NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff

NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff

It is expected that NEET 2018 Cutoff will be higher than NEET 2017 Cutoff. This is because of higher number of test takers; this year there are 16.5% more candidates. However, surprisingly last year also the number of registered candidates was 40% higher than the year before, yet NEET cutoff had lowered instead of rising.

There are several factors that help us to determine NEET 2018 Expected Cut Off and predict chances of qualifying accordingly.

Actual cutoff percentile is already known. Marks corresponding to cutoff percentile will be available with result.Until CBSE announces official cutoffs.

There are many factors that influence NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff. Most important of them are:

  • Exam difficulty level.
  • Number of test takers.
  • Average performance of candidates.
  • Requirement set by CBSE for NEET Cutoff.

NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff

CBSE is conducting National Eligibility cum Entrance Test [NEET (UG) – 2018] on May 6. After the exam, we will publish overall and subject wise analysis for you. Then according to the analysis we will tell you about the NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff.

S.No. Category NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff 
1 UR 135
2 OBC 110
3 SC 110
4 ST 110
5 UR PH 120
6 OBC PH 110
7 SC PH 110
8 ST PH 110

Cutoff percentile [Available]: As you may already be aware, CBSE has fixed the percentile cutoff to qualify NEET 2018. It is 50th percentile for unreserved category candidates, 40th percentile for SC/ST/OBC, 45th percentile for UR-PH, and 40th percentile for SC/ST/OBC-PH.

NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff: Higher or Lower?

Like I said in the beginning, cutoff is most likely to rise since number of candidates who have applied for NEET 2018 is higher.

  • Number of registered candidates for NEET 2018: 13,26,725
  • Number of registered candidates for NEET 2017: 11,38,890

Nevertheless it should also be remembered that the number of registrations in 2017 were also more than that of its previous, yet cutoff had dipped.

NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff: How to calculate NEET Percentile?

The concept of percentile is to show number of candidates that you have performed better than. Its formula is as follows:

Number of candidates who have scored less than you / total number of candidates x 100


Total number of candidates – Your rank / Total number of candidates x 100.

Say for example you have 12223rd rank and there are 13,26,725 students; then your percentile is

1326725-123 / 1326725 x 100 = 99.1 percentile.

NEET 2017 Cutoff

As per the press release of NEET result of the year 2017, cutoff were as follows.

Category Percentile Marks Range Number Of Candidates
UR 50th percentile 697 – 131 543473
OBC 40th percentile 130 – 107 47382
SC 40th percentile 130 – 107 14599
ST 40th percentile 130 – 107 6018
UR PH 45th percentile 130 – 118 67
OBC PH 40th percentile 130 – 107 152
SC PH 40th percentile 130 – 107 38
ST PH 40th percentile 130 – 107 10
Total     611739

In the year 2016, cutoffs were as follows.

NEET 2016 Cutoff

Category Percentile Marks Range Number Of Candidates
UR 50th percentile 685 – 145 171329
OBC 40th percentile 678 – 118 175226
SC 40th percentile 595 – 118 47183
ST 40th percentile 599 – 118 15710
UR PH 45th percentile 474 – 131 437
OBC PH 40th percentile 510 – 118 597
SC PH 40th percentile 415 – 118 143
ST PH 40th percentile 339 – 118 36
Total     409477

NEET 2018 Answer Key

The NEET 2018 Answer Key contains correct answers of all 180 questions asked in exam. answer key is published in PDF format or as a table containing question numbers and their answers.

Candidates can check answer key to check their papers and calculate marks out of 720.

CBSE releases official answer key around ten days before exam. Candidates can challenge it online; one also has to pay Rs 1000 per challenge.

Knowing answers, candidates can calculate marks and compare it with NEET 2018 Expected Cutoff.

If your marks are more than expected cutoff then you have better chances of qualifying.

Even if it is not, do not be overly-concerned as these are only expected and not final figures.






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