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NSO Study Materials For Class 9th which is most important for the preparation of olympiad examinations of NSO. Basically, the NSO stands for National Science Olympiad. This is a scholarship program that is committed to promoting the young and talented youth of India. The olympiad organization itself has prescribed the textbook that has already been prescribed by the education board of each school. Students studying in class 9th can take help of their own academic textbooks to prepare for the examinations. However, for having some extra information and getting extra questions to practice. We are at helping such students by providing a textbook like that.

NSO Syllabus Class 9

NSO Syllabus Class 9 is exactly a syllabus in which students are already comfortable such as CBSE, ICSE, and any state board syllabus. The foundation has tried to examine the level of intelligence of the class 9th students according to their own level of examinations. That is why the NSO Class 9th Books are prescribed the same academic textbooks with which students are already familiar. Preparing for such scholarship programs candidates should not worry about any extraordinary syllabus. All the study materials that are required for the preparation of examinations are already present in your own school bag or house. But here the books that we are providing are a bit special because of the availability of some important information and other practice sets.

NSO Books with Notes for Class 9

To qualify for the NSO test candidates must be updated with their knowledge. The examination is dedicated to examining the student’s Mental, Critical, creative, and analytical thinking. Therefore, students have to keep revising and practicing the questions that are read by themselves or have been taught by their teachers. The Class 9 NSO Books for revision which we are giving here has such a great impact on the learning process of students. It is so because there are some spatial features of the book that can make a certain difference in the preparation of the journey for the science olympiad. Features of the notes are as follows

  • There is a graphical, illustrative, and tabular presentation of the concepts to make a better understanding to the students.
  • Every single topic is separated in a very precise manner.
  • The lists of formulae are given for ease of navigation.
  • Very short but to the point notes or explanations are given in the books’ note.

NSO Class 9th Exam Structure

The NSO Class 9th Exam Structure is very straightforward. There are two different levels of examinations. Hence, as usual, students have to clear their first level of examinations then they will be eligible for the level 2 examinations. Both levels of examinations have some features which have been described below give them a look

Level 1: 

Level 1 examination takes place between December month to February month. Though we are listing some features of level 1 below to make the students aware of the test

  • The level examinations will be conducted between the school hour time. During the pandemic, students’ tests are organized with the help of the Internet. Meaning students will be allowed to participate in the examination from their residency.
  • The examination is based upon the Objective type questions. Thus, students have to prepare for the examinations by keeping in mind the speed and accuracy so they can easily excel in the test.
  • The medium of the test is English and class 9th will have a separate question paper.
  • The test will blindly follow the CBSE, ICSE, and state board syllabus. 

Level 2:

In the level 2 examination, only those students can participate who have cleared their first round. There are some criteria for level 2 examination which are as follows 

  • At this level, only the top 5% of class-wise candidates will be eligible from level 1.
  • Class Wise and Zone wise candidates with the top 25 rank holders from level 1 will be eligible for the level 2 exam.

NSO Awards for Class 9

There are different levels for the award distributions. Such levels are District, Zonal and international levels. At all these levels students from class 9th and class, their respective schools will be awarded as per their students’ performances. Cash prizes, Medal and certificates will be given to the qualified candidates.

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