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CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 2022-23

Here at Selfstudys, we have collected all the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 2022-23 Class 9 in PDF which is not released by the Central Board of Secondary Education. But our subject matter experts have prepared after the analysis of syllabus and previous year papers.

These sample papers are important for the 9th standard students because it is a very effective study resource that helps them to predict a lot of things about their upcoming annual examination.

Subject wise sample papers along with a marking scheme is given here on this site so that all 9th grade candidates can learn and prepare an effective study plan to score higher marks.

Below we’ll see why someone should solve class 9th sample papers of CBSE board.

Why Class 9 Students Should Solve CBSE Sample Paper 2022-23

Students feel nervousness and anxiety when they think about the actual question papers. Such thoughts alter the learning pace as well as the overall exam performance. Therefore sample papers are advised to the CBSE Class 9 students to solve before appearing in the final examination. 

Apart from this, there are a few valid reasons due to which Class 9 Students Should Solve Sample Paper 2022-23.

  • Solve CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Exclusive Informations

Till the date students have not appeared for the exam, they don’t know various exclusive information about the question papers; such as types of questions, its difficulty levels, number of questions, etc. Hence, by solving the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 students can gather such Exclusive Informations to be well prepared for the upcoming examination.

  • To Find Important Topics

There are so many subjects in CBSE Class 9 such as Maths, English, Science, etc. Now under these subjects there are a bunch of chapters and their lots of topics. So, it is quite confusing for the students to determine which topics are important from the exam perspective. Therefore, the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 2022-23 is advised to the students. Solving the sample question papers of class 9th allows students to be consistent and find the important topics in terms of higher marking to focus on.

  • To Understand the Question Types

Students can find Fill in the blanks, true or false, objective question, one word or short answer types of questions, and long answer types of questions in their NCERT Class 9th books. But to understand the actual question types of final exam papers, they should solve the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 2022-23. Solving the CBSE Sample Paper for Class 9 enables them to learn about the question types; whether the board is asking short answer or long answer types of questions or something else.  The confusion in types of questions can be only clear through referring to the sample question papers of CBSE Class 9, 2022-23.

  • To Learn How To Write Answers

There must be a standard way to write answers because the way you write them matters a lot. When you write answers in the examination, it should be clear and crisp so that teachers can easily grasp the point you want to convey through your written answers. Therefore, the sample papers are best to solve, because it helps you to learn how to write them as per the given instructions such as word limit or question types.

  • To Find The Loopholes

No matter how well you have studied your topics or lessons, there will always be some loopholes where you will be stuck. Finding such loopholes help you to get rid of them so that you can do your preparation well and score impressive marks. The CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 are best for this purpose. Because while solving them you can get lots of questions you are unable to solve. Find those questions and work on the core topics to improve.

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 9 SA1 and SA2

The CBSE Sample paper class 9 that we provide here is also very useful for the Sa1 and Sa2 examination. The CBSE Sample paper for Class 9 SA1 and SA2 is an ultimate study material that guides students to cover those important questions they may have missed during the regular study or while doing the exam preparation. 

Our experts have analysed the CBSE Class 9 Syllabus rigorously and therefore, we are able to provide the most accurate and helpful CBSE Sample Paper for Class 9 SA1 and SA2.

Set Wise CBSE Sample Paper Class 9

Solving one set of CBSE Class 9 Sample paper is not enough and that is why here at Selfstudys, we provide set wise CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for all major subjects. By going through the set wise sample question papers, students can have a strong command on answering the annual level questions in each subject.

Subject Wise CBSE Sample Paper Class 9

Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English and Hindi are the major subjects that CBSE Class 9th students study. For each subject there are separate CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 students. Since each subject is different in its own - their answers writing techniques will be different, as well as their marking scheme too. 

So, here on this page, we have a complete collection of CBSE Class 9 Sample Paper 2022-23.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 With Solutions

Our subject experts have done phenomenal work on CBSE class 9 Sample Paper 2022-23 by giving the solution of all the questions asked in sample papers.

These sample papers have been solved by experts keeping in mind the exam pattern, question types and marking scheme. Due to which students of class 9th can refer to the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 With Solutions to deepen their understanding in the answer writing methods as well as in the concept. The links are available here to download the sample question papers along with the solutions.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Maths

For Class 9 Maths, the board doesn’t release the sample papers. However, our subject matter experts have prepared the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Maths. With the help of the Maths sample papers students can practice various Maths questions before the final examination. A great advantage of solving the CBSE Class 9 Sample Papers of Maths is that students can learn about those common errors they made in Maths questions.

Below, we have mentioned the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Maths.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Science

Questions in the CBSE Class 9 Science final exam are asked based on the CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus and so referring to the same syllabus, our experts have prepared the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Science. The Sample question papers of CBSE Class 9 Science contains questions from Structure of the Atom, Atoms and Molecules, Gravitation, Sounds, etc.

Keep in mind that, to score impressive marks in Class 9 Science annual exam, you must solve a variety of questions from the CBSE Sample papers. We are insisting on solving the sample papers of science because it will not only help you in practicing but gives you an in-depth knowledge of the topics you have studied.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for English

Prose and poems as well as grammar topics are included in CBSE Class 9 English Sample Paper. These sample papers are available on this page to help students in their final exam preparation. Many students of CBSE Class 9 underestimate the knowledge of English and its preparation. However, those who give importance to English should solve CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for English. 

