JEE Main 2019 : Exam Analysis for Paper 1 (1st Shift)

The JEE Main exam on January 09, 2019 is conducted for Paper 1 only, in two shifts. The analysis will help candidates figure out the questions put up by NTA and also to estimate the performance of the candidate. 

JEE Main 2019 Paper 1: Analysis for Physics 

The first section of JEE Main 2019 Paper 1 is physics that has a total of 30 questions with a total of 120 marks.

This question was moderate but lengthy. There were 5 questions from modern physics, 3 questions from Thermodynamics, 2 were from the wave. 

The questions in physics were from topics like MOI (Motion of Inertia), magnetism. The question was also from class 11th. There were tricky question form mechanics and magnetic field.

JEE Main 2019 Paper 1: Analysis for Chemistry

As per the candidates, it is noticed that the chemistry section of JEE Main paper 1 was easy. More question was asked from organic chemistry.

There were direct questions from NCERT. The questions were also asked from Bio-Molecule, P-block and coordination compounds. 

No questions were out of syllabus in the examination.

JEE Main 2019 Paper 1: Analysis for Mathematics

The third section of Paper 1 is mathematics which was the toughest of all as per the reaction of students. There was no question from statistics.

Question-related to function and questions were also there. The level of maths was very high.

Two questions were asked from definite. Students got confused with the question of limits. Question form integration was also there.

JEE Main 2019: Analysis By Coaching Center

As we know JEE Main is a national level entrance test for which lakhs of aspirants apply every year, many coaching institutes provide guidance to such students every year. These coaching institutes also provide the analysis of the examination which is quite helpful for candidates. Some of the top coaching institutes are Allen, Resonance, Career Launcher etc. As per the analysis of last year of these coaching centers chemistry was the most difficult section of paper 1 physics and mathematics being moderate. The analysis of previous year by Allen Kota is given in the image below.

JEE Main 2019: Student Analysis 

  • As per the reaction of students, Mathematics was the toughest of all.
  • The JEE Main examination was not lengthy as told by the students.
  • There were direct questions from NCERT. 
  • Physics was moderately difficult but lengthy.
  • Previous year questions were also there in today’s exam.
  • Overall questions in JEE Main exam was more from class 11th compared to class 12th.
  • Students are saying that expected cutoff will be varying between 80-90.
  • If we compare the level of paper as per CBSE and NTA then the paper conducted by NTA was tough.






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JEE Main 2019 : Exam Analysis for Paper 1 & Paper 2

Candidates can check here JEE Main Paper Analysis for Paper 1 and Paper 2 held on January 08, 2019. The analysis of examination helps in estimating in understanding how NTA is preparing the question paper of the exam.

The shift 1 for JEE Main 2019 has ended at 12:30 PM and the shift 2 has been started from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Also, use the analysis of JEE Main 2019 to know how well you performed in the exam.

Around 11 lakh candidates are appearing for JEE Main 2019 Paper 1 and 2.

JEE Main Exam Analysis for Paper 1

The paper 1 of JEE Main 2019 is conducted for candidates who are aspiring for B.Tech programmes. The paper is conducted in two shifts that are from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

JEE Main Paper 1: Analysis for Physics 

There are a total of 30 questions in the physics that carry a total of 120 marks. The question in the section is from class 11th and 12th syllabus only. Candidates as per their preparation will analyze the section and as per the average answers by candidates, we will provide the difficulty level of the section here. As per last year, the physics section was not difficult, many coaching centers claimed it to be the easiest section of all three.

JEE Main Paper 1: Analysis for Chemistry

Chemistry is always said to be one of the difficult sections in JEE Main. As per last year, it was the most difficult section. There are a total of 30 questions in the section with a total of 120 marks. Although the questions are from the syllabus, it is somewhat tricky and therefore candidates find it difficult. The paper this year is also analyzed as per the reaction of candidates who will be taking the paper.

