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We are giving the UP Board 8th Class PDF textbook free of cost here. Also, we have included the UP Board Class 8 Solutions for the textbook. Students can download them and do their study and exam preparations. The books are followed by NCERT Syllabus hence it has numerous extra benefits. Extra benefits like the learner from these textbooks will be able to make their foundation base of knowledge much stronger and take part in scholarship and olympiad tests as well. The download links are provided here in a very graceful manner. Thus, it will be very easy to download the books.

Uttar Pradesh Textbooks Subject wise

Uttar Pradesh textbooks subject wise are available on this platform. We have especially distributed them subject wise to help students to get their textbooks without taking so much stress and worry. UP Board class 8 book pdf is one of the best textbooks to learn things conceptually. Each subject has prepared by keeping in mind the age group of students and their understanding level. Every single chapter has a bunch of solved examples and notes that aid in the preparation of the examinations and in the learnings. Also, up board class 8 Maths are considered to be one of the most complex subjects. Therefore, students should understand that it is not tough, they just have to be a little logical and analytical to solve such maths problems. At the time of help in mathematics, students can take help of up board class 8 Maths Solutions to learn things quickly and efficiently.

List of subjects

Class 8th has very limited subjects to study but they are only less in the quantity. The actual information that has been given in those limited textbooks is of top-notch quality. Below is a tabular form that will help students to know the number of prescribed subjects in class 8th


List of NCERT TextBooks for Class 8 PDF format in Hindi 

1. मंजरी

2. गृह शिल्प

3. कृषि विज्ञान

3. Rainbow

5. पृथ्वी और हमारा जीवन

6. महान व्यक्तित्व

7. हमारा इतिहास और नागरिक जीवन

8. संस्कृत पीयूषम्

All the above mentioned Hindi Medium UP Board Class 8th textbooks are available here to download for free. These textbooks are prepared as per the latest syllabus of the Uttar Pradesh Board.

Features of Class 8th Books

Features are just like Character. Hence, in this section students will be able to see some features that have been given to the textbooks while preparing the textbook.

  • The textbook comes in two different formats. The first format is Hardcopy and the second format is PDF which we are providing here.
  • The textbooks are filled with many important and essential information.
  • The use of Simple language makes it stand out from the crowd. Any student can easily understand the words and phrases that have been presented in the book.
  • Interesting Images and graphics are mentioned in the textbooks to make them interactive and enjoyable at the same time.
  • One of the best features of this book is that it has very concise and to-the-point content. Meaning no fuller worlds have been used in the book to increase its pages. 

Best Methods to Study Book

Everyone has their own methods to study a book. However, below is some lists that will help to know the students about the most appropriate way to study a book

  1. The best way would be to read the question first before starting to study the textbooks. 
  2. Read Headings to get most of the ideas of the chapters.
  3. Read each and every single word thoroughly to learn and observe the tiny details of the book

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