NSO Class 7 Mock Test, Practice Test, Notes

NSO syllabus, books, mock tests, practise tests, notes are very essential to start the preparation of the olympiad. Students studying in the class 7th are welcomed to take part in the National Science Olympiad. As it is very well known that this test is an international test. Thus class 7th students will have to be very strong at the base of knowledge and it is very easy to do by using the right study materials for the preparation. Study Materials include the NSO Books, NSO Revision Notes,  NSO Mock Tests,NSO Practise Tests and so on. We are Providing the complete Olympiad Study Materials For NSO for free of cost. Students can download them from the following links provided on this website.


The Science Olympiad Foundation organises the National Science Olympiad test every year. Class 1st to 12th students are allowed to take part in the test at a worldwide level. The examination is conducted on the International Level and Zonal Level. The purpose of this test is basically to promote the education of science and technology among the students. The SOF has the mission to find out the technology and science prodigy around the globe so that they can make the future more reliable and useful in the term of science and scientific research. Qualified Students get rewarded with Cash, Certificate, Medals etc.

Download Free Study Materials for NSO - Class 7

Basically, it is a test based on a science subject hence students have to study the science subject, particularly with higher attention. Though, we are providing all the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Subjects related materials below such as the link of NSO Class 7th Physics Notes, chemistry, and Biology.

NSO Maths Revision Notes

NSO Maths revision Notes are available here for free download. Class 7th students can freely download the notes from the links given below. The maths revision notes that we are providing here are the most precise and easy to comprehend. Chapter-wise notes are listed here. Browse them and use them to do your best preparation.

NSO Class 7th Books

NSO Class 7th Books are provided here. Studying the book helps students to understand the concepts a bit in-depth and they get the appropriate information. SOF prepares the questions papers by using the NCERT textbooks that have been prescribed into your class 7th. So there is no need to download them separately. Your class 7th book is adequate to prepare for the olympiad test. But students can download the NCERT Books for Class 7th from this website. If they don’t have the books yet or they want to keep a PDF file of the books.

NSO Class 7th Physics Notes

NSO Physics questions are generally a bit advanced as students know that this is an international test to examine the student’s logical and analytical knowledge. Hence it is suggested to the students to give their attention to every single subject equally. We have provided the Physics revision notes chapter-wise. Download links are provided here, download them and give your 100% effort into the preparation process.

NSO Class 7th Chemistry Notes

NSO Class 7th Chemistry Notes are available here to download for free. These Chemistry revision notes are prepared by the subject matter experts who have given the NSO test and got qualified. These provided notes are very clear and beautifully arranged by the subject wise. Every single study material is free here and there is no need to pay any money.

NSO Class 7th Biology Notes

Biology Revision notes for class 7th consists of the chapters that are already part of the class 7 syllabus such as Cell, Microorganism, Crop Production, and Management, etc. The revision notes of this subject are very convenient for the students to comprehend and the bold and organised representations of the content are very helpful to the class 7th students to do the extensive and best preparation for their NSO - SOF exam.

NSO Class 7th Mock Test- 

NSO (National Science Olympiad) Class 7th Mock Test is basically the practice papers for the whole syllabus which have been provided on our website so that students can prepare well. Six NSO Class 7th Mock Tests are available on our website, normally the student practices for the Mock Test after completing his or her syllabus. 


NSO Class 7th Practice Test-

NSO (National Science Olympiad) Class 7th Practice Test is provided for every chapter for the subject physics, chemistry and biology. After completing every chapter a student can attempt  NSO Class 7th Practice Test for his or her revision as NSO Class 7th Practice Tests are provided on our website. 


NSO Class 7th Previous Year Papers-

After going through NSO (National Science Olympiad) Class 7th Previous Year Papers, one can get the idea for exam pattern, marking scheme of the Olympiad exam. Through NSO Class 7th Olympiad one can get an idea of which topic is important to study.  We are providing 2017-18 previous year papers on our website. 


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