JEE Mains Chemistry 2022 : 20 Years Chapterwise, Topicwise Solved Papers

JEE Mains Chemistry 2022 : 20 Years Chapterwise, Topicwise Solved Papers

JEE Mains Chemistry 2022 : 20 Years Chapterwise, Topicwise Solved Papers

From here you can download 20 Years Chapter-wise Topic Wise JEE Main Solved Paper Latest Edition 2022 for Chemistry PDF for free and best quality. JEE Advanced exam is one of the most important exams through which you can get admission in NITs and other engineering colleges as well. As per the new pattern released by NTA, this exam consists of both MCQ type and integer type questions.

JEE Main & Advanced Study Material

JEE Main & Advanced Study Material
JEE Main Full Study Material 2022 JEE Main Mock Test
JEE Main Previous Year Question Paper JEE Main DPP

Because only a few days are left for JEE Main 2022, which is going to help you. So we have uploaded 20 Years JEE Main Solved Papers in 2022.

Chapters  Download 
1. Some Basic Concepts In Chemistry  Click Here
2. States of Matter Click Here
3. Atomic Structure Click Here
4. Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure Click Here
5. Chemical Thermodynamics Click Here
6. Solutions Click Here
7. Chemical Equilibrium Click Here
8. Ionic Equilibrium Click Here
9. Redox Reactions Click Here
10. Electrochemistry Click Here
11. Chemical Kinetics Click Here
12. Surface Chemistry Click Here
13. Classification of Elements And Periodicity In Properties Click Here
14. General Principles And Processes of Isolation of Metals Click Here
15. Hydrogen Click Here
16. S-Block Elements Click Here
17. P-Block Elements Click Here
18. D And F-Block Elements Click Here
19. Coordination Compounds Click Here
20. Environmental Chemistry Click Here
21. Purification And Characterisation of Organic Compounds Click Here
22. Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry Click Here
23. Hydrocarbons Click Here
24. Organic Compounds Containing Halogens Click Here
25. Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen Click Here
26. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen Click Here
27. Polymers Click Here
28. Biomolecules Click Here
29. Chemistry In Everyday Life Click Here
30. Principles Related To Practical Chemistry Click Here

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