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Sainik School Book has a collection of good contents. All the content available in the textbooks are very relevant to the student’s knowledge. These textbooks have been used for years by students to prepare for the entrance test. However, these books are based on the latest syllabus which can be used for the upcoming entrance examinations. Developers of textbooks had kept in mind that they must be prepared in a way so that it can help students to become better in the mathematical, analytical, and comprehensive skills. We have compiled all textbooks into a PDF version. So that students can get them free of cost.

Sainik Schools class 6th books are very essential and only the best way to prepare for the test examinations. These textbooks are also known as Sainik school entrance book class 6. Aspirants studying in class V can apply for the class 6th in Sainik School. So they must try to focus on the textbooks that are already prescribed for the class 6th. 

Get Sainik School Book Class 6 PDF

For the ease of aspirants, has worked very hard to prepare and collect all essential study materials for the class 6th candidates. Our study materials include the Sainik Schools class 6th books, and the revision notes that have been prepared by the professionally trained professors of the subjects. Candidates can now avail themselves that textbooks and other study materials from the given link on this website. To save the student’s time we have also divided each chapter into multiple PDFs and mentioned the PDF here.

Facilities of the Sainik Schools

The Sainik School has a lot of facilities, it is so because the school was established very earlier (in the year 1961)  and they have implemented a bunch of the functionality till today. The diverse environment in the school attracts the student’s attention to becoming influenced by the facilities at Sainik School. Another interesting quality of the Sainik schools is that they have very influential teachers that have very high impacts upon the student’s life. The culture of the Sainik school helps students to have a unique and diverse study curriculum. Students studying from this school have a higher chance of becoming officers or any soldiers in the near future. 

Facts of Sainik Schools

The facts of Sainik School are hilarious. Give them a look at the list below

  • Sainik Schools aren't free.
  • From the new session, 2021-22 girls are allowed to be a part of Sainik School.
  • It was established in 1961.
  • The CBSE Board is being used for the exam conduction and study curriculum.
  • Students from the reservation quota get the benefits of reservations.
  • It is a residential school.
  • To get admission to Sainik School. Aspirants have to qualify for the entrance test first.

Scholarship Benefits for Sainik School Students

Students studying from Sainik School have scholarship benefits as well. Because this school doesn’t offer students free education. Below is the array of benefits that will describe the advantages of scholarship which will be given or students will be eligible for

  1. Those students whose parents have served the nation their service or even working for the nation’s will be granted some amount of scholarship by the ministry of defense. This scholarship will be given from the defense quota.
  2. MoD has come with the new scheme where they have announced that all the boys studying from the Sainik School will be receiving the Rs.10,000 subsidy per year.
  3. Students studying from the Sainik School will be able to get the state government scholarship as well based upon the parent’s income.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on AISSEE

-  Can a girl Participate in the Sainik School?

Yes!, a girl can be a part of the Sainik School as per the Union Government’s latest notice. The new academic session 2021-22 allows the female cadets to be a part of the school.

-  Is Sainik School Free?

No!, Studying at Sainik School is not free at all. Students have to pay the fee as per the applicable tuition fee.

-  Who can join Sainik school?

Any student between the age of 10-11 and 13-14 can be eligible for joining the Sainik school.

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