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Download Pre Primary West Bengal Book in PDF format for free of cost here. We have made a collection of all books that are prescribed to the pre-primary class. These pre-primary books are very helpful to the students to make them aware of the subjects and topics with the help of images. Students can play lots of fun games in the books that are prepared specially for them from the perspective of making them aware of the numbers, alphabets, and so on. We are at providing such interesting books in a portable version so that students don’t have to carry them whenever they travel.

West Bengal Pre-primary Books 

A pictorial presentation of the books makes students happy a lot while interacting with the contents. In the textbooks, there are a lot of different cartoons and diagrams that help students to depict the information and do their homework. The books have sweet poems and students are fond of those poems because they can make the jingles of that and they can sing. Usually, pre-primary students love doing jingles for the entire day. They always found singing their poems and doing their own matters of works such as playing. The idea of including the poems in such a small class is to give students some tasks that can help them to be disciplined and responsible from such a small age. Also, the way the books represent that information is hilarious. 

Importance of Pre-primary Textbooks

Pre-primary textbooks are very important to the students. Below is the list of some statements that will help you to understand why the books are very important to the students of pre-primary

  1. The pre-primary textbooks are a good way to make students habituated to study the books. However, they will not be able to read the books but it will obviously arouse interest and some activity that will make them feel different and give them joy.
  2. Textbooks are like a guide to them; they help them to be conscious of what they are doing and what they should do.
  3. Basically, the books are a set of instructions to the students for doing some task.
  4. To make them engage. It is very obvious that the pre-primary students will spend lots of time playing and doing other activities. So the textbooks are the best way to make their time productive and allow them to have some kind of discipline to use their time well.
  5. These books allow students to make their foundation of knowledge stronger.
  6. Students can learn how to use pencils and colour via using the pre-primary books.

About the West Bengal Pre-primary books

The purpose of making these books was very clear. It was prepared for the little kids who haven’t any idea of the educational content. They just know to play and interact with every single thing that are possible comes to their hand. So the board has thought to make a collection of books and provide the educational content from the initial stage so that students can play with that and can learn something too. Thus, they have challenges to develop the content by which students can learn some things very easily.

So by the books, they have tried to increase the students thinking ability, analytical ability, and comprehensive ability. The games that are mentioned in the books are based on language and maths. Students will definitely enjoy having such colorful and enjoyable books.

All the collections of the latest version of the west Bengal pre-primary textbooks can be downloaded from we are providing almost everything for free completely free of cost.

We are providing something unique, useful and most importantly fun. By giving students a tool to find instant solutions to their doubts, we’re trying to make every student self-sufficient in practicing & completing their homework

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