Uttar Pradesh Class 1st Books - PDF Download 

Uttar Pradesh Class 1st Books are the most essential study material for the students to regulate the study and for doing the daily homework. These books are prepared in a way so that they can give benefits to the class 1st students of UP Board affiliated schools. The professionals and subject matter expert teams are fully responsible for making the textbook according to the prescribed syllabus. There are a few subjects which have to be studied by the students. Such as Maths, English, गिनतारा, etc. These textbooks help class 1st students to learn from the beginning.

Download Class 1st Book Free

Class 1st Books for UP Students are provided here for free of cost. These books can be accessed from this website by class 1st students. However, students in the 1st class are not very comfortable in browsing the internet. So the ideal way will be to download these books by their parents or anyone who is older and has a better understanding of using the internet for browsing things. At selfstudys.com students have two different options: they can either download the textbook subject wise or they can read them online here. We have made these books available for free here. So that students can learn without any worries. For the help of students UP Board Solutions for Class 1st Pdf Download is also made available here. 

UP Board Class 1st Subject List

UP Board Class 1st Subject Lists are as follows गिनतारा, कलरव, सहज अवधी, English, etc. All these textbooks have their individual significance for the students. Each subject helps students to become more knowledgeable in the respective subjects. UP Board Class 1st Textbook has written in well explained and comprehensible languages. Parents and teachers can very easily make students understand these subjects and their content. Also because of a primary level class the authors have tried to make this book more pleasing and fun to study.


Uttar Pradesh Books for class 1st has more graphical presentation rather than text. It is so because 1st class students can easily grasp and memorise the images compared to the written alphabetical words. So every single textbook and their subjects has a bunch of funny and beautiful cartoon images and other relevant images to teach students the subjects by giving them joy. For instance, the maths book also known as गिनतारा in hindi medium has a lot of counting lessons. These lessons include the images of apples and birds to make the maths questions. Each question has their own graphical representation to make them more engaging. 

How should Students Study the Class 1st Books?

Students should study the class 1st books in their own comfortable manner. But it would be ideal if they try to learn every single thing by doing constant revision. As a kid their brains are very receptive to the new information. So solving the similar questions multiple times will be more beneficial to them. Parents and teachers should try to implement the book content in daily life to their kids or students respectively. They should also try to make them habitual for the regular study time.

Features of Class 1st Book?

Features of the Class 1st Book are quite impressive. It is because the makers of these books have given their a lot of effort in making such a useful textbook. So it is very obvious that the textbook will have a few good features. Let’s give them a look below:

  1. The textbooks have very simple language and graphical representation to make them more entertaining.
  2. Also the textbooks are prepared in two different formats. First one is the Physical Hard Copy formats that can be bought from any local stationary. And the second best format is the digital print that is in a PDF file. Which can be downloaded from this website very easily.
  3. Prepared by the experts of subjects so having the higher accuracy is the best feature of this textbook.

Hopefully it was worth reading and using the links here to download the class 1st textbook for UP board students. Download these textbooks subject wise and start the study as soon as possible. Any students can access this website to get their textbook for any class and for any board.

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