CBSE Board Exam 2019 - Exam Pattern Change, New Initiatives & Rules

CBSE Board Exam 2019 - Exam Pattern Change, New Initiatives & Rules

Big news for students going to the Central Board of Secondary Education for the 10th and 12th class examinations.

This time it has become easy for candidates to get good marks. This is because of the pattern of the exam, in which some changes made by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Due to these revisions, students will be prepared to get good marks.

25% Objective Question Instead of 10 

The number of objective questions this time has raised by the CBSE. Along with this, options of questions have also been extended. According to the news, "every time there were 10% objective type questions, but in this year, 25% of the questions would be objective. In such situations, the candidates will also have time and they will be ready to spend more time on other subjects.

New Initiatives 

1. The Board examinees can access an exam Centre Locator App which will facilitate students to locate their centre by providing roll numbers 

2. To check malpractices while moving the exam material, the Board will be using geo-tagged time based tracking and monitoring of confidential materials.

3. As it happened during the JEE and UGC NET competitive exams, the Board will be webstreaming from examination centres live. 

4. TETRA or Theory Evaluation Trend Analysis, a decision support system, which will facilitate real time evaluation monitoring and also allows trend analysis and visualization of scoring patterns by students in different regions, cities and across different sets. 

5. OECMS or Online Examination Centre Management System has been developed and Implemented with a view to get real time exams centres related information. 

CBSE has Announced 4 New Rules

1. School Uniform Mandatory

School Uniforms have been made compulsory for regular candidates. According to the news of Times Now, the board has strictly told the schools to give instructions to their candidates about it. If students don't wear the uniform correctly then they can be stopped for entry in the exam centre.

2. Parents Signature on Admit Card

In addition to the candidates and principal's signature on the admittance card, this year Central Board of Secondary Education has created a column for parents' signature. Candidates should ensure that they have all required signature on the admission card of their CBSE board exam. Entry will not be permitted at the examination centre if anybody signs off the signature.

3. No Entry after 10 o'clock

Any candidate in the exam centre takes the entry at 10 AM. then they will not be given an entry in any condition. Therefore, all candidates and their parents are informed to ensure that they reach centres on time.

4. What to take in the exam centre and not

Candidates can take their pens and require stationery in a transparent bag. Apart from these, candidates are only permitted to carry their school card or admission card of the CBSE Board. At the same time, check the signature or stamped on the admit card. Those candidates who have diabetes are permitted to take snacks with them. Also, any written material, mobile phone, purse or smartwatches are not allowed within the exam hall.





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