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Free NEET Chemistry Notes 2021 in Download PDF

In the NEET Entrance test Chemistry consists of 45 questions out of 180 questions. Due to this, it becomes an essential duty to the students to learn and study well for chemistry to score good in the exam.

Hence, NEET Chemistry Study Material helps aspirants to prepare for the exam with ease. is providing all necessary study resources for free to download in PDF.

NEET Chemistry is distributed in 3 different categories 1st is Organic, 2nd is Inorganic & the third is Physical Chemistry.  All these topics and chemistry itself are all about the chemical, their combination, and formation.

To excel in any examination students need to work hard and plan their studies in a way that can help them to achieve their goal to score in the examination. So here on this website we are providing good resources to help them out.

NEET Notes Chemistry Download PDF

NEET Notes Chemistry is a very helpful resource. Because all students are aware that NEET entrance test follows Class 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus for preparing their neet papers. 

Thus, students have to take the help of NCERT Chemistry textbooks for doing the exam preparation. But reading books, again and again, can be boring and time consuming as well. So here is giving chemistry short notes for neet which is very clear and to the point.

NEET Chemistry Study Material PDF includes everything from NEET Chemistry Previous Year Questions to NEET Short Notes. Download links are given on this page.

NEET 2021 Chemistry Study Material - Notes

NEET 2021 Chemistry Study Material should be very tidy and easy to comprehend. Therefore the study materials that we are providing are very accurate, precise and their notes are fabulous.

After visiting the links that we are provided here, you will be able to notice. Along with the Chemistry Notes for NEET 2021 PDF, we have provided the NEET Chemistry practice problems with solutions.

Also, team has worked very hard to professionally compile all the resources and make complete NEET chemistry notes bundle. The good thing is, it is free and can be accessed without any signup and login.

Many students feel stuck and confused with the name of Organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. So below is the simplest definition and complete list of chapters that comes under those categories.

Organic Chemistry Notes for NEET PDF

Organic Chemistry is simply known as the study of molecules that contain carbon compounds. It has many chapters such as Hydrocarbons, Polymers, Alcohol, Phenol & Ether, etc. Chemistry in everyday life notes for neet is also comes under the Organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry Notes for NEET has chapters from both class 11th and 12th. Below is the list of organic chemistry chapters. You can look at them and identify them to make your study plan accordingly. 

As you already know you will have to value your time the most and study accordingly. Hence, Organic Chemistry Notes for NEET PDF is also provided for all these topics.

You just need to find them in the links given on this website. It’s free to download

Name of NEET Organic Chemistry Chapters:

  1. General Organic Chemistry 
  2. Hydrocarbons
  3. Organic Compounds Containing Halogen 
  4. Alcohol, Phenol & Ether 
  5. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acid 
  6. Organic Compound Containing Nitrogen (Amines) 
  7. Polymers 
  8. Biomolecules 
  9. Chemistry in Everyday Life

Inorganic Chemistry Notes for NEET PDF

In simple language, the study of molecules that don’t contain compounds made with the help of carbon is known as Inorganic chemistry. The definition is just the opposite of organic chemistry.

Inorganic chemistry for neet has many chapters. A few of them are Hydrogen, P-block, Environmental Chemistry, etc.

After checking the list given below you can also Download Inorganic Chemistry Notes for NEET PDF

Name of NEET Inorganic Chemistry Chapters:

  1. Classification of Element and Periodicity 
  2. Hydrogen 
  3. S- block Elements
  4. P- block Elements 
  5. Environmental Chemistry
  6. p- block Element 
  7. D- and F- block Elements (Transitions Elements) 
  8. General Principle and Process of Isolation of Elements 
  9. Coordination Compound

Physical Chemistry Notes for NEET PDF

Physical Chemistry is a way to study the applications and the theories that apply in the formation of chemical compounds or any phenomena of the chemical systems.

A few chapters such as Structure of Atom, State of Matter, Chemical Thermodynamics, etc. are examples of physical chemistry.

Physical Chemistry Notes for NEET PDF are given here to study these topics easily. Download them by browsing the links given on this website.

Name of NEET Physical Chemistry Chapters:

  1. Some Basic Concept of Chemistry 
  2. State of Matter 
  3. Structure of Atom 
  4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 
  5. Chemical Thermodynamics 
  6. Equilibrium 
  7. Redox Reaction
  8. Solid State 
  9. Solutions 
  10. Electrochemistry 
  11. Chemical Kinetics 
  12. Surface Chemistry
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