GATE Mock Test for CSE Chapter 11 Compiler Design

  • Compiler Design Test 1

    11. Compiler Design


    Duration: 75 Mins

    Maximum Marks: 50

    Read the following instructions carefully.

    1. This test comprises of 1 section only containing 25 questions. each questions 2 marks.

    2. This test comprises of multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

    3. Multiple-choice questions will have only 1 correct option.

    4. 0.33 mark(s) will be deducted for every wrong answer.

    5. No mark will be deducted for an un-attempted question.

    6. You can view your Score & Rank after submitting the test.

    7. Check detailed Solution with explanation after submitting the test.

    8. Rank is calculated on the basis of Marks Scored & Time.

GATE Mock Test for CSE Chapter 11 Compiler Design 2022

Almost every Computer Science graduate dreams of becoming a topper in GATE CSE Exam. However, a few who have been on the right path of study can achieve the rank in GATE Exam toppers. Therefore, for the help of CS students here, Selfstudys is providing GATE Mock Test for CSE chapter 11 Compiler Design 2022. This mock test is the simulation of the actual GATE exam since it is available computer-based (online) and the questions are prepared by referring to the CS syllabus released by officials.

Chapter 11 Compiler Design Computer Science Mock Series will enable aspirants to cover the entire topics precisely and retain them for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the GATE mock tests allow students to b familiar with the exam pattern of CSE.

GATE CSE Mock Test 2022

chapter 11 Compiler Design is a very important chapter of computer science engineering in which candidates need to have in-depth knowledge in order to comprehend the asked questions in the GATE Exam. Therefore, the 2022 GATE chapter 11 Compiler Design Mock Test series are prepared by referring to the syllabus and based on the latest exam pattern. These available mock series will not only help them in knowing the exam pattern but help them in being confident for the actual exam. 

GATE CSE test series available is absolutely free of cost and it can be used by a CSE aspirant to cover their important parts of the CS Syllabus.

Benefits of Solving GATE CS Chapter 11 Compiler Design Mock Test Series

There are various benefits of Solving GATE CS chapter 11 Compiler Design Mock Test Series aspirants can get, check the below-given lists to know them -

  • Helps in Increasing the Speed : Most of the candidates even those whose concepts are clear and revisions of all the topics are done for various times face a lack in answering all questions on time. It is because of the slower speed - Because of slower speed, they miss the opportunity to answer all the questions asked in the examination which eventually makes them unable to crack the exam. Therefore, solving mock tests is suggested here to the candidates to increase their overall speed. 

  • Provide Help in Avoiding Silly Mistake : GATE free mock test for CSE provides immense help in avoiding silly mistakes while answering the GATE Computer Science exam papers. There could be various mistakes that students often make while solving their previous year papers and even the Mock test series. But regular practice of Mock tests enables them to learn how to avoid making those simple mistakes.

  • Teaches Time Management : A bad time management skill can put an aspirant into miserable situations. Therefore, before the actual exam candidates should learn about it. GATE CS Mock Test 2022-23 Free series can help in doing so. Through these skills, they can learn how they should divide their crucial time in the exam to solve various sections of question papers so that not a single question remains left.

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Importance of Chapter 11 Compiler Design Online Mock Series

There are various Importance of chapter 11 Compiler Design Online Mock Series -

  • It aids candidates in knowing the difficulty level of problems.
  • Further, it helps in analyzing the weakness and strongest points in the topic.
  • It helps in being familiar with the exam mode and pattern.
  • It guides candidates through the GATE Computer Science Engineering preparation.

How to Access GATE Chapter 11 Compiler Design Online Mock on Selfstudys?

GATE Chapter 11 Compiler Design Online Mock can be accessed on Selfstudys by following these simple steps - 

  1. Visit 
  2. Click on GATE in the navigation bar
  3. Click on “Computer Science Engineering”
  4. A new page will be opened, now scroll and find Test Series
  5. Click on that, now it will expand in a chapter-wise format
  6. Click on “Chapter 11 Compiler Design”
  7. The list of various test series will be available, you can choose whatever test-set you want to attempt.

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