Solving the CBSE Class 9 English Sample Papers give students the ability to tackle the questions from various difficulty levels.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Social Science

Class 9 Social Science has 4 sub subjects; History : India and the Contemporary World – I, Geography : Contemporary India – I, Civics (Political Science) : Democratic Politics – I, Economics : Understanding Economic Development – I. A Class 9 student has to study all these subjects individually and based on it, the questions will be asked in the final SST exam.

In order to help students master the questions of Class 9 Social Science, we have provided here the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Social Science. The SST sample papers of class 9 contain questions based on the prescribed marking scheme.

CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Hindi

NCERT Class 9 Hindi Kshitij is divided into two parts: poem and story. However, the question paper contains the problems from both parts collectively. In order to be thorough with a variety of Class 9 Hindi questions, we suggest students to solve CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 for Hindi.

The CBSE Class 9 Hindi Sample papers are available here on this page in PDF file format. The sample papers of CBSE Class 9 on Selfstudys are free of cost to download.

Download CBSE Sample Paper Class 9th in 5 Simple Steps For All Subjects With Solutions

These 5 simple steps will help students like you to download the CBSE Sample Paper for Class 9 for all subjects with solutions. These are free to download - read the below given steps to know the procedure.

  • Step 1:- Download Selfstudys App or go to the website of Selfstudys
  • Step 2:- Click on and navigate to the CBSE then click on Sample papers
  • Step 3:- Click on Class “9th”
  • Step 4:- The page will refresh for a while after this you can search or choose a subject to download CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 2022-23
  • Step 5:- Once you select the subject, in a new page there will be many sample papers with solutions that you can access in PDF file.

Features of CBSE Class 9 Sample Papers 2023?

  • It is based on CBSE Class 9 Syllabus: Questions in CBSE Class 9 annual examinations are never asked out of the syllabus. Those who set the real exam question papers refer to the CBSE Class 9 Syllabus. Therefore, our experts have referred to the same Class 9 syllabus to prepare the CBSE Class 9 Sample Papers 2023. 
  • It is available for free of cost in PDF: No matter whether you have money to buy those expensive CBSE Class 9 sample papers or not. We at Selfstudys always strive to provide free study resources in PDF. That is why, the CBSE Sample papers class 9 is available for free of cost in PDF here at Selfstudys.
  • It gives the real exam experience: Thinking about the annual exam gives students chills and fear, however, those who have a strong practice of questions before appearing in the examination can’t fear anymore. Therefore, one of the greatest features of CBSE Class 9 Sample Papers 2023 is that it gives students the experience of the real exam while doing the real exam preparation.

What To Do After Downloading The CBSE Sample Paper of Class 9

Lots of students just download such study materials and they don’t even open them for years. So, after downloading the CBSE Sample Paper 2022-23 of class 9 do the following things:-

  • Practice them on a regular basis:- CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 2022-23 is available here so that all CBSE Class 9th students can practice them on a regular basis and understand the gap to work or improve. Students are supposed to practice the CBSE class 9 Sample Paper 2022-23 almost one or three times in a week. Doing a regular practice helps students to be through with lots of questions and be prepared for the exam-like environment.
  • Find Topics Where You Lack:- Even after completing the whole syllabus, some chapters or topics still appear difficult. It doesn’t only haunt a student before an exam but makes them feel nervous when thinking about such topics or subjects. Therefore, after downloading the CBSE Class 9 sample papers, students should solve them to Find Topics Where they Lack.
  • Cross Check the sample papers to know the worth of syllabus:- The sample papers and final question papers completely follow the syllabus but how do you know this? To Cross Check whether the sample papers follow the prescribed CBSE Syllabus, students can download them and match the questions and the topics that are mentioned in the CBSE Class 9 Syllabus.

What is the Benefit of Practicing CBSE Class 9 Sample Paper 2022-23

Practice helps in making improvements and there is no doubt in it. But how practice of CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 2022-23 can help students to get benefits are mentioned here.

  • The foremost benefit of solving the CBSE Sample Paper Class 9 2022-23 is it helps students to build confidence and get rid of exam anxiety.
  • It helps students to solve those questions too that may be asked in the final examination. 
  • Helps candidates to be thorough with lots of questions so that their conceptual understanding can be deepened.


Need answers? Find them here...
A:- CBSE Class 9 Students should solve at least 2 to 3 sample papers for each subject to understand the question papers better.
A:- Yes, Solving CBSE Class 9 Sample papers 2022-23 is worth the time because it helps students to get a sense of how to answer questions and how to deal with difficulty level of questions too.
A:- At Selfstudys, you can get CBSE Sample Paper class 9 for 2022-23 without paying any penny.
A:- You should definitely solve CBSE 9th Class Sample Papers keeping in mind the given time duration. It will help you to get an idea of how much time you should focus on a particular question as well as it will help you to manage the time management skills.
A:- No, CBSE doesn't release any official Sample Paper for Class 9 and hasn't released it for 2022.
A:- No, relying completely on CBSE Sample Paper class 9 to prepare for the exam is not advisable. Instead focus on core resources such as study NCERT Class 9 Books, Revision notes, test papers, and then solve class 9 CBSE Sample Paper 2022.
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