Class 7th Science : Foundation & Olympiad Explorer

This book provides all types of questions that a student would be required to tackle at the foundation level. The questions in the exercises are sequenced as Basic Practice, Further Practice, Multiple Answer Questions, Paragraph Questions, Numerical Problems, Conceptual Questions and Brain Nurtures. Simple questions involving a direct application of the concepts are given in Basic Practice.

Chapters Download
1. Measurement Click Here
2. Rest, Motion and Speed Click Here
3. Reflection of Light Click Here
4. Heat Click Here
5. Sound Click Here
6. Static Electricity Click Here
7. Elements, Compounds & Mixtures Click Here
8. Physical & Chemical Changes Click Here
9. Air and its Constituents Click Here
10. Acids, Bases & Salts Click Here
11. Water Click Here
12. Chemistry in your life Click Here
13. Answers Click Here
14. Answers to Crossword Puzzles Click Here


28 May, 2020, 3:26 pm