JEE Main Paper 1: Analysis for Mathematics

The questions in mathematics are also from 11th and 12th class syllabus only. As per candidates and coaching centers the mathematics section, the last year was moderate and not very difficult. The question paper will have a total number of 30 questions from mathematics with a total of 120 marks

JEE Main Exam Analysis for Paper 2

The exam for JEE Main 2019 started from 02:30 PM for Shift 2, The candidates were allowed entry inside the exam center only before 01:30 PM only.

The toughest section in Shift 2 is Mathematics as per many students. The students who solved sample papers and previosu year question paper would have scored good marks in JEE Main 2019 Paper 2.

The overall difficulty level of the exam was Moderate.

There was three number of questions in the Drawing sections in JEE Main 2019 Shift 2.

The Aptitude Section for JEE Main 2019 Paper 2 was Easy.

JEE Main Paper 2: Analysis for Drawing

The drawing section has two questions carrying 70 marks of the paper. As per candidates the drawing section was quite easy and had a total of 3 questions. The very first question of the section had 3 part and candidates had to attempt any one of them:

  • The first option was to design the curtain of a small girl’s room, the second option was to sketch your favourite film actor and the third option was to sketch the scene of people sitting around a bonfire the marks for this question was 30.
  • In the second question was for 20 marks in which a square design was given and students had to draw the same by drawing the replica to double its size.
  • The last question was to draw a square with random designs using curved lines and colour, this question was for 20 marks.

JEE Main Paper 2: Analysis for Mathematics 

The section was reportedly moderate in nature as per the candidates, there were some questions from last years’ question papers. Questions from Class 11th covered 60% of the Mathematics section whereas only 40% of questions were as per Class 12th.

JEE Main Paper 2: Analysis for Aptitude Test

The Aptitude test that has a total number of 50 questions comprising of 200 marks. The questions were easy for candidates. General Aptitude section threw no major surprises and was easy, and so was Aptitude section. 






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JEE Main 2019 Preparation Tips by Toppers

The tips from some of the past rankers are given below that will definitely help JEE aspirants in the preparation and also give them motivation and inspiration.

1. Work Hard and be Stress – Free

He believes that to be successful in JEE, you have to work hard and you have to be stress- free during the preparation. This ensures greater probability of clearing the JEE with a top score. The key elements for his success are hard work, confidence and preparation without any pressure. He is one of those brilliant minds, who decided to be an engineer in his childhood. Since beginning he is a computer enthusiast and gamer and hence recognised the love for computers very early - Devansh Garg - AIR 19 - 2017

 2. Make a time table and distribute it equally to all subjects

He had a clear- cut strategy for JEE preparation and it is the focused preparation that led him to get into top 50 rankers in JEE Advanced. He advises all the candidates to make a proper time table with equal distribution to all the subjects. A sensible and organized plan is the way to success. Coming from the IIT Kharagpur zone, he is among the very few of the top 100 rankers in JEE Advanced - Debaditya Paramanik - AIR 38 - 2017

 3. Concentration Hard During the Subject Preparation

He tells JEE aspirants that they must concentrate hard on the subjects they study. You should not count the number of hours you studied but count the number of hours during which you studied with full concentration. Being the child of a teacher, he was studious since his childhood and idolised his father, who motivated him to succeed in JEE Main and Advanced. He enjoys his studies and it is his desire to succeed that helped him get a top score in the JEE - Suraj Yadav - AIR 5 - 2017

 4. Teachers are the Real Guides

He was a bright student from the beginning and has proved his brilliance in the JEE Advanced Exam by bagging the topmost rank in 2017. He says that two years are enough if you prepare with dedication and three years is good if you want to score the best. He tells to follow the teachers blindly as they are the real guides and mentors - Sarvesh Mehtani - AIR 1 - 2017

