JEE Main Exam 2021 : 1st Shift Exam Analysis & Memory Based Question 24th Feb 2021

Students who have appeared in the first shift of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains 2021) for admission to BE, BTech program found Mathematics and Chemistry moderately difficult, and Physics easiest amongst the three subjects. Following is the link For memory based questions With Solutions:

Feb-24 Shift-1 Questions

The questions asked in the examination covered almost all chapters of Classes 11 and 12, however, weightage was given to Class 12 chapters in Maths and Chemistry, according to Ramesh Batlish, a FIITJEE expert.

Mathematics was easy to moderate level. The questions were asked from Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Algebra, Vector, and 3D Geometry. Few numerical-based questions required lengthy calculations and the weightage was given to Calculus.

Physics was comparatively easy. Most of the questions were asked from Kinematics, Optics, Electrostatics, Magnetism, Current Electricity, EM waves, Heat, and Thermodynamics. Few numerical-based questions had lengthy calculations but were easy. Theory-based questions from Class 12 chapters of NCERT were asked.

The chemistry was moderate. Maximum questions covered chapters such as Chemical bonding, Coordination compounds. Heat and Thermodynamics had more weightage. Inorganic Chemistry had mostly questions from NCERT books.

According to Ajay Sharma, National Academic Director (Engineering), Aakash Educational Services Ltd. (AESL), “Overall the paper was Moderate to Easy and balanced. Almost all topics were covered in each subject, and students were able to complete the paper in the given time. If we compare the difficulty level, we can say Maths >Chemistry >Physics.”

JEE Main 2021 Students Reaction & Reviews Paper 1 (BE/BTech)

February 24, 2021 (Morning Session)

Satyam, who appeared for Paper 1 of JEE Main 2021 says that the paper was of moderate difficulty. Mathematics was the toughest section, while Chemistry was the easiest. The Physics section had more questions on Mechanics. There were more questions from Organic Chemistry in the Chemistry section. In Mathematics, there were more questions from Vectors and 3D.

Tanushree says that the paper was easy and most of the questions were from the 12th standard syllabus. The paper was well balanced. Physics was the toughest while Mathematics was the easiest. There were more questions from Relations and Permutations in the Mathematics section, while in Physics, there were more questions from Momentum and Current Electricity.

Aditya says that the BTech paper was quite moderate. Physics was a bit tougher than other sections. Integration and Matrix were covered more in Mathematics, while in Physics, it was Wave Optics. The Chemistry section was more balanced.

Deepak Yadav also confirms that the paper was of moderate level. In Physics, there were more questions on Gravitation, while in Mathematics it was Sets and Integration. In Chemistry, Inorganic questions were higher in number. The Mathematics section was the toughest.

Hanskumar was quite surprised to find that the paper was easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. Physics had more questions from Thermodynamics, Chemistry was a balanced section. Mathematics had more questions from Vectors. For Hanskumar, Mathematics was the toughest section.

Shivansh Bhardwaj says that the Physics section was quite easy, while Mathematics was moderate to hard. The Chemistry section had more questions from Inorganic. It was a balanced paper. Modern Physics questions were more in number while other sections were balanced.


24 February, 2021, 4:48 pm

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