JEE Main Paper 1 Analysis 2020: Shift I - 8th January

It's the second day of JEE Main 2020 exam and morning shift is over. Many of you must be eager to know if the paper was of same level or if the difficulty level increased.

This article will present you with overall Paper analysis of JEE Main 8th Jan 2020, day 2 along with sectional analysis and major highlights of the exam.

JEE Main Paper Analysis 8th Jan 2020: Important Highlights

  • In today's exam, the overall level of the exam was Easy to moderate.
  • The exam was more or less of the same level as yesterday.
  • Chemistry questions were easy, while other two sections were of moderate level.
  • Numerical questions were easier than yesterday. 

JEE Main 8th Jan 2020: Overall Difficulty level






Moderate and lengthy

Overall Paper Analysis of JEE Main 8th Jan 2020 

As per the students feedback, overall level of the paper was again easy to moderate.

  • Chemistry was again a cake walk for students, majority of questions were easy and NCERT based, strong hold over Inorganic Chemistry will give students certain edge over others.
  • Physics and Maths section was more or less same as yesterday, moderate level. Mathematics section was found to be lengthy by various students. Numerical Answer Type were found to be easier than yesterday by students. Picking the right question in starting is vital for not losing on the easy marks.

JEE Main 8th Jan Section-wise Analysis (Topic-wise Distribution) 

JEE Main 8th Jan 2020 Physics Analysis

Day 2 Morning Shift

Physics section was of moderate level again. It checked conceptual clarity of students, majority of questions were asked from Mechanics and Electric current/EMI. Students find this section a tad bit easier than yesterday. Number of good attempts for this section is 15-18.


No. of Questions



Electrostatic and Magnetism


Current Electricity & EMI


Heat & Thermodynamics


Optics and Modern Physics


JEE Main Chemistry Analysis

Chemistry section was again a scoring one, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry were again predominant. Going thoroughly through NCERT again proved to be fruitful in Chemistry. Number of good attempts for this section is 17-20


No. of Questions

Organic Chemistry


Inorganic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry


JEE Main Maths Analysis

Students found this section a bit lengthy than Day 1, NAT questions were on a easier side than yesterday. Number of good attempts for this section is 14-17.


No. of Questions







Coordinate Geometry


In Physics section NATs were asked from topics like kinematics, wheatstone bridge, etc.

In Chemistry section NATs were asked from topics like chiral centre, electrochemistry, etc.

In Mathematics section NATs were asked from Limits, vector-3D, matrices, etc.

JEE Main Memory Based Question & Answers - 1st Shift


Qs.1: CotΠ÷6,cotΠ÷4,cotΠ÷3 are in

Qs.2: No.of 3×3 matrices from the set {-1,0,1} such that tr(AA^T) is 3

Qs.3: If line y=MX intersects the parabola 2x^2+y^2=1 at P then normal to the parabola intersects x and y axis at (-1/3√2,0) and (0,#) resp. Then #=

Qs.4: If P(A)=1/3,P(B)=1/6 are independent events then P(A/B')=

Qs.5: If 2x^2+(a-2)x+33/2=a has real roots then least value of a

Qs.6: what is ( a+b)^2=?


Qs.1: Which of the following option represent y = max{x, \sqrt x} in [0,\infty)

Qs.1: Which are green house gases?Ans :

  1. Ozone
  2. CFC
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Oxygen

Qs.2: Which element has lowest 3rd ionisation enthalpy?

Qs.3: A coordinate and a parabola is given. A point is given between the coordinate and parabola. Find the locus?

Qs.4: Heating of gypsum above 393 k gives?

Ans : Plaster of Paris

Qs.5: ​Mean and s.d. of 10 observations are .... if they are multiplied by P and then subtracted by Q, new mean and s.d are half if initial. P and Q=?

Qs.6: What is the stopping potential dimensions in terms of 'h' 'c' 'A' and G?

Qs.7: ​What is the critical angle for the medium with relative permittivity 3 and relative permeability 4/3?

Qs.8: A reactions rate increases by 10^6 times. What is the difference between Ea?

Qs.9: How many chiral carbons are there in Penicillin?

Ans : 3


Qs.1: First ionisation energies of Na, Mg, Al and Si

Qs.2: no of carbons is zantac

Download JEE Main 7th Jan 1st Shift Memory Based Question Paper pdf