 5. Analyse and Work on Weak Areas

He started his preparation only in class 11 and devoted 5 hours to JEE preparation initially. He tells JEE aspirants to improve by analysing and working on weak areas. According to him the students should never concentrate on marks and ranks but only on the preparation. The marks and ranks follow according to the preparation. He came to know about that JEE Advanced is the toughest engineering exams in the country and hence wanted to test his abilities - Sourav Yadav - AIR 6 - 2017

 6. Only Knowledge will help in Future

Being the girls’ topper in 2017, she is hoping to motivate other girl students to take up engineering and prove their abilities. Her advice to the future JEE aspirants is to clear the basic concepts and remain calm during the JEE preparation. She tells that ranks are merely a number and it is only the knowledge you gain during the JEE preparation that will help in the future - Ramya Narayanaswamy - AIR 35 - 2017

 7. Underline Important Points while Studying

He attributes his success to parental support, strategy of preparation and knowledge exchange among his peers. He engaged in group studies to clarify all his doubts and understand the concepts better He advises JEE aspirants to utilize their time properly and underline and highlight important points while studying. They should always maintain a healthy competition with their peers. He tells students to discuss with their peers to learn numerous problem- solving techniques. This Jaipur boy comes from a middle class family and his main source of motivation was his father, who is an engineer - Aman Bansal - AIR 1 - 2016

 8. Have a Positive Attitude towards the Exam

She is one of the girl toppers in 2016 and has also bagged an AIR among the thousands of students. Being a girl she doesn’t think she is inferior to any of the boys who have cleared the JEE. She tells all the aspirants to have a positive attitude towards the exam and always relax during the preparation. These IIT topper tipsfrom a girl are definitely going to motivate some girl aspirants of JEE. She tells before starting to prepare for JEE, students have to make a time table and follow it regularly - Riya Singh - AIR 133 - 2016

 9. Do Not Study For Longer Hours

Coming from Haryana, Bhavesh has unique mantra to success as he tells that, to achieve success you don’t have to make a long- term plan or follow a fixed routine. His advice to JEE aspirants is to understand the concepts and clear them before taking practice tests. He tells students not to study for long hours as it would lead to stress and fatigue. He tells all the aspirants to understand the theory of a topic and then practice the problems - Bhavesh Dhingra - AIR 2 - 2016

 10. Make a Perfect Study Plan

According to him, you should make a perfect study plan and at least give 4 to 5 hours to all the subjects including Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. He also says to take breaks in between the subjects to avoid any confusion. The important thing for him is relaxation that helps learning in a significant manner. Being from a modest family, the success journey of Mital was a tough one. - Sharvik Mital - AIR 29 - 2016

 11. Plan to Complete the Syllabus on Time

It is very important to know IIT Toppers Study Planso that the JEE aspirants can get motivation from them. Krishna Reddy shares his tips for the students and tells about his study plan. He says that students should plan most of the things for JEE preparation as that will give them enough time to complete the syllabus on time and allow them to revise all the topics. - Satti Vamsi Krishna Reddy - AIR 20 - 2016

 12. Do Not Rush to Solve the Paper during the JEE

According to him the road to success is hard to travel and there are numerous students, who get the feeling of quitting in the middle of their preparation. For him, motivation is important for one’s success in IIT JEE. He says that candidates rushes to answer the questions in the JEE exam and he considers it as a wrong practice. He advises candidates to first look at the paper and to make a strategy before starting to solve the questions. He also tells to work hard on all the topics during the JEE preparation. - Ishan Tarunesh - AIR 33 - 2016

 13. Take It Easy and Take a Break Between the Tests

He tells that he never aimed to become a topper but wanted to give his best shot. His advice for future JEE students is to take it easy before the JEE exam and take a break between the tests. He is from a very humble background and belongs to Ahmedabad in Gujarat. His father being a professional, he got all the motivation and inspiration from him. - Bharat Khandelwal - AIR 5 - 2015

