Is NCERT Sufficient For NEET?

Yes, the NCERT Sufficient for NEET exam preparation. However, it is recommended to the students to refer to some reference study materials too while preparing for NEET.


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As per the NEET Previous Year Question Paper analysis, about 85% questions are asked directly from the NCERT. Therefore, it is important for the medical exam aspirants to cover the topics and chapters mentioned in NCERT Class 11th & 12th Books (Physics, Chemistry, & Biology).

If you still have a question “Is NCERT Sufficient For NEET” then read this blog to know the answer in detail.

How Important NCERT Study Materials Are for NEET?

The importance of NCERT Study Material for NEET Exam can be understood by paying attention to NEET topper, AIR 1 Soyeb Aftab, statement. He stated that every single candidate must be thorough with the NCERT Books as it builds the foundations of topics.

The foundational concepts learned from NCERT Books enables the students to stand with their facts and write answers more appropriately.

Since, the topper is suggesting students to use the NCERT Study Resources for medical entrance exam preparation, it must play an important role in the examination.

Apart from this, the examination conducting body also suggests in their Syllabus to use the NCERT resource for NEET. It can be confirmed by paying attention to the NEET Syllabus 2022.

Reference Study Materials Other Than NCERT For NEET Exam Preparation

After checking Topper's statement and giving a close view on NEET syllabus we can say that NCERT is the best and most important study materials for NEET exam preparation. But is it the only resource on which you should rely?

The answer to this question is no, because only about 85% questions are directly from NCERT. But for the remaining 15%, you will have to refer to the reference study materials for all subjects.


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