CBSE 9th Annual Exam 2021 : Check Best 5 Tips To Write Offline Exams Perfectly

CBSE Class 9 students can check here the tips and tricks that will help them write their first-ever offline exam in this COVID-19 affected year. These tips can help you score high in the CBSE Class 9 Annual Exam 2021.

We have put up here a few important tips for CBSE Class 9 students that will help them write their offline exam appropriately and secure the desired marks.

1. Learn by writing down with pen and paper

Do not simply read and mug up the things. Instead, practice by writing down the complex questions in a notebook or sheet. While writing, make sure to pay attention to your speed. In the offline exam, you would need to write subjective answers that may take a lot of time if you had not practiced well before the exam.

2. Solve practice papers and NCERT questions

In the last month before the exam, solve several questions in the form of practice tests. Attempt all the exercise questions given the NCERT Books. You need to be well-versed with all important topics and master confidence over the same with practice and revision. Solving different types of questions will boost your confidence and make you prepared for writing your exam perfectly. 

3. Do what you did in your previous classes' exams

Offline exams are not a new thing for all students. All of you have been taking exams in the same mode in your previous classes. So, do whatever you did at that time. Follow the same rules for last-minute revision. Choose the sequence of questions that suits you the best while writing the exam, i.e., whether you like to attempt the long questions first or the shorter ones. Do all that you did in your previous years' exams for writing a smooth exam and keeping the stress away.

4. Save 10-20 minutes time to revise your answers

Do not forget to keep a margin of 10-20 minutes for reading through the entire answer sheet after finish your paper. This will help you review your answers and eliminate errors (if any). It will also act as a double check if you have missed any question(s). While reading any answer some important points or facts may come to your mind which you may add to that particular answer to make it more informative. Reviewing the paper will boost your confidence in your performance and remove the post-exam anxiety.

5. Do not hesitate to seek support

It is the only way to remove any exam-related stress and anxiety. You have your parents/elders at home and teachers in the school to assist you with all your doubts and problems. Do not miss any opportunity to take away from their experience in handling such tough situations. Discuss your problem with them to remove all your doubts whether they are related to academics or general.

Dear students, we understand your concern that writing the exam offline after reading the course online all through the year is not going to be that simple. It is obvious for you to overthink your expectations and results. But, everyone is adjusting and trying to fit in the new normal. So, you also need to have the courage to face the challenge with full confidence and achieve success in your upcoming CBSE Class 9 Annual Exam 2021.

Good Luck!


20 March, 2021, 3:56 pm

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CBSE 9th Science Annual Exam 2021 : Check Important Tips and Resources For Maximum Marks

This article contains Important Tips and Resources for CBSE Class 9 Science Annual Exam 2021. These tips and resources will be helpful for easy and effective preparations for the exam.

Science is one of the most important subjects for students of CBSE Class 9. They are introduced to some complex and high-level concepts of Science in this class. Preparing for the Science exam can be a tough job for class 9 students if they do not have a proper plan. We are sharing here some important tips that have worked well for the toppers and the meritorious students. We have also provided here the important resources that are quite necessary to prepare for your CBSE Class 9 Science Annual Exam 2021 in an easy and effective manner.

1. Go through the revised syllabus

The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE had reduced the Syllabus of Class 9 Science by 30%. The annual exam will be conducted according to the revised and reduced Syllabus only. Therefore, students should be clear about what they have to prepare for the exam. They should go through the revised syllabus and mark the topics in their textbook that have been prescribed by the board for the current academic session. At the same time, mark a cross on the topics that have been deleted from the syllabus. This is the first and essential step towards organized exam preparations.

2. Check the latest Examination Pattern

Knowing the examination pattern solves half of your exam preparation-related troubles. Knowing the format of questions, weightage of units, and marking scheme will help you prepare the right plan for your exam. CBSE Class 9 Science Annual Exam 2021 will be composed of a theory paper of 80 marks and an internal assessment of 20 marks.

Unit-wise weightage distribution for CBSE Class 9 Science Exam 2021 will be as follows:

Unit No.

Unit Name



Matter - Its Nature and Behaviour



Organization in the Living World



Motion, Force, and Work





The question paper will include questions of different formats like objective type, short answer type, and long answer type questions.

3. Note down important diagrams, chemical reactions, names of important compounds, and definitions

In Science, it is better to present your knowledge in form of pictures, diagrams, and chemical reactions. So, learn them by heart. Also, memorize the labeling of diagrams to convey information clearly. Learn all important definitions. It is better to note down all important stuff on a paper and revise the same regularly.

4. Practice all textbook questions and examples

Solving different types of questions is the best way to assess your knowledge and improve your weak areas. Try to solve most of the questions with pen and paper. This will help you improve your writing skills and make you better at time management. NCERT questions and answers make a perfect practice test for students preparing for the annual exams as questions in the annual CBSE exams are generally based on the NCERT Books for Class 9th.


16 March, 2021, 3:51 pm

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CBSE 9th Maths Annual Exam 2021 : Best 5 Tips For High Score In Exam

CBSE Class 9 students must be preparing for their upcoming annual exams that may be conducted in March 2021. Here, we are going to discuss the preparation plan for the CBSE Class 9 Maths Annual Exam 2021. We will provide you some very effective tips that will help you in your exam preparations. You may also get here important resources that will help you in making your exam preparations in a planned and fast manner.

1. Check your syllabus first:

Go through your syllabus before you actually start your exam preparations, though you would have checked it earlier at any time of the year. Check it to have an idea about all you have to prepare for the exam. Check the revised CBSE Class 9 Maths syllabus only. This year the syllabus was reduced by 30%. So, go through the latest syllabus only. Be aware of the topics/chapters that have been excluded from the revised syllabus.

