Download Class 5 Books 2021-22 

If you are looking for the Class 5 Books 2021-22 then you have reached the right place. Here on this website, we are helping students to download their class 5th UP board textbook for free of cost. These textbooks can be downloaded by visiting the links given here. One good thing about is that you can study the books here in PDF and you can download them offline as well for absolutely free of cost.

UP Board Books Class 5th - PDF

UP Board Books Class 5th in PDF file formats are presented here. These given textbooks have a structured and well-defined piece of information. Having the proper structure and well-distributed topic gives the students and teachers the best framework based on the syllabus to aid in the process of learning. Thus the textbooks are prepared in two different formats one is a hardcopy of the physical book that can be bought from the stationary and the second is PDF (Portable Document Format). We are giving the PDF file of UP Board Books Class 5th to download for free of cost. 

UP Board Class 5th Books Lists

UP Board Class 5th Books Lists are mentioned in this section to help students to understand the subjects that have to study by them in the entire year of class V. UP Board 5th Syllabus 2021 has been used to prepare these subjects and books. The list is mentioned below

  1. गिनतारा
  2. हमारा परिवेश
  3. Rainbow
  4. संस्कृत-पीयूषम्

All these textbooks can be downloaded from this website for free of cost. The links are given here on this page.

Uttar Pradesh Class 5 Books 2021-22

Uttar Pradesh Class 5 Books 2021-22 are a helpful tool for the students. It can be used by any 5th class student who is studying from the Uttar Pradesh affiliated school. These textbooks are the only study material that is common among all the UP Board class 5th. With the help of these textbooks, students can increase their reading & learning skills very easily. Every single topic is well explained in the textbook that helps students to have a better understanding of the concept.

Features of UP Board V Class Textbooks

Features of UP Board Textbooks are presented below in bullet points. Give them a read to understand the significant characteristic of the textbooks that are provided here. Also, there can be more features than the list given below, but the below arrays are good enough to give you a better sneak peek

  • The textbooks have adopted the NCERT Syllabus.
  • The PDF file has good clarity and well-instructed chapters.
  • It is available for free of cost.
  • Specially designed for class 5th students.
  • Beautiful images are given in the textbook to make them more appealing and interesting to study.

FAQ on UP Class 5 Textbooks 

Q1: Where can I get UP Class 5 books for free online?

You can download the UP Class 5 books for free online on

Q2: Can I download the UP Board Class 5th books in a PDF file?

Yes! You can download the UP Board Class 5th books in a PDF file.

Q3: What are the advantages of UP board Class 5th textbooks?

UP Board class 5th has many advantages such as it helps to build reading, writing, analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills for the students.

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