JEE Main 2019: Exam Analysis For Paper 2 (7 April - 2nd Shift)

JEE Main 2019: Exam Analysis For Paper 2 (Shift 2)

Shift 2 of JEE Main 2019 Paper 2, on April 7, has ended.

You can now check JEE Main 2019 Exam Analysis by students and experts from this page.

Paper 2 was easier in comparison to Jan exam. Know which was the easiest and most difficult section in the exam.

The questions for drawing test are also out now. Know details about JEE Main 2019.

The test had three sections that are Mathematics, General Aptitude and Drawing sections.

JEE Main 2019 Paper 2 is for admission in B.Arch / B.Plan courses in the NITs, CFTIs, IIITs, etc. All together the paper 2 for JEE Main was moderated.

Part 1 – Mathematics

Similar to the first shift candidates reported the mathematics section of the 2nd shift was difficult to moderate. Mathematics section had most of the questions from Differential calculus and Geometry. Despite the mathematics section, everything was good said a student. Examination as per candidates was better than the January session of JEE Main 2019.

  • Integration of 5x^4/1e^-x limit -3 to 3
  • More weightage was given to Class 11th CBSE than 12th CBSE.

Part 2- General Aptitude

The section was easy as per students. Some of thee questions from this section are given below that were asked in the paper today.

  • From which direction, there is maximum shadow-less light?
  • Where are Ajanta Ellora Caves located?
  • Name the two architects who designed Chandigarh City?
  • The 42 in Kolkata is being built by?
  • Name Happy colours?
  • Who designed Madhya Pradesh Assembly Hall?

Part 3 – Drawing skills 

In the drawing section, there were a total of three questions. This section was the most time talking and had questions that are given below:

  • Make a photo frame using a Cube or Cylinder and give in an aesthetic look.
  • Also, the students had to replicate the given image of a dancing lady.
  • The third question in the drawing section had three parts:
  1. A restaurant scene
  2. A bedsheet for a girl’s room
  3. Imagine a freedom fighter and sketch it

Student Reaction:

  • There was one question from Arithmatic Geomteric Progression (AGP).
  • Some students commented that the questions from Aptitude section were easy, however, GK questions from tricky.
  • In the Mathematics section, more weightage was given for Class 12th.
  • Differential, Calculus and Geometry covered major part in the Maths section.
  • Mathematics was difficult as per some candidates
  • In the drawing section, one question was divided into three parts.





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