14. Follow Better Books for JEE Preparation

He instructs JEE aspirants to be positive and follow the dreams. It is also important for the candidates to follow good books for JEE preparation. He used to follow coaching materials and gave regular mock tests that helped him in solving the questions quicker. Coming from a family where everyone is related to science in some way, he was consistent in scoring good marks in the science subjects. - Anjishnu Bose - AIR 26 - 2015

 15. Start the Preparation Early

She started preparing from class 11 and advises other aspirants to do the same as it gives them enough time to prepare all the topics. It also allows them to revise them before the exam and revising all the topics twice for JEE is important to score high marks. Being the girls’ topper of JEE Advanced 2015, she has inspired numerous other JEE girl aspirants to appear for JEE and pursue engineering for better career prospects. - Krati Tiwari - AIR 47 - 2015

 16. Take a Lot of Mock Tests and Increase Confidence

He had worked very hard to be at the top and one of the main topper tips for IIT JEE aspirants is to work on the weak areas and focus on strengthening the stronger areas. He tells the candidates to take lot of mock tests to increase confidence. He also tells to enjoy studying and follow the points given by teachers. Both his parents are doctors in Madhya Pradesh and this has motivated him to take science and do engineering in IIT. - Satvat Jagwani - AIR 1 - 2015

 17. Be Confident During the JEE Preparation

He tells candidates to be confident during the JEE preparation and take help from good books along with the NCERT books. They play a vital role in the preparation and hence it is important to choose the right books but never buy multiple useless books as they will only lead to confusion. He belongs to Nellore and has worked hard from the beginning to be at the top in JEE. His father, a professor in the college, has helped him a lot in the JEE preparation. - Kamana Nagendra Reddy - AIR 4 - 2015

 18. Be Curious To Explore The Facts

The right strategy that worked for him is he never ignored the silly mistakes that he did during the practice tests. He asks JEE aspirants to be calm and stress- free before the exam that will help them to perform well in the exam. He always tells everyone to be curious to explore the facts and fundamentals of all the topics. The 2014 IIT JEE toppers advice for all the candidates is to revise the topics on the same that are taught in the coaching class. - Chitarang Murdia - AIR 1 - 2014

19. Be Self – Disciplined to Accomplish the Success

He was self- disciplined and hardworking since his childhood and it is his faith that helped him to get AIR 6 in 2014 JEE Advanced. He advises other JEE aspirants to have competition with them and outperform every time they take the practice tests. He also tells that there is no shortcut to success and you have to be self- disciplined to accomplish the dream of studying in an IIT. - Shubham Goel - AIR 6 - 2014

20. Regularly Practice and Learn from the Mistakes

He is a very open and extrovert person and he had not changed even a bit for JEE preparation. It is his attitude that has helped him to get into top 100 of JEE Advanced. He advises all the candidates to stick to the syllabus of JEE and pay attention to what the teachers say. You have to regularly practice the problems and learn from the mistakes you commit during the problem- solving. Unlike other successful candidates, he is strongly against staying up at night two months before the JEE. - Saideep Reddy - AIR 91 - 2014

21. Concentrate on the Basic Concepts

With AIR 14 in JEE Main, he outscored himself in the JEE Advanced and bagged 2nd rank in the JEE Advanced in 2014. He attributes his success to regular study hours and guidance and support from his teachers. He tells that most of the questions are average and can be easily solved so candidates have to concentrate on the basics. They also have to make a study plan to complete the syllabus on time. -  Sai Chetan Chinthakindi - AIR 2 - 2014

There are numerous IIT toppers success stories that can inspire upcoming JEE aspirants to perform well in the exam. The above mentioned are some of the topper tips for IIT JEE preparation that will not only give you an idea of preparing for JEE but also motivate you to bag a top rank in the JEE Advanced.






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WBJEE (2007 - 2018) Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

WBJEE (2007 - 2018 ) Question Papers for Physics, Chemistry & Maths are given here.

