JEE Main Exam Analysis: 1st Shift - 9th Jan 2020

The first shift of Day 3 (last day), JEE Main (Jan) 2020 is over. Just like Day 1 and Day 2 analysis, we are going to provide you detailed analysis of 8th Jan Morning shift through this article. 

Starting with the overall difficulty level of the paper, NTA has so far managed to keep the same difficulty level across all shifts. Below is the major highlights of the exam along with section wise paper analysis and exam review of JEE Main 9th January 2020 exam.

JEE Main Paper Analysis 9th Jan 2020: Important Highlights

  • In today's exam, the overall level of the exam was again Easy to moderate.
  • The exam was more or less of the same level as day 1 and day 2
  • Chemistry questions were easy, while other two sections were of moderate level.
  • Students of this shift found Physics more difficult than Mathematics section

JEE Main 9th Jan 2020: Overall Difficulty Level






Moderate and lengthy

Overall Paper Analysis of JEE Main 9th Jan 2020 

As per the students feedback, overall level of the paper was again easy to moderate.

  • Chemistry was again a cake walk for students, majority of questions were easy and NCERT based, strong hold over Inorganic Chemistry will give students certain edge over others.
  • Physics and Maths section was more or less same as yesterday, moderate level. Mathematics section was found to be lengthy by various students. Numerical Answer Type questions again didn't cause much of a problem to students. 50-60 attempts can said to be good number of attempts for this shift.

JEE Main 9th Jan 2020 Physics Analysis

Physics section was of moderate level again. Problem solving ability of students were checked, 11th and 12th carried weightage. Number of good attempts for this section is 14-17


No. of Questions



Electrostatic & Magnetism 


Current Electricity & EMI


Heat & Thermodynamics


Optics & Modern Physics


JEE Main 9th Jan 2020 Chemistry Analysis

Chemistry section was again a scoring one. Chapters like GOC and coordination compounds were predominant. Majority of the questions were NCERT based like other 2 days. Number of good attempts for this section is 17-20


No. of Questions

Organic Chemistry


Inorganic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry


JEE Main 9th Jan 2020 Maths Analysis

Students found this section similar to the other 2 days, lengthy but doable. Number of good attempts for this section is 14-17.


No. of Questions







Coordinate Geometry


In Physics section NATs were asked from mechanics, electrostats etc.

In Chemistry section NATs were asked from topics like solutions, coordination compounds etc

In Mathematics section NATs were asked from Limits, differential equation, integration etc.

JEE MAIN Question ask in 1st shift

Qs.1: (1+x+x2)power 10. Find the coefficient of x4.

Qs.2: A dipole moment is given at the origin and the point is given at R vector. Find the direction of the electric field parallel to that point.

Qs.3: A solid sphere is given from which a small circle of radius r/2 is curved out. Find the electric field at the rest of the point.

Qs.4: [Pd(Cl)(F)(Br)(I)]^2- has n geometrical isomers. Then what is the spin only magnetic moment and Crystal field stabilization energy (CFSE) of [Fe(CN)6]^n-6? (Ignore its pairing



Qs.1: Find the total number of isomers of the given complex Co(en)2BrCl

Qs.2: What is the degree of sweetness of alitame with respect to cane sugar

Qs.3: What is the maximum permissible limit of Pb in water?

Qs.4: Percentage of nitrogen in histamine

Qs.5: Which cannot from oxidation and reduction?

Qs.6: Which of the following doesn't act as oxidizing and reducing agent 1. H2SO3 2.H2O2 3.H3PO4 4.HNO2

Ans : H2O2

Qs.7: Which gives more yield in fridal crafts reaction, ans chloro benzene

Qs.8: The enthauptet of atomisation of Br2(l) is x and enthalpy of atomisation of Br2 is y. Then- 1. x=y 2. No relation exists between x and y 3. x>y 4. Data insufficient

Qs.9: 108 g of Ag is produced by electrolysis of AgCl solution. The same amount of electricity is passed through water. Find volume of O2 liberated at STP.

Qs.10: A reaction which is having activation energy Ea is catalysed at a given temperature T and then its activation energy decreases by 110kj/mol, find the activation energy if K is same for both?


Qs.1: Find the radius of circle given by the eqn X^2+y2=100

Qs.2: Find the distance between two lines given in 3d

Qs.3: There are 20 cards in a bag in which 10 cards are of A category and other 10 of B. Cards are chosen with replacement. Find the probability of that second A card is chosen earlier than third B card?

Qs.4: epower1/4x.epower1/8x.epower1/16x.........

Qs.5: First derivative of a function is inverse of tan( secx+tanx ) then function is

Qs.6: Two equations x²/24 + y²/16= 1, and x²/8 - y²/16 = 1 are given whose eccentricities are e1, e2. Find the equation of line by which these points are satisfied i.e. (e1, e2).