2. Know the Exam Pattern and Marks Distribution:

CBSE Class 9 Maths Exam 2021 will be conducted internally by the Schools. The annual exam will comprise a theory paper of 80 marks and an internal assessment of 20 marks. The exam will be conducted entirely according to the revised and reduced syllabus. For the theory paper in the annual exam 2021, the weightage distribution will be as follows:


Unit Name



Number Systems






Coordinate Geometry









Statistics & Probability





Prepare the units with high weightage properly to secure good marks in your CBSE Class 9 Maths Exam 2021.

3. Prepare a chapter-wise list of formulas:

Maths is purely based on logic and formulas. So, to score well in Mathematics, all you need is to be good at the formulas and concepts applied in the subject. Maintain a chapter-wise list of all important formulas, theorems, and axioms so that you may easily revise them every second or third day.

4. Solve textbook questions:

Knowing the formulas on your tips is not going to help you score the desired marks until and unless you know their right application. For this, you have to solve all the textbook questions at least twice. Practice the solved examples as well. This will enable you to solve any type of question by applying suitable formula or reasoning the same with an appropriate theorem or axiom. Solving the textbook questions is also important because most of the questions in the exam are directly asked from the textbook.

5. Clear your doubts:

At the time of exam preparations, you might come across some doubts whether related to any topics or exams. Remove all your doubts by talking to the experts whether your parents, teachers, or peers. Do not avoid even any small queries or questions that arise in your mind. Instead, get them answered at the same moment. This will help you avoid stress and stay calm preparing you for outstanding performance in the upcoming exam.

There is no shortcut to scoring high in the Maths exam instead of doing a lot of practice. However, planning your preparation in the right way can definitely help you ace the exam. So, follow the tips mentioned above to keep yourself organized for an effective preparation to score more than 90% marks in your upcoming CBSE Class 9 Maths Annual Exam 2021.

Good Luck!


8 March, 2021, 3:23 pm

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CBSE EXAMS 2021 : Final Exams On Hold For Classes 9 & 11, New Session From April 1

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), in a circular on February 11, has advised schools to conduct the final examinations of Classes 9 and 11 by following COVID-19 safety protocols and begin the new academic session from April 1, 2021.

Official Statement By CBSE Link

It said that the schools must follow all the by-laws to hold examinations. “This exam will also help in identifying learning gaps which could be addressed by the schools in new academic sessions at the beginning of the classes”. This circular has been issued as a number of schools have been seeking advice from CBSE regarding examinations for Classes 9 and 11 and about the commencement of the academic session 2021-22.

The schools have been asked to make all the necessary arrangements to reopen the schools and welcome the students for face to face classes. CBSE said that this would help them to be prepared for the upcoming practical and theory exams. The students will also be able to clear their doubts and improve their writing skills.

CBSE also advised the teachers to focus on individual students and try to bridge learning gaps.

CBSE also mentioned the bridge course which has been specially designed to cover up for the learning gaps created last year during online classes. The CBSE schools have been asked to function in accordance with the given guidelines.

Delhi had already reopened its schools for Class 9 and Class 11 on February 5 after reopening schools for Class 10 and 12 on January 18.

Earlier, various students of Class 9 and Class 11 had been calling for online exams as they did not have any offline sessions in 2020.

CBSE had earlier released the Class 10 and Class 12 board exams date sheets as per which the exams will begin on May 4.


11 February, 2021, 6:34 pm

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CBSE 9th CLASS 2021 :  Chapterwise Important Content With Solved Questions 

As exams are around the corner, now is the time to briefly understand the main topics of every subject in a confined manner. This will help in keeping the check on the subject in a systemic manner. In its article, we are providing subject wise Confined theory with questions.

Following are Subjectwise topics and their respective links for theory:

Topic Name Download
Matter In Our Surroundings Click Here
Is Matter Around Us Pure Click Here
Atoms and Molecules Click Here
Structure of the Atom Click Here
The Fundamental Unit of Life Click Here
Tissues Click Here
Diversity Of Living Organisms Click Here
Why do we fall ill Click Here
Natural Resources Click Here
Improvement in Food Resources Click Here
Motion Click Here
Force and Laws of Motion Click Here
Gravitation and Fluid Click Here
Work, Energy, and Power Click Here
Wave Motion and Sound Click Here
Number Systems Click Here
Polynomials Click Here
Coordinate Geometry Click Here
Linear Equations in 2 variables Click Here
Euclid Geometry Click Here
Line Angles and Map Click Here
Triangles Click Here
Quadrilateral Click Here
Area Of Parallelogram & triangles Click Here
Mapping Click Here
Constructions Click Here
Herons Formula Click Here
Surface areas & volumes Click Here
Statistics Click Here
Probability Click Here
Why Democracy? What Democracy Click Here
Constitutional Design Click Here
Electoral Politics Click Here
Working Of Institution Click Here
Demographic Rights Click Here
Study Of Village Palampur Click Here
People As Resource Click Here
Poverty As A Challange Click Here
Food Security In India Click Here
India Size & Location Click Here
Physical Features Of India Click Here
Drainage Click Here
Climate Click Here
Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Click Here
Population Click Here
The French Revolution Click Here
Socialism In Europe&Russian Evolution Click Here
Nazism & the Rise Of Hitler Click Here
Forest Society And Colonialism Click Here
Pastoralists In The Modern World Click Here
Reading and Writing Click Here


8 February, 2021, 11:37 am

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