an aim to

  • discourage students from rote learning
  • develop analytical skills and reasoning abilities among students
  • produce better results and improve the academic quality of institutions

CBSE Class 12 Exam Pattern: What are the major changes?

Internal assessment in all subjects

Earlier, the internal assessment was not involved in all the subjects of class 12 like Maths, languages, Political Science. As per the new assessment scheme, now, about 20% marks will be kept for internal assessment in all these subjects. Thus, form the March 2020 board exam, the CSBE board paper will carry 80% marks. However, for the Science subjects and fine arts the weightage will remain unchanged.

Format of internal assessment in CBSE Class 12 Maths subject is as follows:

Unit Name


I. Relations and Functions


II. Algebra


III. Calculus


IV. Vectors and Three - Dimensional Geometry


V. Linear Programming


VI. Probability




Internal Assessment


To know the marks allotment for internal assessment and theory paper for other subject, go through the latest CBSE syllabus for academic session 2019-2020.

School exams to weigh 10 marks in final results

In the Board Exam 2020, 10 marks from school examinations will count towards the total marks in a subject. In class 12 Mathematics and English subjects, board exam will be conducted for 80 marks and remaining 20 marks will be kept for the internal assessment. If you talk about Mathematics, 10 marks out of 20 will be taken from the results of the school exams. The remaining 10 marks will be taken form internal evaluation.

English to have 20 marks for Assessment for Speaking and Listening (ASL)

In Class 12 English subject, 20 marks for internal assessment will be taken from ASL. This means students will be tested for their English language listening and speaking skills, on the basis of which they may secure maximum 20 marks. ASL will be conducted by the external examiners.

More Number of Objective Type questions

This comes as a major relief for class 12 students that CBSE will be introducing 25% multiple choice questions (MCQs) in all the subjects in board exam 2020. Thus, out of 80, only 60 marks will be given to the subjective type questions where students are required to write the detailed answers. This will definitely help students improve their scores in exams and lessen the burden of writing a lengthy paper. Moreover, MCQs will push students to study each and every topic with proper understanding.

Increased Number of Internal Choices in Different Questions

Board had already introduced more number of internal choices in 2019 Board Exams where the internal options in all sections of question paper were increased by 33%. The same practice shall continue henceforth for all subjects in the class 12 board examination 2020. The increased number I of choices helps students pick a question which they are more confident about. This definitely helps them enhance their marks in the board examination.

Practical exam may be conducted at external examination centres

CBSE is mulling to conduct practical examinations at external centres same as for the theory exams from the 2020 board exams. Board may also develop a new marking scheme for practical exams for CBSE Class 10 and Class 12. If we talk about the date of practical examination for Board Exam 2020, then as per the media reports, CBSE may conduct the practical examinations in the month of December and main examinations may start from February 15, 2019. However, board has not issued any confirmation regarding the same.

Board has also eliminated few chapters form the syllabus of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry and CBSE Class 12 Physics for academic session 2019-2020. Students must go through the latest CBSE syllabus to know the topics prescribed for board examination 2020.





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