NEET 2021 : Proven Strategies On How To Crack NEET Exam

NEET 2021 : Proven Strategies On How To Crack NEET Exam

In the earlier times, school and college studies were just enough to crack any of the competitive exams but now the time has changed. Today, self-study and NEET preparation go hand in hand. If the hard work of students is important then studying with the right techniques and approach is also equally important. This cut-throat competition has given rise to the need for NEET Coaching classes that pay special attention to the students and prepare them well for exams.

NEET is a national-level examination conducted by NTA. The candidates who want to get admissions in medical courses must qualify for the entrance test. The questions of NEET only come from the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany. There are 180 questions from each subject section that carry 720 marks. The question paper of  NEET are intermediate level based therefore revising 11th and 12th standard Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany books that are following CBSE Syllabus is a must. The NEET Exam also has a negative marking. Every year there are more and more candidates who apply for NEET Exam to pursue a career in medical science.

Before appearing for any competitive exam, the applicants should be aware of the basic details of the examination.

Follow these NEET Exam details that can help aspirants to prepare for the examination:

Educational Qualifications:

Candidates should pass in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English separately. A 50% aggregate in Biology, Physics, and Biology is a must for general category students.

Age Criteria:

For State and All India Quota Seats, the minimum age for aspirants to apply for NEET-UG is 17 years. The upper age limit is 25 years. There are 5 years of relaxation for ST, SC, and OBC.

Subjects and Pattern:

NEET UG Exam is mainly based on 3 subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Zoology. There are a total of 180 MCQs with a time duration of 3 hours. For every correct answer, the candidate gets 4 marks and 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer.

Some of the Important Topics to focus on for NEET 2021 are:

Physics: Optics, Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics

Biology: Genetics, Ecology & Environment, Cell Biology, Morphology, Basics of Biotechnology, Reproduction, Physiology of Animals & Plants

Chemistry: General Organic Chemistry, Mole Concept, Periodic Table, Coordination Chemistry, Chemical Bonding

If you are targeting the upcoming medical tests, go through these tips to crack NEET 2021:

1. Be familiar with the Syllabus

The NEET syllabus is vast and you need to know the exact location to bring out the best output. Make sure to cut down on the extra information and mainly focus on important topics. The NEET Exam covers the NCERT Syllabus as well. It would be very beneficial if there are common chapters as you will not need to prepare them separately. This will give you enough time to concentrate on parts that are not covered.

2. High-Quality Study Material

Selecting the right study material for NEET exam preparation is a little confusing. But, with the help of teachers and online expert assistance you can choose the right one. You can contact and coordinate with students who already appeared in the NEET exam and see which book they referred to. Also, go through the interviews of various candidates who appeared in the NEET Exam and try to get an idea about their preparation style. You should prepare study notes for NEET, solve previous year's question papers and take mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

3. Create a Realistic Timetable

Following a fixed timetable helps you to stay focused on your goal during your preparation for NEET 2021.  Also, since you will have to finish 2 years syllabus, having a well-structured timetable will help you to organize your NEET Preparation. Make sure to follow your timetable strictly. But also make sure to be open towards modifying it with time. Follow some of the best ways to prepare for NEET:

  • Get a calendar and a diary
  • Set your priorities
  • Set out long study hours
  • Take care of your health
  • Don’t sleep during study time
  • Get enough sleep

4. Prepare Notes While Learning

This is one of the best ways to improvise memory skills. In order to know how to crack NEET, scribe minor point-by-point notes on a diary and then revise it later. Whatever notes it may be, always try to write it clearly. It will also help during your revision period. You can revise things very easily.

5. Revise Regularly

Make sure to revise on a regular basis even if you have mastered a particular topic, concept, chapter, or subject. Revision is very crucial for your NEET Preparation. You can prepare for NEET 2021 on platforms like Aakash that helps you to find and manage study materials and NEET notes easily.

  • While revising make sure to put emphasis on important and weak areas
  • Revise the formulas and their derivations
  • Go through important reactions, equations, and mechanisms

6. Maintain a Healthy Diet

The candidate should be strong while facing the examination. The Aspirants must follow a healthy diet to get physical and mental fitness. Eat iron-containing foods and foods containing vitamin B to help boost your brain by providing the nutrients it needs.

7. Regular study breaks is a Must

We are humans and not machines, thus we require timely rest in order to get back to work efficiently. Hence, it is important to realize that one cannot maintain an optimum level of concentration without taking an optimum break to recover. Experts say that the human mind stays concentrated for a particular time. The long-time preparation will give stress to the mind and reduce the level of concentration. The students take a regular break to refresh their minds. Breaks can be in the form of a ten-minute walk, a trip to the gym, having a chat with friends, or simply taking a small nap.

8.  Do Proper Exercise

The main point is to reduce stress if doing regular exercise. The students reduce their stress by doing the regular walk, swim, run, etc to reduce their mind by releasing the natural feel-good chemicals. This will help you to be happier and more productive. Avoid junk and oily foods and switch to healthy diet plans. Do meditation and yoga exercises for better concentration.

9. Practice Mock Tests

All the candidates who are appearing in the NEET Exam need to finish 180 questions in about 180 minutes. This means that they can give a maximum of 1 minute per question. Time management is the main aspect required for the exam. So keep it in your mind as a time limit and practice test papers regularly to maintain time management.

10. Having a Positive Attitude is what really matters

Your attitude is what decides the effectiveness of your learning process. If you possess a negative attitude and keep saying that you can’t do it, then it would not help you in learning. A negative approach will make things difficult. The moment you start thinking positively, your brain will show better creativity. The right mindset will also make you feel less anxious and more open to new ideas.

Apart from all the preparation tips and strategies, aspirants still make some mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that candidates should avoid during their NEET Preparation:

Not Following The Time Table: Candidates should make sure that they are strictly following the timetable that they have prepared for the exam.

Hectic Schedule: Candidates should not study for a long period of time as it can make them feel exhausted.

Do Not Ignore NCERT: 70% of the questions come from NCERT Textbooks, so students should make sure that they are through with the NCERT books.

Following Too Many Books: Aspirants must avoid studying from too many books at a time as they can get confused and mess up their preparation for NEET.

Ignoring Subjects: When it comes to competitive exams like NEET, aspirants should ensure that not even a single topic from the syllabus is left out.

Good Luck!


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