Books are one of the most important elements for an board exam. Students must refer the Textbooks, which are easy to understand, so that they don’t face any problems at the time of examination. The gseb textbook is planned according to the latest GSEB Board syllabus. It is significant that students learn the basics and fundamental concepts of Science and Mathematics. The concepts of 10th Class Mathematics and Science will help you to understand the concepts of Class 11th Books and Class 12th Books.

GSEB Class 10th Engilsh MediumTextbook, GSEB Std 10th Book 2021

 GSEB Board Class 10th Textbook, Syllabus, Model Paper 
 Gujarat Board 10th Class Textbooks  Gujarat Board 10th Class Syllabus
 Gujarat Board 10th Class Model Paper   Gujarat Board 10th Class  Maths

GSEB Board Class 10 Science

Gujarat Board 10 Class Science Textbook above has many important topics under Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In Class 10th, these concepts are combined in a single subject, which is known as Science and Technology, so that the students can develop a strong foundation over these subjects and can understand the chapters, which will be taught in Class 11th.

Physics: Light, Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current and universe. Chemistry: Acids, Bases and Salt, Metals and Non-Metals, Mineral Coal and Mineral Oil and Organic Compounds.

Biology: Nutrition and Respiration, Transportation, Circulation and Excretion in Organisms, Reproduction in Organisms, Heredity and Evolution, Our Environment and Management of Natural Resources.

GSEB Board Class 10 Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most importent subject, which can be learned by intensive practice and having a good command of basic concepts. Therefore, students are suggested to solve a maximum number of questions in a day to assess their preparation and to score good marks in 10th Class board examinations. Check out the GSEB Board Sample papers to practice for your Math  exam.

The GSEB Board textbook pdf format is provided above, so that students can go through these e-books, whenever they want. Experts always advise reading the Class textbook, before you start reading any other reference books, because reading the Class textbooks will help you in understanding the basic and fundamental concepts in a better way.

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