Candidate preparing for WBJEE examination can refer to these question papers to get an idea of the question paper pattern in the entrance examination. 

Previous year question papers of WBJEE exam are very helpful to understand the pattern of exam and difficulty level of the questions.

We have hosted the previous year papers for all the candidates which can be downloaded and solved.

Year Download Previous Year Question Paper
2018 Mathematics Physics & Chemistry
2017 Mathematics Physics & Chemistry
2016 Mathematics Physics & Chemistry
2015 Mathematics Physics & Chemistry
2014 Mathematics Physics   I  Chemistry
2013 Mathematics Physics   I  Chemistry
2012 Mathematics Physics & Chemistry
2011 Mathematics Descriptive Physics & Chemistry
2010 Mathematics MCQ Physics & Chemistry MCQ  I  Physics & Chemistry Discriptive
2009 Mathematics Physics  & Chemistry 
2008 Mathematics Physics  & Chemistry 
2007 Mathematics Physics   & Chemistry 






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JEE Main 2019 Admit Card : Released

The JEE Main 2019 Admit Card/Hall Ticket is being released today, December 17, 2018.

The JEE Main Admit Card 2019 is releasing at and also at To download the JEE Main 2019 Hall Ticket/Admit Card candidates have to log in using their Application Number and Password. 

National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting JEE Main 2019 Jan exam between January 06 to 20, 2019. The examination will be held in online mode, in multiple slots, across 261 cities.

Events January April
Release of Admit Card 17 Dec 2018 18 Mar 2019
Exam Date 6 – 20 Jan 2019 06 to 20 Apr 2019

Download JEE Main 2019 Admit Card - Click Here






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WBJEE 2019 Registration & Exam Date : Announced

The West Bengal Joint Examination Board (WBJEEB) has announced the Registration & exam date for WBJEE 2019 which s the Common Entrance Examination in offline mode (OMR based examination).

The application form for WBJEE 2019 is going to start from December 26, 2018. The last date to submit the WBJEE 2019 Online Application is January 22, 2019.

The entrance examination is going to be held on May 19, 2019, for Paper 1 (Mathematics) and Paper 2 (Physics and Chemistry). Interested aspirants can apply for WBJEE 2019 from December 26, 2018.

Schedule for the WBJEE 2019

Event Dates
Online Registration starts from 26 Dec 2018
Last date for filling up the form 22 Jan 2019
The last date for downloading confirmation page 23 – 25 Jan, 2019
Availability of downloadable Admit Card 07 May 2019
Date of examination 19 May 2019
The date for publication of result 25 Jun 2019

WBJEE 2019 : Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • The lower age limit is 17 (seventeen) years as on December 31, 2019.
  • A candidate should have been born on or before December 31, 2002. There is no upper age limit in appearing in the WBJEE-2019.
  • However, for admission to the degree level Marine Engineering Course The lower age limit is 17 (seventeen) years as on December 31, 2019, and the upper age limit is 25 Years as on December 31, 2019.

WBJEE 2019 : Exam Pattern

Questions will be based on the Syllabus for WBJEE-2019 as per the brochure. In every subject, all the questions will be of Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) type, with four options against each question. There will be three categories of questions in each of the subjects. The number of questions, as well as maximum marks for each, will be provided.

WBJEE 2019 Application Fee

To submit the WBJEE 2019 Application Form, the aspirants need to pay an amount of Rs. 500 + Bank charges applicable. The aspirants can pay the given amount of the Application Fee by either of the following ways:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking

If the payment done by the candidates is completed, a message “OK” will automatically appear on the screen if the payment is successful. However, in case if it gets delayed due to some reason, it is advised that they should make the payment again.

NOTE: The application fee to be paid by the candidate is non-refundable.


Download WBJEE 2019 Syllabus - Click Here

Download WBJEE Information Brochure - Click Here

WBJEE Official Website - Click Here




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