Is NEET a Tough Exam?

Yes! NEET exam (The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is tough or hard enough to put your motivation down. Over millions of candidates appear for this medical test each year and due to the higher number of participants it becomes a bit difficult. 

However, you don’t need to leave the preparation knowing about the difficulty level of the NEET exam. Because there are several students who top in this medical entrance exam every year. So, why can't you?

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Such students are not born with super powers, but they are motivated and passionate with their dream to become a doctor. 

Therefore, they burn candles day and night to score higher marks in the NEET Exam.

So, if you question yourself or anyone: Is NEET A Tough Exam?, you will get the same answer that is Yes. Now, what you have to do after knowing this is, to motivate yourself and kick start your NEET Exam preparation with full power and energy.

Here’s How To Cope Up With NEET Exam Difficulty Levels?

To deal with the difficulty level of the NEET exam, a student should start focusing on their preparation instead of concentrating on how difficult the NEET Exam is.

In order to help you cope up with the difficulty levels, here are some key points you can consider.

  • Focus on NCERT Study Materials

Very often the NTA (National Testing Agency), NEET Exam conducting body asks the questions directly from the NCERT Textbooks. Hence, you need to cover the class 11th & 12th NCERT Books if you want to ace the NEET entrance test.

  • Practice Derivations, Chemical Equations, and Numerical Problems

The NEET Exam comprises the Derivations, Chemical Equations, and Numerical Problems so you need to practice them from each subject: Biology, Chemistry, & Physics.

Many students find the Physics Numerical questions a bit challenging but with lots of practice they can deal with the difficult questions with ease.

  • Try to Fill the Time Gap

Generally, the NEET test is conducted within the two months after the board exams so, the less time gap between board exams and NEET exam, makes it a bit difficult for the students.

Also, the NEET Syllabus is vast and students are required to cover the whole syllabus. Therefore, it is important for the students to study smart and Fill the Time Gap by working hard in their 11th and 12th.

  • Pay Attention in Last Minute Preparation

In case you missed some topics to study before the exam then don’t try to start reading them a few days before your NEET exam. Instead, I will suggest that you focus on the NEET Study Material For Crash Course. It will help you to cover the whole NEET Syllabus in last minute preparation.

  • Boost Self-Confidence By Solving Mock Tests & PYP

A great saying is “Most of life's battles are won or lost in the mind first” therefore for NEET aspirants it is important to be self-confident. 

To boost self-confidence so that your mind can be ready to crack the NEET exam, you must solve NEET Previous Year Question Paper & Mock Test. 

Bonus Tips to Make Your NEET Exam Preparation Easier

  1. Pay attention to weaker topics you think of

  2. Be regular to your study

  3. Use some Good Quality Study Materials

  4. Go through the analysis of each year’s question papers

  5. Follow a time table but make sure you don’t clutter them with lots of work in a single day

  6. Meditation, Proper sleep and a healthy and balanced diet is a must during the NEET Exam preparation.


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